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JR, Director: Damien Chazelle Cast: Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneBest quote: ‘People love what other people are passionate about.’ Defining moment: Sebastian and Mia’s flirty tap dance at ‘the magic hour’.Singing, but no rain Damien Chazelle’s modern take on the old Hollywood musical definitely serves up a good portion of cheese, but somehow manages to avoid the trappings of other recent movie musicals; it’s a film that, despite people bursting into song and dance at seemingly random moments, feels genuinely natural. 'Defining moment: Crooning Roxy’s ‘More Than This’ in a Tokyo karaoke bar.Platonic bombPlatonic love can be just as romantic as the boy-girl kind, and there are few better examples of that than Sofia Coppola’s beautiful, hazy ‘Lost in Translation’. I know this was already said about other actors in this article, but... 2. the last Chinese movie I cried over was 77 heartbreaks. Whichever corner of the world you may be in, a good romance will always tug at your heart. Real-life couple Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis were expertly cast as a brainiac inventor and curious ace reporter. Check that out for the most heartbreaking sad movies. meet at a wild fancy-dress party is pure bliss to watch, just as Luhrmann’s staging of the final death scene is almost impossible to bear. TH, Director: Jerry ZuckerCast: Demi Moore, Patrick SwayzeBest quote: 'I love you. Yet love in the air doesn’t always add up to a happy ending. One of the most interesting works in the filmography of one of the most intriguing European filmmakers of all time, “Happiness” is a movie that should definitely be watched. You won’t regret it. Gi-joon starts an agency that helps people locate their long-lost first loves and Ji-woo becomes his first client. Cue triple-strength schmaltz in the golden-age Hollywood manner as fate comes between the radiant couple, though not before they’ve shared an all-time classic clinch on New Year’s Eve, breathily smooching as lights are extinguished round a darkening dancefloor. Wedged down the middle of these segments is a tragedy that ricochets through their previously comfortable lives. Love comes in many different forms, and in the list of the 10 best romance anime movies we've assembled for you below, you'll get to see romances involving friends, ghosts, pets, and classmates. Synopsis: 2020 New Chinese Romance Movie "Timeless Love" is about a timeless romance story. The couple know in their heart of hearts that leaving their families and running off together will not make a happy ending. The two leads are wonderful, but the real acting honours are unexpectedly stolen by Paul Schneider as Keats’ colleague Charles Brown, whose snappy Scots irascibility somehow allows the central romance to shine out all the brighter. 'Defining moment: Devil-may-care Ünel celebrates his newfound love by shredding his hands in broken glass and dancing bloodily on stage with a Turkish dance band.Culture crashJudging by his ravaged-rocker looks, Turkish-born, Hamburg-resident Birol Ünel is heading for oblivion by the scenic route – drink, drugs, sex, argy-bargy – and that’s before he drives his car head-on into a wall. Our list of the best British movies has both, James Bond, and classic romantic comedies. 1. TH, Director: Anthony MinghellaCast: Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Binoche, Kristin Scott ThomasBest quote: 'Swoon, I'll catch you. A comedy romance movie about the last generation of youths and their passionate romance based in Hongseong, Chungcheong Namdo in the 1980's. With that in mind, here is a selection of 10 amazing romantic films that are heartbreaking. 10 Heartbreaking Korean Melodramas That Are Worth The Tears. Peter Greenaway). TJ, Best quote: 'In what stumbling ways a new soul is begun.'. James Gray is definitely one of the best and most underrated directors/screenwriters working today. From 5 Centimeters Per Second to Angel Beats!, these are some of the saddest, most emotional anime titles we've seen -- be ready to cry. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway made for a far glossier, sexier pair than the original gangsters could ever have been, but the raw, carnal charge between them is no feat of Hollywood sanitisation. During the film, we see them trying to deal with their personal problems while they raise their children. In this instance, that involves two sets of would-be lovers – policeman Kaneshiro falls for shady lady Brigitte Lin, while his colleague Leung circles around winsome kebab-stall girl Faye Wong. With great acting and a great story, “The Broken Circle Breakdown” is a movie that every cinephile should check out. Some of these movies will leave you wanting to call your mom, dad, grandma, sister, brother, and/or best friend. P.S. They meet in a railway café. “Damage” follows the story of a member of the Parliament, Dr. Stephen Fleming (Jeremy Irons), who falls in love with Anna (Juliette Binoche), the fiancée of his son, and starts a romance with her, something that will have terrible consequences on his life. Set in the final days of World War II, the film tells the story of a boy named Seita and his younger sister Setsuko, whose lives have been devastated by the cruel and brutal … Having strong performances and great art directing, “Romeo and Juliet” is a great film and without it this article would not be complete. 'Defining moment: Alex and Michele dance along the bridge and waterski down the Seine to a backdrop of fireworks, Strauss and Iggy Pop during a Bastille Day celebration.Paris when it sizzles'Les Amants du Pont-Neuf' ('The Lovers on the Bridge') is Leos Carax's valentine to amour fou, Paris and his then-partner Juliette Binoche.

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