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Good luck!" His bongos are blue with white parts, which resemble the colors of his clothes. Hahahaha! He's probably the most laidback of them all, stumbling with comical style and flair akin to an actual clown or a court jester. One of the more eccentric, happy, and joyful members of the Kong Klan similar to Diddy Kong and Kiddy Kong. I'd take him to the beach and the park. He is one of the unlockable characters. Lanky Kong is the only character that can transform in Enguarde, similar to Donkey Kong transforming in Rambi. Lanky Kong is a character in the Donkey Kong series of video games, and is one of the main playable characters in the 1999 Nintendo 64 game, Donkey Kong 64.He is a distant cousin to Donkey Kong and the rest of the Kong clan and is an orangutan. Most folks know Donkey, Diddy, and Dixie, but there's also the likes of Funky, Swanky, and Tiny. Lanky's corresponding color is blue, meaning he is the only Kong who can collect bananas, Banana Coins and blueprints of that color. In this game he is an unlockable character, unlocked by winning the Topaz Cup as a Kong character. Lanky Kong is known for his lack of style or grace, as well as his humorous-looking face. Also in the rap, it states how he can do a handstand when he needs to, showing his athletic side. Their epitaph will read "They were pretty cool guys." He uses his long arms to take out baddies and can walk on his hands to climb steep slopes. Hahahaha! Being an orangutan, Lanky is capable of stretching his arms afar, which he can even use to defeat weak enemies (such as Gnawty and Kritter) with. He's a little out there, but his unorthodox ways of thinking and those incredibly long arms only help to make those tense situations the Kongs find themselves in, a lot easier to handle. In his Donkey Kong Barrel Blast appearance he was given more strength and had the ability to perform Wild Moves. Formerly the owner of a special travel company, this Kong has also been known to sell firearms. Voiced most times by No Voice Actor, Grant Kirkhope, Takashi Nagasako. I like it! Although he did not appear in Super Smash Bros. Melee, there is a reference to Lanky on the Kongo Jungle stage, as the DK Rap plays, after Tiny Kong's part, Lanky is mentioned. All of his moves return from 64 and Melee.His Final Smash is the Konga Beat, in which the player must use button combinations - DK is invincible during this. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nintendo Switch Online survives. It is stated by Cranky that he is a twisted twig on a distant branch of the family tree and non-biological distant cousin, some people however continue to further speculate, in the, For an unknown reason, Lanky Kong is commonly associated with water. Lanky Kong is a character that appears in the Donkey Kong series. Donkey Kong Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I'd pat his back to make him burp. In the N-Gang comic, N-Gang vs. Nintendo, He teamed up with Banjo, Kazooie, Wario, Yoshi, Peach, and Donkey Kong, to play a soccer match against the N-Gang. Donkey Kong 64 was the first ever game to be released for the Nintendo 64. Lanky is also playable in Multiplayer mode, where aside from his default appearance, Lanky has three alternate color schemes. Each color scheme simply changes the color of his overalls, between red, green or purple. Lanky Kong is a goofy orangutan who is a distant cousin to the Kong family. HE is a wacky looking orange Sumatran Orangutan and ally of Donkey Kong and the Kong family. Lanky Kong is the very skinny and very distant cousin of Donkey Kong and member of the Manky Kongs which are orangutans rejected from the Kong Family. Lanky Kong appears as trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, his trophy mentions his playable appearance in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast after years of not appearing in games. If the Kong steps in front of a Wrinkly Do… User Info: FunkyKong84. In this game he is an unlockable character, unlocked by winning the Topaz Cup as a Kong character. Lanky mostly uses his long reach to attack enemies, he can also swing his arms while running to attack enemies. In his recent appearance in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, aside from being updated graphically he looks slightly bigger and his hair style was changed. Lanky Kong was one of the main playable characters in Donkey Kong 64, where HE was one of the four Kongs captured and later rescued throughout the game. It's less a species name and more a clan name. "Donkey Kong seems to have a sprawling family tree, but let's see if you can match up his relatives to their descriptions. In every level's lobby, the active Kong can talk to Wrinkly from one of the five color-coded Wrinkly Doors. Vladimir Lenin is incapacitated by flying debris and dies. Lanky Kong in video games and other media has showcased many, It is unknown if Lanky will ever return in a future. A monstrous hurricane wreaks havoc on the arena. From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia, “Yahoo! RIP Lanky Kong and Chunky Kong. Lanky Kong is soooo adorable, he might be the cutest character in Nintendo, if I met him, I'd chase him, tickle his feet, poke his belly, kiss his head as i sniff his scalp which smells of coconuts and bananas, make him a sundae, watch movies, and spoil him. This marks his debut in spin-off games. In this game his voice sounds different. Lanky Kong is an orangutan and member of the Kong family.Heappears in Donkey Kong Continent as the last secret player in Adventure Mode. Weiss Schnee tries to save SmashingRamen from being sucked into … He also has his own sticker based on his appearance from Donkey Kong 64, it increases the strength of a throwing attack by six and can only be used by Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Lanky must perform Trombone Tremor from behind the banana peel, causing King K. Rool to hear Lanky and run after him, only to slip on the banana peel. One of the more eccentric, happy, and joyful members of the Kong Clan similar to Diddy Kong. Lanky briefly appears in one of Funky Kong's mini-games in the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. He appears during "Challenge 3: Protect", where Dixie and Kiddy Kong's objective is to protect him and the other Kongs from being kidnapped by Kremlings riding speedboats. Lanky Kong, along all the playable Kongs from Donkey Kong 64, track King K. Rool easily through the jungle and after passing all Kremling's traps and beating all the enemies, they have a final showdown against King K. Rool and the Kremling in which the Kongs win and get their golden bananas back. Lanky Kong is an orangutan; he has orange fur, a red nose, blue eyes, and a pair of lengthy arms. He is an orangutan that is famous for his arms, which can reach to incredibly long lengths. His first individual ability is Baboon Balloon, while the second is OrangStand, and the third one is OrangSprint. After eight years of not appearing in games, except for remakes, Lanky Kong makes a return as a racer in the Wii game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. But in the sequel, Super Smash Bros. His clothing consists of blue shortalls, with a white shirt that is too small for him, and on his back, he has a red and white patch.

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