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By purchasing a plate from us you agree we have in no way informed you that these are legal to use on the road. Before fitting your plate please read our Fitting instructions Home; Personalised signs; Motorcycle Legal Irish Number Plates; €12.95 per plate size 190x152mm €12.95 per plate size 230x75mm Select design To order a custom size plate, you must use our Show Plate Constructor then select Custom Size Plate from the drop-down menu, then type the size required into the Special Requirements box. Motorcycle Bike Number Plates. The 4D show plates have solid acrylic cut letters securely bonded to the plates … We know there are no two bikes exactly the same. 4D Laser Cut Show Plates . The number plates we sell are SHOW plates ONLY, non-reflective backings are used and are NOT road legal. Characters = number & letters (Registration Number) For standard 4" x 7" motorcycle plates. 3x3" 4x4" 5x5" 6.5x6.5" 6x6" 7x7" Oblong Plates . Plates issued to diplomatic agents are colored black on white, those issued to honorary consuls are black on gray, and others are white on light blue. Angel Plates manufacture show plates for cars & motorcycles using the highest quality equipment and materials available for vehicle number plates. Number Plates for Classic Motorcycles We’re very proud of our high quality vintage number plates and the excellent service we provide coupled with a fast turnaround, and think you will be too. Innovation for Motorcycle Number Plates. 4D Laser Cut Show Plates which are also known as 3D Plus, are the new craze in bespoke custom number plates. Create stunning show plates and reg number plate designs with our show plate builder for cars, caravans, trailers, motorcycles and bikes, show plates, fancy show plates and car number plates. We have Road Legal 4D & Gel Number Plates available. motorcycle pressed metal number plates On page 6 15 30 45 all. These plates are for off road use only and are not road legal or suitable for NCT purposes. Easy to use plate builder Our plates are manufactured to BSAU145d; this makes them stronger, more impact resistant, and therefore last a lot longer than the old style plates. You can spend hours explaining what you want to a designer, and what you will receive is the designer's interpretation of your vision. We offer free delivery on all orders and if you place your order early enough we’ll even dispatch your plates the same day. Show Plates Express is the UK’s No 1 provider of high quality show plates & number plates, create your plates fast using the plate maker below. to best suit your plate. The quality & range of our number plates. Legal Show Plates number plates maker 3D Gel, 4D number plates makers, show plates online from £23.00 with FREE delivery in UK & Ireland’s leading number plate maker! Availability: in stock. It is human nature to want to stand out from the crowd, and a show plate allows you to do this at a very low cost. A great way to view a registration before buying your plates Show plates are purely for novelty and decoration. All our motorcycle plates are … We offer a massive range of classic motorcycle plates and this website represents our most popular styles. This style goes further from the 3D Domed Gel style in terms of design and appeal. How to Order Back To Top. Yellow Reflective Metal Motorcycle Number Plates with Raised Riveted Black Plastic Digits ( 2 1/2'' Digit Size ) ... WE ONLY MANUFACTURE LEGAL PLATES WE DO NOT MAKE SHOW PLATES PLEASE DO NOT ORDER IF THIS IS THE CASE . Our customised show plates are manufactured to the highest British standards, and can be used on cars, bikes, vans and motorbikes. Create your own personalised car or motorbike number plate. ALL our products are hand-assembled and having supplied thousands of petrol-heads with their perfect luxury plate upgrade, this is the No. Since show plates serve no legal purpose, they aren’t subject to any regulations. On eBay, 2 of the 3 sizes are described as show plates or novelty plates whereas on the 9′ x 7′ was described as legal. Show plates are bespoke number plates that can be fitted or installed onto any vehicle or motorcycle to be shown at major events, rallies and off road land etc. We have show number plates available online now for as little as £19.98. At Craigsplates we use the latest high tech equipment to design, build and manufacture your number plates or show plates. We do not manufacture any plates that could represent a legalised plate combination and cannot be registered. 11x8" 4x3" 5x4" 5x4.5" 6x4" 6x5" 7x4" 7x5" 7x5.5" 7x6" 8x6" 8x7" 9x7" Vertical Plates . You love customisation, quality and individuality. Show Plates . Front Plate - White Rear Plate - White UK Show Plates. This needs to match up to your vehicle in order to ensure it can be fitted correctly once you receive your order from us. Hurry!..Countdown to next Dispatch. Measurements of Plate - 7" wide x 5" high. We will not be held responsible for any fines or convictions incurred. All Flexible Show Plates; Rectangle Plates . Show Plate is the UK's fastest growing car show plate designer and supplier. One of the main options you’ll be able to choose when you start using our number plate designer is the shape of the finished product. Our bespoke motorbike number plates abide by motorcycle number plate UK law and are made to DVLA and British Standard (BS AU 145d) regulations. This Raised License Plate Holder features red LED Turn Signal Lights. Due to legal plate regulations and rules, we do not make the following combinations 2 … Plates are for novelty use only and are not to be displayed as legalised plates. 5x7 2 ROW YELLOW Single (1) Toy Kids Car Motorcycle Pressed TEXT Novelty Plate 130x180mm. We currently have the following smallest legal sizes number plates for motorcycles (over 2 rows): You can choose from a variety of fonts, colours, badges to customise the plates to your taste. Taking design hints from various styles of motorcycles we have created a range of shapes to suit anyone's tastes. Replacement Motorcycle Number Plates. Number Plate Accessories We have a range of accessories available such as 6mm thick premium double sided pads, plastic motorcycle fixing kits and the generic zinc coated metal screws that utilise yellow, black and white covers. Click here to view our FAQ'S or Contact us. F lexiplates are an ideal replacement for Enduro, off road, custom show use etc.. Made from 1mm polycarbonate, they are thinner, lighter & much more flexible than standard perspex plates. Bikes registered before 1 January 1973 can show those lovely looking ’black and white’ plates – although the text can be white, grey or silver. UK style MOTORCYCLE REAR NUMBER PLATE ≈ non-legal show plates with border free tag line text and optional GB logo - choice of sizes 9 x 7 / 8 x 6 / 7 x 7 / 7 x 5 / 6 x 5 / 6 x 4 - vehicle reg no registration licence license index plates for motorcycle motor cycle motorbike bike trike scooter moped quad quadbike tractor toy car or pedal car (8 x 6 WITHOUT GB LOGO ) 4.2 out of 5 stars 70 Our cutting-edge registration builder can be used to design both small and large motorcycle number plates online that are 100% road legal. Motorcycle Number Plates! Design and order online. Universal LED Raised License Plate Holder with Red LED Turn Signal Lights (16-133R) by Show Chrome®. COVID-19 Update: We're Open - More information. No warranty is given for our plates due to the nature of us. We manufacturer and supply reflective acrylic vehicle registration show number plates for cars, car show, show meets, trailers, caravans, motorcycles and bikes. 5x7 2 ROW Black and silver Single (1) Toy Kids Car Motorcycle Pressed TEXT Novelty Plate 130x180mm. Or you can design it yourself, exactly as you want it to look. £12.45. Motorcycle show number plates have never been quicker, easier or cheaper to get your hands on than they are now, thanks to We have over 25 years experience of making showplates so you can be sure of excellent service and a quality product every time. So your show plates are manufactured with premium acrylic and reflective materials conforming to current standards, with high definition prints to truly stand out. Motorcycle Legal & Show Irish Number Plates. We offer a large range of plates for motorcycles but please be aware that only the 9x7" motorcycle plate is legal for road use! See image below for reference. 3x4" 4.5x5" 4x5" 4x6" 4x7" 5.5x7" 5x6" 5x7" 6x7" 6x8" 7x8" 7x9" Tapered Plates . Welcome to Mod My Plates, the UK's leading online modern custom number plates / show plates manufacturer. Front Plate - White Rear Plate - Yellow X-Small 4x3" Small 5x4" Medium 6x5" Large 7x6" X-Large 9x8" Square Plates . Your Price: £ 19.98 £ 19.98 - ADD TO BASKET Give us a call 07747 744407 Send a message [email protected] Here at JDM Plates, all of our sizes are legal to help you comply with the law! Since April 2016, vehicles registered before 1 January, 1976 can display the older style plates as long as it’s been applied for through the DVLA and registered as an ‘historic vehicle’ for tax. These vehicles can include scooters, quad bikes, narrow boats and speed boats. Motorcycle plates have a similar appearance but with a size of 9 by 27 centimetres (3.5 by 10.6 in). All other motorcycle sizes are sold as novelty items only (show plates). Create your own Show Plates for your vehicle here at Chase Lane Plates. Motorcycle collectors enjoy their hobby just as much as the car collector folks and are passionate about details -like replica motorcycle license plates. Design your unique Show Plate. The preview shown is for illustration purposes only, we will maximise font etc. If you're a member of a Car Club, Owners Club or Cruise Club check out our show plates examples and need a unique tailor made set of plates …'s online show plates designer is the place to have your car number plates made, Offering a selection of front and rear acrylic motorcycle plates, van plates, caravan plates, 4x4 plates, and many other Plate types, sizes and shapes. REAR NUMBER PLATE for Motorcycle SHOW PLATES (not road legal) with or with out border & free bottom line text choice of sizes 9 x 3/8 x 6/7 x 4/7 x 5/6 x 5/6 x … 1 place to design your made-to-order bespoke plates in just a few minutes. You can’t use them legally on the road instead of a number plate, which is registered with the DVLA and used to identify a vehicle in the event of an accident or crime.

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