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She's one of the only redesigns in the New 52 I actually like. See more ideas about solstice, teen titans, dc comics. When Solstice gets back to the fight, everyone is beaten by Superboy. As she urges the team to help her find her parents, Kiran has began to affect the team and injects new life into it. She was shown to be active in her native India, using her powers to generate bright blasts of golden light. Solstice is one of the more recent members of the Teen Titans. The team encounters Indian demon Tataka and it is assumed that the demon has a role in the disappearance of Kiran's parents. A new casting call for DC's Titans hints that a fairly obscure member of the Teen Titans could be the latest character to join the show. After discovering pieces of Danny the Street scattered about the island, they brought all the pieces together and he took them off the island to Chinatown. See all available apartments for rent at Solstice - Residential in Washington, DC. For the first time, all the wonderful Krampus tales are … This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other By joining forces , Solstice and Wonder Girl prevented the acts by Zand , but the thief escaped . She has shown to use her powers with following ways: “Solstice will be bringing some much needed light to the team – and that’s not just referring to her powers. any Comic Vine content. Solstice is part of the group of heroes sent to take down the Secret Six once and for all. Solstice Comic books for sale online. After saving Red Robin from the Joker, Solstice and the Teen Titans are introduced to their new head quarters a yacht funded by Red Robin. Dan Jurgens penned this 1992 classic where Superman shows Lois Lane his yearly delivery of letters from people all over… Wonder Girl Beast Boy Kid Flash Cassandra Sandsmark Ravager (DC Comics) Superboy Conner Kent Bart Allen Teen Titans Raven (DC Comics… How to Draw Kawaii Batgirl. Check for available units at Solstice - Residential in Washington, DC. There Solstice learns that Red Robin knew what was going on at N.O.W.H.E.R.E. send you an email once approved. Recently she was contacted by Kurt Lance, who tells her he can help her retake her old form if she 'makes the right choices' Shortly after that, she was defeated with the other Titans by H'el and after that traveled to Gotham to save Tim during Death of the Family. Back at Red Robin's apartment, Solstice is there with the Titans when Red Robin announces that Superboy is in trouble and the team needs to help him. Solstice - Residential has rental units ranging from 647-1176 sq ft starting at $995. You’ll want to bag and board that one, folks, because this is a character that folks at the DC offices are already buzzing about in the hallways. Kiran is the daughter of archaelogists Vijay and Rani . How to Draw Zatanna Zatara. Explore More Art in the Comics Category! Sorting Options (currently: Highest Rated) Finding Art. The first night aboard, Karen talks to Red Robin and he kisses her. Krul and Nicola Scott for DC Comics. There Solstice held Kid Flash's hand and nursed him through the crisis by providing emotional support. Light Element Control 3. The history of Solstice explained in a minute. There he finds her as she is crying for help, completely covered in smoke. Make Solstice - Residential your new home. She debuted in 2010 and her membership in the team was revised out of continuity with the New 52 relaunch of the line. All rights reserved. She encouraged Bunker and Kid Flash to work as a team to take out Loose Cannon, who was ultimately defeated by Wonder Girl. Initially trying to find his cell neighbor, Bart stumbles upon a holding cell labeled "Solstice". In the New 52 she has shown to break a ship in half and manage to outlast fellow teammates Bunker and Kid Flash against a controlled Wonder Girl, as well as outlast the aforementioned three and Red Robin against Superboy. Not much is known about the extent of Kiran's abilities yet, but she has shown able to use her photokinetic powers with many powerful and creative ways. The future of the Teen Titans is bright indeed and Solstice will play a big part of that.!”. After the Teen Titans battled Superboy, it was discovered that Bart Allen had sustained damage in the fight which was making him move so fast he was shaking apart. When he was abruptly knocked out, she referred to him as 'my love,' but was quick to assure Miguel that they were 'just friends.' A distress call from Wonder Girl's mother leads the Teen Titans to a far-off archeological dig, where they meet an enigmatic new superhero named Solstice. Later when Skitter points out that Wonder Girl is fighting Superboy in Time Square, Solstice joins the team in helping Wonder Girl. ADVANCE SOLICIT Russell Waterhouse, a manic millionaire with a death wish, drags his son to the dangerous corners of the Earth on a desperate hunt for the Fountain of Youth.

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