stair rail drilling jig

From the foregoing it can be understood that the present jig permits a fast and accurate drilling of stair rail spindle holes, virtually eliminating the possibility of an incorrect spacing or drill angle of the holes in the rail. 4; and. 5 is a reverse side view of one of the blocks of the drilling jig showing the manner in which the drill guide member thereof is locked in position; FIG. 95. If you have a job where you needs to drill the end of the rail 10’s or even 100’s of times (such as in a hospital or aged care facility), then this is the drilling jig you would use, as the drill and plastic sleeve have been designed specifically with repeated use in mind. The drill guide means, generally designated 46, includes a cylindrical cavity 48 in each block within which a cylindrical drill guide member 50 is adjustably disposed. track means on said base plate along which said second mounting block may be slideably adjusted. Successive sets of holes are drilled in the same manner, the jig being moved up the rail and reclamped for the drilling of each pair of holes with the aligning pin always being inserted in the last drilled hole before the jig is again clamped to the rail. The present invention is an improvement on my earlier patented stair rail spindle hole jig and comprises a base plate having a planar surface for engagement with the underside of a stair rail. I … It is proposed that the jig be provided as a part of a kit which would include a plurality of drill bits 74 of different sizes, and corresponding aligning pins 88 having tip portions 96 which would correspond to the drill bit sizes. In the typical staircase, there are two spindles for each step, although occasionally three, and rarely four spindles may be based on each step. $103.95 $ 103. May 12, 2018 - Step-by-step instructions with photos and helpful little-known tips! No. Each end is cut to the angle needed for the stairs. Still, we understand that for a single project $1200.00 may simply be cost-prohibitive. 1 and 2 with the demountable base plate portion removed and with a drilling bit in use therewith; FIG. Select from many tools for tread & riser layout, marking and installing balusters, and drilling and installing handrails. & Terms of Use. Making the Stair Rail Jig. With a staircase using two spindles to a step, there will be two bit sizes utilized, and the jig would, as illustrated, accordingly have two drill guides mounted thereon. Pocket-Hole Jigs ®. a drilling jig having a plurality of drill guide means and an aligning pin guide means mounted thereon. To drill the ends of the EZIRAIL straight rail when a bend or end cap needs to be added. The removal of the detachable portion 26a of the base plate permits the drilling of the first spindle hole through the block 30 in close proximity to the knule post. Following the drilling of the first two holes, the jig is removed from the rail and the demountable base plate portion 26a is reattached by means of the pins 98 and screw 100. 4,793,747, issued Dec. 27, 1988, a stair spindle jig is disclosed which simplifies the drilling of stair rail spindle holes. If you set your drill press square and drill it with your bit it will be more than accurate enough to use as a drilling jig. The detachable portion 26a of the base plate is connected to the main portion thereof by means of a pair of aligning pins 98, one of each of which is secured to one of the base plate portions for sliding entry into corresponding aligned bores in the opposite portion. We have two programs involving the Bore Buster ®. Designer Rail Drilling Jig for Stainless Fittings Plastic IF130X Material : Plastic Shipping Costs To find out what the cost of shipping will be, add the items to the shopping cart, then go … Since the outermost spindle on a stair will be shorter than the rearmost spindle, the corresponding spindle hole in the rail must be larger to accommodate the thicker portion of the tapered upper end entering the rail hole. In those cases, has a number of solutions to help our customers achieve the best final product with the greatest ease of installation. FIG. By locating the exact position for the lower ends of the spindles on the stairs, the proper location for the spindle holes in the underside of the rail can then be determined. Cable Railing,Stair Railing,Deck Railing products online from Muzata.Enjoy great view on outdoor deck,porch, balcony.For wood and metal posts balusters. 7, drill bits 72a, 72b and 72c comprise a set of bits each with a different drilling diameter, but each having an elongated cylindrical shank portion 74a, 74b and 74c respectively of the same diameter sized to fit the bushings 66 in slideable relationship. The balusters are 1 1/4" square, too small for my biscuit joiner. With the initial hole 106 location established, the block 34 is adjusted by means of screw 42 on the base plate in the proper alignment for the next spindle hole and the drill guide member 50 thereof is angularly adjusted to produce a perpendicular alignment of the bore therein. Clips are included in the Panel Kits. Cordless Drill Guide Tall. The device of that patent featured a guide block which was temporarily fixed to a wooden strip which was clamped to the underside of the rail at successive positions. The baluster holes are laid out on the bottom side of the handrail, Bore Buster® is attached to the handrail, adjusted to the correct pitch and then each hole can then be then drilled, automatically centered and to the correct pitch. © 2004-2021 The block 80 is identical to the blocks 30 and 34 and includes an aligning pin guide member 82 of a cylindrical construction identical to that of the drill guide members 50. The drill bit ends 76a, 76b and 76c are of reduced diameter of a size suitable for attachment to an electric drill chuck 78 as shown in FIG. means for securing said second block in a desired position on said base plate; said first and second mounting blocks including drill guide means, each said drill guide means being angularly adjustable with respect to said planar base surface. Stair Rail Drilling. 2. The upper ends of the spindles are tapered, and since the exposed lengths of the spindles on each step will differ due to the inclination of the stair rail, the holes to be drilled in the stair rail above each step will be of different diameters corresponding to the diameter of the tapered portion of each spindle at its intersection with the lower rail surface. The hole must be centered in the rail, correctly spaced and drilled to the correct depth and most importantly be drilled plumb. #2) and place a pencil mark for placement of bottom edge of upper clip. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 19. Has a little wiggle in it, but if you have to be absolutely precise then cough up all that money for a drill press. While it is possible to drill the holes correc… The demounting of the demountable portion of the base plate permits the drilling of the lowermost spindle holes adjacent to the knule post, following which the demountable plate portion is attached to permit the utilization of the aligning pin to establish the location of the successive holes. The present invention relates generally to devices for guiding drill bits at a predetermined location and angle to a work piece for drilling holes therein, and relates more particularly to a drilling jig for stair rails for drilling the spindle holes in the underside thereof at the correct location and angle. If you're looking for an unbeatable range of professional quality routing jigs trust Trend Direct UK to bring you a huge variety of top of the line equipment so you always get the best tools for the job. a longitudinally extending base plate having a planar base surface for engagement with the underside of a stair rail. (Dia. A further object of the invention is to provide a stair rail jig as described, the hole spacing and angles of which can be readily adjusted. Installing Iron Balusters On An Angle Look. Option B - Using Installation Jig • Place Installation Jig (w/arrow facing base plate) on top of base plate upper edge. Drilling Elegant Simplistic Wholistic Design from "Baluster Jig … and a set of aligning pins having tip portions sized to match said drill bits, each of said aligning pins having the same size shank portions sized to fit said aligning pin guide means. Q 1. 6 is a view partly in section taken along line 6--6 of FIG. $39.99 $ 39. *Applies to entire purchase! means for securing said second block in a desired position on said base plate. 3 and 4. L.J. a first mounting block fixedly mounted to said base plate adjacent one end thereof; a second mounting block on said base plate adjustable longitudinally with respect to said first mounting block. The aligning pin 88 includes a shank portion 94 adapted to slideably fit within the bore 86 of the guide member 82, and a tip portion 96 of a diameter substantially equal to that of one of the holes drilled into the stair rail. Slots 40 in the base plate flanges 38 provide in conjunction with screws 42, washers 44 and the threaded holes 45 in the block 34, locking means to secure the block 34 in the desired position. Although the rail, supporting spindles and end posts are conventionally fabricated away from the construction site, the spindle holes in the underside of the rail must be drilled at the construction site to ensure the perpendicularity of the spindles. The installation of stair rails is an intricate and time consuming process which normally requires the skills of an experienced finish carpenter. 3 with the demountable section 26a of the base plate removed, clamps 24 are utilized to clamp the base plate surface 28 against the underside of the rail 16. The guide member 82 is disposed within a cylindrical cavity 84 of the block 80, the axis of which is parallel to the plane of the base surface 28 but extends transversely to the length of said surface. The shank portions 94 of the aligning pins would all be of the same size in order to fit interchangeably within the bore 86 of the aligning pin guide member 82. Both the first and second blocks include drill guide means thereon including a selectively adjustable cylindrical drill guide member which is selectively rotatably adjustable within a cylindrical cavity of the block. Kreg Joining Solutions make it easier than you've ever imagined to turn your DIY and woodworking dreams into reality by creating rock-solid assemblies and long-lasting repairs. In addition, the drill guides were subject to wear due to the direct impingement of the drill cutting edges against the guides, leading to a short guide life. Rail Jig - Baluster Connector Installation Tool - The Deck Store I needed to drill some angled holes for my wooden dummy. ; The Zipbolt 40.260 Railbolt Drill Guide is the must have installation accessory for installing Zipbolt staircase hardware products Simplifies the process of installing your Zipbolt staircase hardware Includes all necessary drill bits (1/4", 3/8", and 1" Spade Bit) and instructions on the back of the package What do I get ? (Dia. Rotatably adjustable drill guides with bushings are provided on the first and second blocks to permit adjustment of the guides to a predetermined angle to the base plate. LJ Smith really has thought of everything with this tool, in addition to drilling for balusters, the Bore Buster ® makes handrail end and rail bolt drilling fast and easy as well. RailEasy™ Drilling Template. Privacy Policy 2 is an enlarged, exploded perspective view showing the details of the drilling jig of FIG. FIG. Since the drill guide means are identical in each of the blocks 30 and 34, the same identifying numerals will be used with respect to each block drill guide means.

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