touch lamp only works in some outlets

Remember to check these breakers well, because the flips of some of them could get stuck in the middle. Add your voice! GFI are the one usually in you bathroom (near water) Reset those, it may help. Liquid damage, glass breakage, cracked screens or all other accidental damage is NOT covered. Unless this is caused by a simple burnt-out bulb, chances are that a power surge has overloaded the circuitry necessary for the lamp to operate. The touch switch works on capacitance of the human body interfering with the electric field set up by the control box inside the lamp. Now it works in every outlet except the 2 upstairs bedrooms! Forums. They work on the same principle. How we completely overhauled our guest bathroom on a budget. A Bad Connection up stream from this outlet. Whats wrong with a fixture that blows light bulbs quickly? In this case, not much can be done except replace the lamp. I replaced the lamp on the bad side twice, but only one light is side still not working. Are those that won't work in the bedroom perhaps? ... We had a large job with some unique challenges. Look inside the socket for a … ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom! if no Do other appliances work in the suspect power outlet? When I screwed in a larger CFL, say a 20W / 75W equivalent, it also refused to work. that after painting and replacing cover plates. A Bad Circuit Breaker. Have an air conditioner. I have a dual flood lamp motion detector light where only one of the lights work. Usually, an outlet won’t work properly because there is a wiring issue but there are four other common reasons for only half of an electrical outlet working. Many bedroom recepticals are made so that the upper outlet can be turned on or off from a wall switch. Touch Control Table Lamp - Touch Lamp with USB Ports and Outlets, 3 Way Dimmable USB Bedside Desk Lamp, Nightstand Lamps for Bedrooms Living Room Office & Bedroom Décor 4.1 out of 5 … We think our breaker box could use some work, is this expensive? GE Zigbee Smart Switch Plug-In, 2-Outlet Lighting Control, No Wiring Required, Works Directly with Alexa Plus, Echo Show (2nd Gen), White, 45853GE 4.0 out of 5 stars 55 $38.99 - $53.04 They found a way to replace and saved us a ton of money. The lamp works in another home so we know the lamp works ok. Try taking the cover plate off and put back on again. Floor lamp doesn't work in some outlets. I have 5 touch lamps, all 3-way, and only one works now, so I'm very interested in these replies. It's so strange because the lamp works in other rooms in the house. Avoid electrical shock by paying attention to problems from your lighting accessories. The sensitivity of the switch can usually be adjusted. 360 Lighting Modern Table Lamps 14 1/2" High Set of 2 Touch On Off Switch Silver Metal White Drum Shade for Bedroom Bedside Office 360 Lighting 4 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews What is a GFCI outlet? Your touch lamp works by detecting the presence of your hand on its base. It is even possible to buy little plug-in boxes that can turn any lamp into a touch-sensitive lamp. We tested to see if any power was coming from the outlet that went out and it doesn’t, bought a new breaker still no power. Wiring Outlets that are Controlled by a Wall Switch. When you touch the lamp, your body adds to its capacity. They’re really convenient, but if you ever need to replace that outlet, there are some important things you’ll need to keep in mind. Unplug the touch lamp and remove the light bulb if it still doesn't work. The strangest thing is, when I screwed in the new bulb, the light refused to work. But if the outlets are old then they may need replacing or as I found out at a cost of $50 an hr. Have these lamps ever worked in this house? It takes more electrons to fill you and the lamp, and the circuit detects that difference. Following day tried it in the outlet it was plugged into and it didn't work. How to wire a 50 amp. This electrical wiring question came from: Don, a Homeowner in Nebraska. The sensitivity of the switch can usually be adjusted. Human capacitance can vary with surroundings, causing the lamp to work in some rooms and not in others. I'm willing to bet its a voltage drop type thing applicable to that one power outlet which means a short and possible fire risk. If you find 120 VAC between neutral and ground WITH the lamp turned on then you have an open neutral line somewhere. Most touch lamps use three separate brightness settings that allow the user to adjust the lighting as needed. Additional Comments: 1st time using. Click below to answer. Question. Next day tried it and it worked. It’s not the same as replacing any other outlet. Only when I screwed in another 14W / 60W equivalent CFL did it finally work. Touch it once, it turns on very dim, touch it a second time, it's medium brightness, and touch it a 3rd time and it's at full brightness. Anyway, it was only until i unboxed the lamp that a sticker became visible saying, 'not for use with energy efficient bulbs'. I would start by returning to the lamp repair shop and asking for the switch to be made more sensitive because it is not always working. Sounds like maybe you need to install a GFCI outlet in your other outlets. It may have something to do with the touch sensor to... Search "" across the entire site Search "" in this forum ... View Mode Menu Log in Register Home. If they do 4 or 5 is your problem. They all want $50 to replace it, and won't sell it to me to do the work myself. How do I keep my cieling fan from shaking? It went out so I had a new switch put in from a lamp repair shop. Alternatively, it may … Off balance ceiling fan, how do I know which blade to put a weight on? I am very concerned that there might be something dangerous going on within the wall. Novice's question on replacing light fixture. Either kind might pose a problem with some touch lamps. A Bad Connection in the Circuit Breaker Panel. Business Description: My name is Joel Hansen and I am the 4th generation of lamp repairmen in my family. Tried it in other plug (there are two outlets in the wall) and it worked. The light bulb is not a part of the lamp and therefore does not affect how your lamp works. GFI are the one usually in you bathroom (near water) Reset those, it may help. Plug a simple lamp into it and turn it on. All batteries are NOT covered under the *Lifetime Guarantee and have a 1 year zero cost to you replacement policy. In some houses, light switches on the wall might control individual outlets, where you can plug in lamps and other lights. My new three way touch lamp works fine in a gfic outlet, but no other. The bottom may be connected to the base with screws. When half of an outlet does not appear to be working it may be because half of the outlet is controlled by a wall switch. Half hot or switched outlets are commonly found in bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas of the home where night stand lights or floor lamps … A Bad Connection at the outlet. Could the wall switch be "off" where you are plugging in the lamp? High workmanship standards. This allows you plug in a lamp, turn it on, and turn it off from the switch by the door as you are leaving the room without stumbling over things. For items 4 and 5 I would check the other outlets controlled by that circuit breaker to see if they behave the same way. What's wrong with the flourescent light over my kitchen sink? How can I safely install a combination switch/outlet? No Outlet, No Problem: This New Technology Could Power Your Gadgets Wirelessly A startup says its innovative system can deliver power to devices up to 7 feet away Does the lamp work anywhere in the suspect appartment? With a smart outlet, you can turn your appliances on and off from your phone, or (in some cases) with your voice through devices like the Amazon Echo. Fixing outlet problem-Any ideas to enhance appearance? Ive been to both Lowe's and HD here in Houston, and both said I'd have to buy the component from a specialty store. Table lamps are decorative and functional accessories for any room in your home. ... 26285 12 Trees Lane NW, Suite #107 Poulsbo, WA 9837o. How can I remove a cracked lightbulb from a socket? But if the outlets are old then they may need replacing or as I found out at a cost of $50 an hr. Breaker to your electrical box when it's full? How can I make my chainsaw [ms250stihl] easier to start. I would take the lamps to a friends house and check them. Because of the way touch-sensitive lamps work, the brightness of the bulb is controlled by the amount of power being passed to it when the base is touched. Hi a friend had the same problem,he had no lights and his outlets didn't work, it was like this for 2 years He asked me if I could fix it so what I found was someone had hooked up a hot wire to ground on a light switch, I wired it correctly and wa la he had his power and lights back, only wish I would have checked the switches first instead of the 8 outlets, lol Stopped working in EITHER outlet. Remove the bottom from the lamp base. But not every device will work with smart outlets. Upcycle Your Old Clothing Items For These Great Ideas! Flip a light switch in the room to determine whether you have a half-hot outlet. Lighting consultant Terry McGowan said that if a touch lamp has a mechanical switch, it will work with any CFL or LED bulb. that after painting and replacing cover plates. Finding Roof Repair Assistance for Seniors. The touch switch works on capacitance of the human body interfering with the electric field set up by the control box inside the lamp. Answer. Human capacitance can vary with surroundings, causing the lamp to work in some rooms and not in others. Does anybody know how to extend a bolt about 1/2" to 1" longer? All brand new bulbs that work in … The lamp in bedroom 1 went out therefore causing a chain reaction, now the outlets the bathroom and master bedroom are not working. Transparent Zero Cost Warranty *Lifetime Guarantee covers the repair of any failed replacement parts at zero cost to you. I am excited to go into business for myself and continue the legacy. Depending on the layout of your home and furniture, available electrical outlets might be too far away from your console tables to provide power to any lamps placed thereupon. Smart outlets are a cheap way to turn your ordinary appliances and fixtures into smart devices. In these cases, some outlets could have more troubling problems than the others, so you can check your electrical panel and reset any breaker that has been shut off. I have the same problem. A Bad Outlet. Sometimes touch lamps fail altogether. I have a touch lamp that previously worked in my daughters' bedroom. Will this dimmer switch work for my light-switch. Home Improvement. If it continues to flicker, or the lamp emits sparks, makes a humming noise, or trips a circuit breaker, the lamp needs repair work. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter = GFCI also called GFI are used to help prevent electrocution. Walmart Supercenter Store 2325 at 3497 Bethel Road Se, Port Orchard WA 98366, 360-874-9060 with Garden Center, Subway, Pharmacy, 1-Hour Photo Center, Tire and Lube. Electrical. Again, likely between the last working and first non-working outlet. And vice versa. For example, you may have one of the following: A switched plug; An outlet that was set up with backstabbed wiring View more more examples of the commercial and residential work we’ve done in Kitsap County and surrounding areas. Outlet failure is a common problem homeowners face. They come in a multitude of colors, sizes and styles, and provide varying amounts of light. The other side works just fine. Types Even if your touch lamp is a floor lamp, or a table lamp, or if it screws into the wall, you still do not need a special bulb. Why do some modules work in some outlets and not in others? My grandfather was Harold Hansen (Harold's Lighting) and I have been working with Harold's for over 20 years. Any thoughts on this? If a bulb flickers when you turn on the lamp, you may only need to tighten the bulb in its socket. Other things work in the outlets (iPod dock, video monitor cameras, sewing machine), but the lamp doesn't! Then check the rest of the outlets for voltage between "NEUTRAL" and "GROUND". Move the touch lamp to a work surface.

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