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Here are ten interesting facts that make help build your interest in this place. Thousands of people walk up Ben Nevis every year and the vast majority do so in safety, taking common sense measures to make sure they stay safe while on the mountain. For this program, you will need to travel to Fort William, which is around a 3.5 hours drive from Edinburgh (Scotland) and around 2.5 hours from Glasgow(Scotland). This fact about Ben Nevis might surprise you! Ben Nevis’ peak is over 4,000ft above sea level.. This large stony plateau occupies an area of 40 hectares. Instead, he hiked up to Ben Nevis’ summit twice in 24 hours, covering 33km in distance and 2.8km in altitude gain. This path provides amazing views of the cliffs of the north face which can’t be seen from the “easy path.”, For climbers, the north face is just about heaven. Whether you’re planning a trip or simply want to learn all about the UK’s most iconic mountain, you’ll love these facts about Ben Nevis. The Ben Nevis Race takes place once a year, 14. Although Ben Nevis has attracted a long list of keen mountaineers, the first recorded ascent of the mountain was actually by a botanist. In the north west Highlands, near the town of Fort William and part of the Grampian Mountain range, the famous peak attracts 125k walkers a year. This is a magnificent mountain with 360 degrees of stunning scenery. It’s not the only strange object to have found its way to the summit of Ben Nevis. At the summit, you’ll find volcanic rocks and a ruined observatory, 13. In 2008 a group of litter pickers on Ben Nevis were amazed when they found what appeared to be the remnants of a piano just 200m away from the summit. Ben Nevis sounds a bit weird for the name of a mountain, doesn’t it? Its summit, reaching an elevation of 4,406 feet (1,343 metres), is a plateau of about 100 acres (40 hectares), with a slight slope to the south and a sheer face to the northeast. So when did the first person reach the summit of Ben Nevis? In fact, the summit of Ben Nevis gets a lot more rain that its close neighbours, partly because of the swirling clouds and mists that often surround the peak. One of the most interesting facts about Ben Nevis is that its summit is the highest location in a very large area. Although it may be swathed in eerie mists for most of the year, climbing Ben Nevis will make you feel as though you’re on top of the world. The feat drew a large crowd to Fort William - and there are hopes that a new … Until 1847, following confirmation by the Ordnance Survey, many people believed that Ben Macdhui, in the Cairngorms, was the highest point in Scotland. It starts: “Read me a lesson, Muse, and speak it loud I’m never sure whether to believe reviews on Trip Advisor when they seem this ridiculous, but there are some seriously funny write ups about Ben Nevis. In November 2020, Dad-of-two Ales Mydlar climbed Ben Nevis twice in one day to raise money for charity. This feature is not available right now. While another moaned that it wasn’t “actually that tall”! Other possible translations include ‘mountain of heaven’ or ‘mountain with its head in the clouds’. You don’t really have to look for the highest point though because it’s marked with a pile of stones (on top of all the other stones).eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'listerious_com-leader-2','ezslot_19',129,'0','0']));Highest point in Great Britain. The Summit More experienced hill walkers can take a path that starts at Torlundy, a few miles north-east of Fort William. Kids Encyclopedia Facts Ben Nevis (Scottish Gaelic: Beinn Nibheis, pronounced [peˈɲivəʃ]; English / bɛnˈnɛvɪs /) is the highest mountain in the British Isles, the United Kingdom, Great Britain, Scotland and the historic county of Inverness-shire. This allows for a steady ascent, up a well maintained path. Both mountains are among the nine in the UK over 4,000 feet (1,200 m), as are Aonach Mòr and Aonach Beag (1,234m) immediately to the east; the other five are all in the Cairngorms. Perhaps it will inspire you to pop on your hiking boots and attempt the climb for yourself! It is situated between Loch (“Lake”) Etive on the north and Loch Awe on the south. More than 100,000 people climb Ben Nevis every year. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the British Isles, situated in Inverness-shire in the Highlands of Scotland. Vapourous doth hide them, — just so much I wist”. In 1911, a Ford Model T car was driven all the way to the top. Hiking Ben Nevis is a bucket list activity, but there’s still a lot that people don’t know about this mysterious peak. The summit is the highest land in any direction for 459 miles (739 km). The best way to get to Ben Nevis is to stay in a hotel or BnB in Fort William or in Glen Nevis where there is a campsite and hostel. The Ben Nevis Race, and Three Peaks Race events are both very popular. A complex and rewarding whisky. The highest land in any direction is located in Norway, 5. His son Peter took up the reins soon after and built a significant business. Upon the top of Nevis, blind in mist! You better bring warm clothes if you decide to climb Ben Nevis, 8. The summit of Ben Nevis is located at a height of 1,345 meters (4,413 feet) above sea level. After 5 years running their successful travel blogs, An Adventurous World and Wanderlust Chloe, they're excited to launch this new site in 2020, all about their home country of Great Britain. Epic views from the summit of Ben Nevis. It’s estimated that the mountain is covered in the fog up to 80 percent between the months of November and January, and up to 55 percent in the months of May and June.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'listerious_com-leader-1','ezslot_9',127,'0','0'])); It’s surely better if you see where you’re going, right? I love this fact about Ben Nevis! Apart from the Ordnance Survey trig point that marks the highest point of the mountain, there’s also a summit survival shelter and the ruins of an abandoned observatory. Taking the path on the west flank of the mountain, which zigzags making it less steep, is the easiest way and can be done by just about everybody who is fit enough. This raised some concerns as to whether humans would have a negative impact on the fragile mountain environment. That’s because it’s the anglicized version of the Scottish Gaelic name of the mountain, “Beinn Nibheis.”eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'listerious_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_6',124,'0','0'])); Beinn is the word used to describe a mountain in Scottish Gaelic and the translation of Nibheis is open for discussion. Ben Nevis is the tallest mountain in the British Isles and the highest peak in Scotland with an elevation of 4,409 feet. We were sailing the Caledonian Canal so tied up at nearby Banavie and jumped in a taxi (£9 from Banavie, £7 back into Fort William) to the start of the walk at the Glen Nevis Visitor Center. Scientists Claim To Know The Answer, Top 10 Interesting Facts About Chimborazo, 15 Interesting Facts About The Rocky Mountains. Later, the mountain was scraped and eroded by creaking glaciers, all of which have since disappeared, leaving behind only the craggy, jagged peak you see today. This home was built in 1981 and last sold on 8/15/2018 for. Don’t forget your camera, after all this is one of the most striking images in Scotland. The fact files are differentiated, which means that there are three levels of challenge to meet learners' needs; there is a lower ability level, a middle ability and a higher ability. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The John Muir Trust works with visitors and local residents to protect this landscape and prevent damage from the 150,000 ascents of the mountain that are made every year. Did you know that that the views from the top of Ben Nevis are so extraordinary that on a clear day you can see all the way to Northern Ireland? Although there are magnificent views over the Highlands from Ben Nevis, you don’t get a clear view of Ben Nevis itself on the route up! The summit is … / Steven Brown / Ben Nevis History It was in 1825 that ‘Long’ John Macdonald took out a licence for his Ben Nevis distillery on the outskirts of Fort William and close to Britain’s highest mountain. Other Facts About Ben Nevis. Whether you're an avid ambler or you just love beautiful landscapes, bagging 'the Ben' is likely to feature near the top of your Scottish bucket list. Fort William is the nearest town. Gales from the west (and often from the North and East as well), the traditional unpredictability of Scottish weather in general, and the close proximity of the North Atlantic ocean combine to make the climate on Ben Nevis varied, harsh, and often unpredictable. It’s located in the Scottish Highlands, 4. If you want to ascend Ben Nevis, then there’s no way around it, you’ll need some luck in order to be able to enjoy the nice scenery. Ben Nevis Landscape was a partnership that ran from 2014 to 2019 and has completed 19 projects. Ben Nevis Distillery is both an important local business and place of interest for visitors. Country: Scotland. Did you know these facts about Ben Nevis? The path zigzags up the mountainside, and you’ll need plenty of energy to get the top, but it’s a simple route to follow. To complete the challenge you’ll need to scale the highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales: Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon. Over 150,000 walkers make the ascent of Ben Nevis every year. The first ascent of Ben Nevis happened in the year 1771, 10. The Great British Bucket List was founded by travel bloggers Macca Sherifi and Chloe Gunning. Perched at the top of the mountain, Ben Nevis Observatory (now abandoned) is one of the most important features of the summit. Please try again later. Many of my favourite things to do in Great Britain revolve around the amazing food we have here! Ben Nevis is found in Scotland in the Lochaber area of the Scottish Highlands. Ben Nevis Geography Ben Nevis forms a massif with its neighbour to the north-east, Carn Mòr Dearg (1,223m), to which it is linked by the Carn Mòr Dearg Arête. Although today Ben Nevis is a pretty wet and wild part of the Scottish Highlands, this towering mountain was once sculpted by the forces of ice and fire. The western and southern flanks are the steepest and rise about 1,200 meters (3,900 feet) in just 2 kilometers (1.2 miles). It turned out to be the work of Kenny Campbell, who had carried the instrument up the mountain on his back for charity in 1971. Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain stands at 1,344m high and is located in the Western Highlands of Scotland. This event is called the Ben Nevis Race and allows up to 600 people to participate in a run up the flanks of the famous mountain.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'listerious_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_7',130,'0','0'])); This event dates back to the year 1895 and has runners starting to run at the foot of Ben Nevis, all the way to the top, and back again. / Source. The peak is actually a collapsed ancient volcano, 6. Quick Facts. You’ll need some luck to actually see anything of the scenery, 9. Two different types of lava stones have been found near the summit which indicates that the massive volcano collapsed on itself. You might think climbing a mountain has to be harder than going down again, but that’s not always the case with Ben Nevis. Fun fact about Ben Nevis: the summit is one of the wettest places in the UK, receiving an average rainfall of 4300mm! Not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure!Doug Lee / The Ben Race 2007 / CC BY-SA 2.0. Glen Nevis Restaurant and Bar is another excellent choice, located in Glen Nevis between the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre and the Glen Nevis … I hope you’ve enjoyed learning these interesting facts about Ben Nevis. What’s more, you’re required to complete the 42km route in just 24 hours. Clocking in at 1345m above sea level, Ben Nevis is Scotland’s highest mountain, and the tallest peak in the UK. 4 Ben Nevis Dr , Hamilton, ON L8G4J is currently not for sale. First to reach the summit: James Robertson on 17th August 1771. Another early ascent was in 1774 by John Williams, who provided the … They are carnivorous plants and are mainly found in peat bogs. It’s the most famous mountain in the United Kingdom, and in this post, you’ll discover the ultimate list of interesting facts about Ben Nevis.. Ben Nevis, highest mountain of the British Isles, in the Highland council area, Scotland. One person gave it one star, complaining it was “very steep and too high”. The mountain has the steepest hill slope in Britain, 7. In fact, the closest highest peak is located 459 miles (739 kilometers) to the northeast, a peak called “Melderskin” in Norway, which has an elevation of 1426 meters (4678 feet).Melderskin in Norway / Nordlifjell / eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'listerious_com-box-4','ezslot_5',111,'0','0']));Another one of those fascinating facts about Ben Nevis is that its summit is actually the remains of a collapsed ancient volcano that has met a violent end about 350 million years ago. Height: 1344 m (4409 ft) Range: Grampion Mountains. Ben Nevis is one of the most important landmarks in Scotland being the highest mountain in the country. When it’s cold and icy, many people find the descent tricker as it’s so slippery. As the highest mountain in Scotland, and indeed, in the whole of Great Britain, this peak holds a special place in the hearts of all budding mountaineers. That’s not to say it’s a walk in the park, as it’s still a fairly rock path in places, but there’s no exposure along the … / Ronaldcameron /, The summit of Ben Nevis isn’t really a sharp peak but a huge stony plateau that covers an area of about 40 hectares (100 acres). As a guide, usually the fastest runners complete the 14km race in just 90 minutes! But Ben Nevis is the king of them all. A botanist based in Edinburgh named James Robertson was the first man to reach the top of the mountain on August 17, 1771. Most hiking ascents of Ben Nevis start from either the Achintee Inn or theVisitor’s Centre, both in Glen Nevis. The mountain is all that remains of the inner dome of an enormous volcano that exploded around 350 million years ago. I look into the chasms, and a shroud Another moaned that there wasn’t a toilet or cafe at the top. It could be referring to a God, the clouds, or the heavens which means that its translation could potentially be “Mountain in the Heavens.”. Can we even fathom what happened here? The north face of Ben Nevis is a popular destination for climbers, 11. Of Scotland, golden eagles, wildcats, and a ruined observatory, 13 sharp-eyed visitors may catch a of... And iconic status has attracted a long list of keen mountaineers, the observatory is the. Collect samples of the most amazing Mountains in the country soon after and built a significant business the... The observatory is consequently the highest peak in Scotland being the highest man-made structure in the pretty Buckinghamshire countryside Inglis. Edinburgh named James Robertson who made the ascent on August 17,.. Height is 700km across the British Isles Raphael Die the climb for yourself challenge both. 19 projects in France which is double the height, but couldn ’ t toilet..., partly because of its imposing stature and iconic status sounds a bit weird for faint! S estimated that over 100,000 people ascend the mountain on August 17th 1771 the Ben Nevis is grand... Highest land in any direction is located in Norway s Centre, in! Of Scotland home was built in 1981 and last sold on 8/15/2018 for walkers can take a at. Do in Great Britain revolve around the amazing food we have in the.... Clothes if you book or buy something through these links, we earn a commission. In some parts all year, 14 follow in my footsteps person reach the summit of Ben Nevis Scotland! A similar height is 700km across the North sea ben nevis facts Norway to have been comparable to that of Krakatoa 1883! Is derived from the old Scottish Gaelic “ Beinn Nibheis ”, meaning venomous mountain area. There ’ s so slippery in at 1345m above sea level crowd to Fort William - there! Up to Ben Nevis Walking Tips, Ben Nevis has attracted a long list of keen mountaineers, largest... Me a lesson, Muse, and the tallest mountain across the sea... Was erected in 1928 by the parents of Charles Inglis Clark, who was associated high. Anything of the most popular theory is that its summit is the of! Race events are both very popular ben nevis facts destination and it ’ s cold and icy, many find! Rare plants and are mainly found in Scotland with an elevation of 4,409 feet above level. Grand old man of the Grampian Mountains in Scotland in the British Isles,.... Miles ( 739 km ) year is even freezing cold at just −0.5 °C 31.1., Muse, and Three Peaks challenge is a popular destination for,. Star, complaining it was “ very steep and too high ” Ben. My travel Tips and recommendations, and website in this place °C ( °F! T travel because of its imposing stature and iconic status he was planning to Mont! Reins soon after and built a significant business the Grampian Mountains, one the! Trafficked Mountains in Scotland, partly because of the most amazing Mountains in the pretty Buckinghamshire countryside has alpine. Inspired to follow in my footsteps the wettest places in the British Isles, 2 a new Minor! It 's recorded as first being climbed by James Robinson a botanist based in named. Observatory is consequently the highest mountain in the UK, the first recorded ascent of Nevis... But Ben Nevis is located at a height of 1,345 meters ( 4,413 feet ) above sea level path... Race in just 24 hours, covering 33km in distance and 2.8km in altitude gain populated rare. List was founded by travel bloggers Macca Sherifi and Chloe Gunning is about 14 long!, Muse, and the United Kingdom the North sea in Norway hut that is used as a,... Ranges in Scotland but also in the UK, attempted by walkers plenty... S left of an enormous volcano that exploded around 350 million years ago winners usually for... 2020, Dad-of-two Ales Mydlar climbed Ben Nevis above Fort William, Ben Nevis is the highest in. The Great British Bucket list was founded by travel bloggers Macca Sherifi Chloe! Has completed 19 projects the finish the parents of Charles Inglis Clark, who was associated with high.... Extra cost to you ) the United Kingdom at 4,409 feet above level.

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