can kirby beat goku

Press J to jump to the feed. Why give him so much outside help. If you've ever been in the situation where cheating makes the game more fun, then you've probably played Grand Theft Auto. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I suppose that this is only half the argument. We've seen him take planet-sized explosions. I don't know if he could win a fair fight, but I do think Kirby could pull a Freeza cause he can survive in space and Goku can't. Not just one, but multiple of those little shits. It's pretty much impossible for Kirby to die as far as I can see. 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She has black hair and has pigtails. This article is about Kirby's appearance in Super Smash Flash 2. Let us know if we forgot anyone. If Goku shows his combat smarts he can just MAFUBAAAA Kirby into being sealed forever. After all, we've seen how some of them are portrayed in comics. Game overs result in Kirby simply taking a nap. Cartoon directed towards children with Pikachu being their main mascot. Voice actor Kirby Morrow has died at the age of 47. He can fly and basically handle any attack thrown at him with nonstop magic attacks and sword strikes coming your way. So as they progress through the story and strengthen, you can start to get a feeling about how they'd handle a real threat. If this was an actual character claiming the power via words, then that’s a different story. Or atleast Vegeta for a fusion? Cloud. Like, I am not convinced he can be killed, and in a straight up fight, he’d just eventually eat you. With this in mind, it’s pretty clear he’s superior to Soul of Sectonia, who absorbed the four Miracle Fruits, where Kirby can transform into Big Bang Kirby from their origins, which determines that he’s even higher in that form. We've seen him take planet-sized explosions. Therefore, these statements are proven accurate by narrative elements. Apparently, when Cloud and friends defeated him, he was holding back. So Jak and Daxter may be a bit of a stretch, but there are a few attacks Jak has that sort of make him a respectable warrior. I'm actually just trillion ants inside of a human suit who wants to live the good life. For general information about the character, see Kirby. And they just keep coming. It’s been stated several times that this corrupted monster is Kirby’s strongest foe yet, and they aren’t biased here. His helmet's cool too. 6 years ago. Mario breaks the ice in his super form. Sephiroth, or rather the Sephiroth we're referring to is actually not the original Sephiroth. Maybe even stronger, but definitely not more dangerous. Thanos would beat Goku because when I wrote about who could beat Thanos, Goku was at the top of the list. With 120 base stats for every single stat available. Goku would win in everything. Take a moment to make it all the way to the bottom, and we guarantee you can't guess the number one on the list. Sorry, But after a while, Goku is going to run out of power. They resemble the shape of what a galaxy would look like from that specific viewpoint. And not just moles, Kirby can also die to many other basic animals that humans, or Goku alike, would never be able to die to. Kirby is no slouch when it comes to strength either. This is easily the worst Kirby wank I've ever seen. Kirby and Goku exchange punches several times deflecting each other's attacks until Kirby swings Goku into a tree and picks up his sword and lunges at Goku and two struggle of the sword but Kirby slashes Goku with the sword twice and knocks him into the ground Goku: Your powerful all … There has to be a scenario where Fox gets a lucky Power Bomb shot. Can Kirby beat goku? However, Superman can beat Goku in a pure hand fight. Kirby solos. His feats include punching a planet in half, hitting a baseball with a bat lightyears away, and punching a god from the moon into a planet, destroying that planet in a fiery explosion. No one in the Kirby verse has any feats or proper statements that put any character above planetary. Kirby at one point was able to block the attacks of an evil dude who's life ending actually destroys an entire dimension. A good example would be Pokemon. We're talking about living beings with brains. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. If you'd like to elaborate on your original comment to improve it, reply to this comment with your edited version and I will determine if the new comment is acceptable. Kefka messed up the entire planet by pushing the goddess statues out of line with one another. Does the God mode cheat put a player on level with a Super Saiyan God? him if hit enough times. We're all waiting for her debut on the Nintendo Switch. That's a total of 720 base power when adding up Attack defense and speed. And Kirby was blocking the attack. Once her suit is set up and filled with all of the power-ups, Samus is possibly the strongest, most capable female video game character. Oh Kirby is all out of powerups? Related Questions. Mario turns back into his normal form. So if Goku were to show up, would he be able to defeat you in this powered-up state? For this entry to make perfect sense, you'd have to take into account that anything Mario touches while in star mode stops breathing. But Alucard is the man who has defeated Dracula so we need for him to make it on this list. Manga Goku’s Hakai literally erases Kirby from existence. He comes from parts unknown in the universe and would fight Goku. But we don't know how strong that actually is. Of all the stats in the games, Arceus has the highest total. Going around and messing up cops seeing how much mayhem you can cause is the point of the series. No. Of all the characters in all the video games, this final entry might be the most savage and most ruthless of them all. Maybe Goku in a bad mood would dominate this fight, but there's no way that Crackdown Agent isn't making Goku power up to Super Saiyan. Everyone knows that Kratos is the current favored video game character on the world stage right now. Goku right now is bare minimum universal most likely having multi-universal powers. Kefka is the most successful boss in any video game I can think of. Goku is a male, brown monkey who wears black shoes. We think that a fully unleashed Arceus would at least be able to withstand a few of Goku's attacks and definitely strike back with a few of its own. People who've experienced lag know exactly what we're talking about. Sorry it has taken me awhile to reply. #Respawn. Let's say the levels continue until Goku perishes. and since we'll never actually see this fight, we have to give these two warriors the respect they deserve. Food Notable Losses: Superman (still the most OP guy there is) Bruce Lee (is a GOD, and no one can beat Gods but Superman as shown when he defeated SSG Goku) Inconclusive Matches: Chuck Norris Segata Sanshiro Start a Discussion Discussions about Kirby (ScrewAttack) Take the Mario or Nightmare on Elm Street series as an example. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Be that as it may, I'm just pointing out that both can probably solo these two. When sucked up, thing don't die. BTW, we're talking about any iteration of Kirby or anime Goku, but manga doesn't count. If we are talking about young Goku, he was able to beat and eat a very large fish at a very young age using his tail fishing technique. Goku would just teleport out of space to some planet. Goku isn't taking this outside of serious downplay of Kirby. Arceus is a God like Pokemon, and only characters on god level deserve to be on this list. But I do know Goku could technically escape that fate through instant transmission. Daxter is just kind of there for motivational purposes in case Goku vaporizes him with a Kamehameha wave. Because the answer isn't never. - Page 4. Akuma is a demon from a very awful place and is all about the martial arts. Follow 32467. Gaming karma is a real thing. Sin is an all-powerful city destroying force in the game Final Fantasy X. Here are our picks. Star Fox is one of those anthropomorphic animals that can really get the job done. I hope you're not talking about DBS. Anything else taking that away? We don't know. His life ending can destroy a dimension. Arceus is a pretty tough monster. Samus at full strength has so much gear that is beyond most characters in the video game world's power level. Kirby scales directly to Void, who is functionally an omniversal scale godhead of pure chaos and infinite possibilities existing in every single reality simultaneously. What's Kirby's durability compared to, say, Buu? Mostly regarding to his durability. Has any DBZ character survived a black hole? We don't really know if Kirby can stand up to the might of Goku, but we'll toss some info your way. He's super hard to defeat and he looks really really cool. No, it’s not. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can your main beat Goku in a canon fight?" any one of his bosses. You all know the main man Kefka who ruins the world and becomes the God of Magic, right? mysticmedivh. A universal character certainly would not be enough to defeat Kirby. So that basically means that Goku would have to input computer mods into his own universe to change the ability to be able to fight these NPCs. Kirby is the main protagonist of the Hoshi no Kirby 3 manga that started in 1999. Now, most likely Goku would be able to wipe out wave after wave of zombies, but we don't think that Goku would be able to survive forever. So she's made it to the list. You've given no feats whatsoever of Void being capable of destroying anything more than a planet, the furthest you got was taking words like threatening and endangering and again wanked it to Kingdom come. Goku weighs roughly 62kg, yeah seriously somehow Goku only weights 136 lbs even though he has the muscle mass to rivial Arnold Schwawnneger at his prime ..Anyways, accelerating at 1,758,782,420.266667m/s crossing 1,000,000,000 m in merely 1.75 Seconds, Goku would’ve burned up over 1.917855673140226e+29 Joules of energy per second or roughly 45 837 850 696 000 … Dracula would be on this list because he's super strong and in his various creative forms could probably stand to to to with Goku. There's also the few people on this list he's beaten. Kirby punches Lincoln in face Lincoln kicks Kirby Lincoln throws Kirby down The Hakai doesn’t work on opponents stronger than the one casting it, which is Kirby. We feel even if Goku destroyed all of Spira, that would be counterproductive and may be ineffective. Most enemies of Goku just punch and kick. Unlike in Super Smash Flash, both he and Meta Knight are now separate characters. Even though it appears he's aging rapidly. Age:200 years old height:8 inch Kirby is the most powerful character in the history he can beat Goku,Saitama,Sonic,Mario and more Lincoln. Goku teleports far away from Mario to avoid getting killed he then becomes SS2 and comes back to fight him. Game overs result in Kirby simply taking a nap. It seems as though Kirby would probably be able to defeat Goku if you take a look at Kirby's feats. If Jak has the anger and ammo, he might put up a decent fight. Ruining the world of balance and making himself the proprietor of all magic in the world. After all, Master Chief has been designated as hyper lethal. He was one of the first four playable characters in SSF2, alongside Mario, Ichigo, and Lloyd. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Yea, I know about that but I'm talking about the anime Goku mainly. He himself if infinite. But what you aren't realizing that other than Shepard from Mass Effect, Master Chief has ended the lives of more aliens than anyone we can think of. Kirby. But other than the super awesome pyramid... helmet... and his giant sword, Pyramid Head may be a bit of a challenge for Goku, but not for long. Powers and Stats. And Kirby was blocking the attack. Tifa. Now, a lot of people may not agree that this guy should be on the final list. Throughout the Dragon Ball series, nearly all of the enemies Goku faces have a tendency to hide their true power levels, preferring to toy with their opponents at half power while bragging that "this isn't even my … So this character sort of follows the same rules as the God-mode character in GTA. I know it wasn't specified but yea. Whether you think Dante would lose against Goku or not, are you even considering you being the one who controls Dante? paulachu Jan 19, 2020. After a while, Goku would have no need to toy with such an evil fellow. Mostly regarding to his durability. Page 2 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3 Next > Chibi kitsune. He's a sick smooth cat that some would call the Makeup King of Crushing Dreams. This is about the comparison that Crackdown Agent can stand up to Goku. Not that anyone in the gaming world has admitted that Chief is an immortal or anything. It's a console selling series and we can only hope she gets some sweet new powerups in this version. There's a lot of similarities in power when it comes to Bayonetta, Kratos, and Dante. Not only that, but one must take into account that Master Chief can respawn. It seems as though Kirby would probably be able to defeat Goku if you take a look at Kirby's feats. I don't know much about Goku's durability, but I do know that Kirby can suck up just about anything given the right circumstances. Alucard has a wide range of attacks, weapons, techniques, and transformations that would certainly be a new battle for Goku. Dreams do exist in a verse. When Sin shows up looking like a giant friendly whale, you know your city is about to get wrecked. Biased to characters (gaara vs toph, majin buu vs kirby, terminator vs robocop and goku vs superman) reasons why those characters beat those characters 1. Kratos DBZ Spawn Gaara. Just because Kirby can't die by Goku's hand doesn't mean that Kirby could kill Goku. Can Kirby beat Goku? Some of the characters here are just so insanely awesome that we had to include them for fear of disrespect, and not showing props will affect our Karma. Kirby + Joseph Joestar = Tier: At least 3-C, Unknown with Hamon + Super Abilities Name: Kirby Joestar Origin: Kirby's Bizarre Adventure Gender: Male? Goku uses his Destructo disk which slows Mario down. The prolific talent lent his voice to characters such as Cyclops, Goku and Miroku on various animated shows. Yes Kirby can be killed, but like most hero's directed for child audiences they never die and always find someway out of it. It is clearly present in the respected verses. Maybe not, but he can easily beat him by exploiting a fatal flaw in Goku's fight history. I also didn't see any plot or conceptual manipulation on his page. Stay true to Alucard, ya know? So hakai wouldn’t work. That was until Infinity War had everyone wetting their pants and Fortnite decided to add a mode to the game where one lucky player could play as Thanos and demolish everyone else. With his ability to turn into shadow and torment anyone he's up against, there isn't much that Goku can do to beat him. We have to believe that full strength Goku is hard for anyone to defeat, but we've never seen Goku in this realm before. Mario only needs to touch Goku once while in Star mode and that's the last of the Super Saiyan. Of all the Jedi and Sith able to be played as in video games, Galen is definitely the most impressive. Sin eventually gets defeated but the only way to do that is by heading inside of Sin and fighting the spirit on the inside. If we’re being lenient, he’s at multi-universal. Goku wouldn't stand a chance. This guy, Dante, is always on the list alongside Kratos as one of the more powerful beings in the video game world. Dante is the kind of guy that likes to wield a sword and pistol simultaneously with a bit of magic thrown in. He's NEVER able to be killed in his entire series. You are indeed where you belong. But this isn't about MC. Galen becomes the guy you want on our team in a fight regardless of the evil that's within him. But most of all, we're focusing on the unlimited defensive power of a child NPC in the game Skyrim. Void termina in not the origin of the Kirby verse. So, who would actually beat the Saiyan we all know and love? He has feats for doing that in a jam with Cell. Kirby even with massive wank is galaxy to multi galaxy in power. But we aren't so sure that would happen. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! We're just saying that's one of his powers in the game. They may also refer to photographs, drawings, trophies—any objects that can be seen as a past event in the present time. Now that it's confirmed that Kirby solos DBZ, Who can beat Kirby in a close fight? But how many of them throw fireballs at you and turn into a bat? If not stopped by the Star Allies Sparkler gang, then he would’ve eventually destroyed parallel dimensions; with a space-time continuum, many stars and galaxies, the Black Mirror multiverse (which certainly is due to the factor of the dimensional rift that Parallel Susie got stuck in and King-D Mind getting sealed in a far-off dimension, implying that there are many other dimensions that exist there before the one he got trapped in—all facts here leading to the conclusion that the connected dimension and the Black Mirror form a multiverse), and everything else. The … Answer. That's dedication. Also, he's partly in the same realm since Akira Toriyama created them both. xaviir20 Nov 5, 2019. No biggie. There are a lot of conversations happening on the internet about how strong Goku is and how he could basically end any character from anything you've ever heard of ever. Depends on the particular DB era, maybe not officially, but Archie Sonic could fight him, if Kirby can copy him, Kirby can win. Yeah. is it likely he beats goku? He may be on par with the Greek and Norse Gods. While they may be not present in a universe, nothing states that they can’t possibly exist in an entire verse especially if they are shown. The three of them are controlled by the gamer in a much similar way and sometimes against similar enemies. He's a fighter pilot who's had his legs replaced with metal prosthetics so that when flying the blood doesn't rush to his legs. Also, something I forgot to add in our previous discussion (which you seemed to concede by refraining from continuing to respond): the universal feat behind Marx actually comes from many squiggles, which are galaxies, that are seen at the very beginning of the fight. It is a 4koma anthology book similar to the game done by various artists. Well, as it turns out, a lot of people. Goku and Kirby should be about equal in speed and maybe experience and Kirby could inhale all of Goku's ranged attacks and himself but I think Goku could beat Kirby before Kirby tries to absorb Goku. Akuma is a pretty nasty fellow. And he’s still around that level while in Big Bang form if he doesn’t have it in his disposal. If Goku can't figure that out, maybe Sin would win. Like every good cosmic horror, I don’t think Kirby can be defeated in the conventional sense. I can only see Sougo getting an incon, from what I read. Otherwise, with the capabilities of scaling to Void Termina with the Star Allies Sparkler, he should be multiversal. From all of these reasons, this should prove to you that Kirby is no where near the borders of solar system-level (which is what the VS. Battle Wiki has him at). So it might be worth it for Goku to wipe him out and not hold back. Gameplay feats don't count on this sub and I'm gonna need scans for what you claimed above it. Wear him down over a long period of time? Try to give at least one reason why you think a person/thing wins a battle or challenge. One of the best things about the Dragon Ball franchise is the different types of energy blasts every single character is able to generate by concentrating their respective energies, with the Kamehameha from Goku becoming a cult classic among the fans. And no it's not because he carries around a massive sword that he uses to execute fools with. Thanos isn't really a classic video game character. If were going by this logic, wouldn't the Z fighters all show up to help Goku fight vs Superman? And Goku would have a good time fighting, but would Galen last? These villains (if are currently your allies) teamed up to help our pink friend defeat him. To learn more about the specific parameters of this automated bot, please read this post. How long until the zombies get the edge? He could beat the JLA with all his feats. Rules are 2-C and below only and speed is not equal. Just curious to see how many lower tier characters can beat Xeno Goku. If you did give a reason, reply to this comment and I will either reapprove your comment or explain why it is not sufficient. Games with characters that we've either mastered or had a horrible time defeating the final boss need to be recognized as contenders against Goku. He's been seen surviving a black hole and not just once. Hell, this is the same Kirby that can knock a planet-destroying meteor 9999 light years away in a little under 12 seconds. Goku punches Mario into the air and uses his Kaio ken, he figured he could easily beat Mario now. 1 Interlude 2 Kirby 3 Majin Buu 4 Death Battle 5 Results 6 Trivia (*Cues: Invader - Jim Johnston*) Wiz: Imagine right now: What does the apocalyptic destroyer of worlds look like? We don't know the extent of God mode in video games. Kirby was able to fight on a planet with other cratures of his storyline that he could absorb. With a fucking baseball bat. goku was a watcher then kirby kicks the whale and the sharkand it flies into goku kirby inhale the whale then spit it on goku, goku is so serious he transform into ultra instinct he beat up kirby with his kick and punch kirby collapes at the moon goku punches the moon into half kirby cries for help then the warp star comes for kirby kirby drive his warp star to goku

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