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How to read only a few attributes of an entity? The model is a collection of entity description objects(instance of NSEntityDescription). ♥♥️♥️When you retrieve an object from an NSManagedObjectContext (MOC) you can’t tell (in the normal course of its use) whether it’s a fault or a realized object*** — Yes we can, use –isFault. How to transfer manage object from one thread to another thread? Top iOS Interview Questions and Answers Blog of developers, running by developers and made for developers. 376+ Apple iOS Swift interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced. Objects are linked to each other by one object either owning or containing anoth… 8. Apps can also use document objects to manage some or all of their data model objects. An object graph is like a map of all the different model objects in a typical model view controller iOS application. Need to load entire data if we need update drop table. To fetch the data asynchronously in a background queue, Core Data provides the object NSAsynchronousFetchRequest. Core Data ensures that — in a given managed object context — an entry in a persistent store is associated with only one managed object. They are calculated at runtime, usually on the basis of other property Values. The NSManagedObjectContextObjectsDidChangeNotification notification is broadcast every time a managed object in the managed object context changes. In this case, you must have a custom transformer class that knows how to perform the transformation. Follow guide for iOS Developer/Engineer interview. This is an update of my two-year-old blog post on iOS interview questions.I revised it after doing extensive research while working on my book on the topic: The iOS Interview Guide. A Managed object model allows core data to map from records in a persistent store to managed objects that you use in your Application. Managed object context can contain one or more managed object model instances. That’s why you get the error that mentions this method — it’s trying to call the method on your class, but that method doesn’t exist. An abstract object (in programming) or entity (in Core Data) is an object or entity that is never instantiated. Core Data can then manage object instances at runtime to provide the following features. A managed object ID uniquely identifies the same managed object both between managed object contexts in a single application, and in multiple applications (as in distributed systems). It also suits a business requirement where you have a model with it’s attributes. You can encrypt individual properties in your Core Data model entities by making them transformable properties, then creating an NSValueTransformer subclass which will encrypt and decrypt the data for that property. This factor in the design of the SQLite persistent store can create a performance issue. In iOS, Apple provides UIView as a base class for all _View_s, UIViewController is provided to support the Controller which can listen to events in a View and update the View when data changes. What is Latest Version of iOS & Swift ? Is Core Data == SQLite or some wrapper? A small guide to help those looking to hire a developer or designer for iOS work. Most of the time core data uses in-memory objects (managed object context). Transient properties are properties on an NSManagedObject that are not persisted t the object-store. This type is what the main context (core data stack.mainContext) uses. ... With more than 170 iOS 11 & Swift 4 interview questions, the 170+ iOS 11 & Swift 4 Interview Questions course is here to help you. We can use the NSFetchRequest class’s property “setPropertiesToFetch”. What is an abstract entity in core data? There has never been a better time to become an iOS developer. It mediates between the persistent store(s) and the managed object context(s) and also takes care of loading and caching data. With the WAL mode, Core Data keeps the main .sqlite file untouched and appends transactions to a .sqlite-wal file in the same folder. Persistent Store Coordinator is actually the instances of “NSPersistentStoreCoordinator” class.. Data operations like insert, update and delete are performed in managed object context. Object-oriented applications contain complex webs of interrelated objects. , If you having any query regarding this tutorial ? How we can do multithreading with core data? By marking an entity as abstract in the Entity pane of the Data Model inspector, you are informing Core Data that it will never be instantiated directly. That’s right. The technique is known as Uniquing. For example:- when accessing a property of the object. Following are the list of some basic Swift interview questions … Over the years of iOS development has taught me some interesting facts about Objective-C and Swift. Don’t have Data Constraints if required need to implement by business logic. In-Memory Persistent Store The central feature of Core Data is the ability to store data in a persistent store that allows data to stick around permanently, ie after the app is no longer running. No, NSManagedObject instances are not intended to be passed between queues. core data is ORM(Object graph model) which create a layer between the database and the UI. 13. Core Data is a framework that you use to manage the model layer objects in your application. Private Queue specifies the context that will be associated with a private dispatch queue instead of the main queue. 33. Core Data is a framework that is used to manage model layer objects. While tailored for iOS, many questions could be used for Android developers or designers as well. What is Faulting mechanism in Core Data? Core Data isn't the database of your application nor is it an API for persisting data to a database. Core Data abstracts the details of mapping your objects to a store, making it easy to save data from Swift and Objective-C without administering a database … What is Persistence store coordinator 3. Support for Swift: Xcode 6 explicitly supports the Swift code, it is very simple and easy to make a brand new app using 100% swift code to existing frameworks. Core Data isn't the database of your application nor is it an API for persisting data to a database. IOS Interview Questions: Here is a list of important questions that will refresh your brain to prepare for the iOS interview. Enum is a data type which contains a set of the related values. You configure this on the attribute, either in the Core Data model editor or in code. Except, UIImage can’t be saved in Core Data. An attribute is a piece of information attached to a particular entity. An Entity can be abstract, in which case it is never directly attached to a managed object. Operates on in memory(data needs to be loaded from disk to memory). 16. Here a list of frequently asked Swift interview questions and answers for beginners. If you are preparing for iOS Development with Swift 2 job interview, we will help you in clearing the interview through Wisdomjobs interview questions and answers page. The questions will give you an idea about the pattern and the right way to answer the questions that may be thrown your way during the interview iOS Interview Questions 1. For the most part, AppKit and UIKit are not thread-safe. An entity is a class definition in Core Data. Wrapper libraries provide some much needed syntactic sugar and convenience methods to Core Data’s verbose and complicated APIs. It's as simple as that. Here are the top 19 sample iOS interview questions and their answers. A. When working with core data it is recommended to use a lazy keyword for lazy initialization of persistent container. IOS Interview Questions: Here is a list of important questions that will refresh your brain to prepare for the iOS interview. Tell Core Data on how to transform the data. The classic example is an Employee or a Company. For save or retrieval of large data because of it’s abilities to handle the less processing speed of the device. the awakeFromInsert gets called when you first insert the entity, so you could move your existing code to add the observers to there. 4. As you will see during this or future posts, English it’s not my first language, so please if you are sensitive to grammatical crimes this is the best time for you to response on that, I ‘ll Correct as Soon. These sample questions are framed by experts from Intellipaat who train for the iOS Training Course to give you an idea of the type of questions that are asked in interviews. The Core Data framework excels at managing complex object graphs. If you are familiar with Oracle or MySQL, you know that relational database stores data in the form of table, row and column, and it usually facilitates access through what-so-called SQL query. We have taken full care to give the top answers to all the questions. Swift is only four years old, but it’s already become the default language for iOS development. If you are looking for iOS Development interview questions for the beginner or experienced, then this is the right place. So, if you used a transformable attribute you could read and write UIImage while still keeping NSData in the data store. As the name of the NSManagedObjectContextWillSaveNotification notification suggests, this notification is posted before a save operation is performed. Don’t tell Core Data how to transform the data. It speeds up the process of interaction as we don’t have to Write Queries, just work with ORM and let ORM handled the backend. * Helpers for fetching and deleting Core Data objects using generics. These groups of objects are referred to as object graphs. However, don’t mix up Core Data with database. Without uniquing, you might end up with a context maintaining more than one object to represent a given record. Depending on the encryption used, I would even expect that the on-disk data accesses for loading each entity would be slower than the decryption process for the properties, so you won’t see that much of a performance penalty when accessing the properties. Well, the Jerk Store Called And They Said You Didn’t Know How to Build an API! Main Queue, the default type, specifies that the context will be associated with the main queue. For example:- a Manager can have a to-many relationship with a set of employees, whereas an individual Employee will usually have a to-one relationship with his manager. I am an IOS developer, a self-taught one, a lot of curiosity and passion for coding. What you just did was completely reset the state of the iOS Simulator. ... in Swift -iOS 8. These classes/objects are the main building blocks of the core data stack. The Model represents data in an application and can be implemented using any NSObject , including data collections like NSArray and NSDictionary . An object graph is nothing more than a collection of objects that are connected with one another. Are you expertise in IOS frameworks Such as core data, core animation, core graphics & core text? Thanks for reading. 1577. Though SQLitedatabase is the default persistent store for Core Data on iPhone, Core Data is not a relational database. In this case, your class must conform to NSCoding for the transformation to occur. Core Data uses thread (or serialized queue) confinement to protect managed objects and managed object contexts. Asked by: amir. There are two concurrency types a managed object context can use:-. 32. Top IOS Interview Questions. Doing so can result in corruption of the data and termination of the application. 17. I hope you will like this. Top 18 iOS Developer Interview Questions & Answers: XCode & Swift Top 25 Objective C Interview Questions & Answers Top 50 Array Interview Questions & Answers Top 17 Haskell Interview Questions & Answers When we talk about persistent data, people probably think of database. We have created a list of top frequently-asked iOS interview questions that will help you ace your iOS job interview. Interview Questions And Answers - Core Data, Collection of interview questions for core data. What is the difference between transformable and binary data? Identifiers contain the information needed to exactly describe an object in a persistent store (like the primary key in the database), although the detailed information is not exposed. But UIImage can be converted to and from NSData. Core Data has caching built-in. As Swift has evolved to version 5.0, it’s turned into a complex and powerful language embracing both object-oriented and functional paradigms. How you can add column in entity in core data that can be also added in next release? ... use Swift along with Objective-C for now and move to pure Swift down the road in several years when it and the ecosystem of libraries around it matures enough. Menu iOS Interview Questions for Senior Developers in 2017 17 September 2017 on iOS, Interviews, Interview Questions, Swift. Top Swift (iOS) Interview Questions and Answers with Examples: Swift is a powerful and interactive programming language created for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS, and Linux development by Apple Inc. We have taken full care to give the top answers to all the questions. For example, an Employee entity could have attributes for the employee’s name, position and salary. Swift is a fantastic way to develop software, it is an interactive programing language which is fast, safe, and friendly to new programs. iOS Interview Questions For Senior Developers 12 December 2015 on iOS, Interviews. The interview questions as flash card sets according to topic. In a database, an attribute corresponds to a particular field in a table. The image Data is Converted to and From an NSData Instance that contains the image’s PNG Representation .this is all handled transparently for you by a custom NSValueTransformer. ... Browse other questions tagged ios swift uitableview core-data or ask your own question. Ans : When you initialise a Core Data stack, one of the steps involved is adding a store to the persistent store coordinator. A great self-test if you're looking to keep current or practice for your own interview. The different iOS application states are: Not running state: when the app has not been launched or was running but was terminated by the system.

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