donkey kong country 3 speedrun

I had to hit Kiddy to get back to Dixie and hit Dixie in the next level to compensate (lost ~4 seconds overall)5-4 : Some jumps were sloppy near the end.5-Boss : Bleak was a troll. Donkey Kong Country 3 was released in November 1996, continuing the one year trend between Kong Country games. J Version 1.1 for Any% is the fastest version currently due to skipping Bleak. Donkey Kong Country Returns Donkey Kong series. I tried to do a sacrifice trick in Tracker Barrel Trek, but it failed, however it only cost about 3 seconds. Timing is from selecting New Game to receiving K. Rool's Kremkoin. And to finish, K. Rool goes down without any trouble. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Buzzer Barrage was sort of sloppy, starting with missing the first barrel. (ou Super Donkey Kong 3: Nazo no Krem au Japon) est un jeu vidéo de plate-forme sorti sur Super Nintendo en 1996 développé par Rare et créé par Nintendo. files. Donkey Kong Country Donkey Kong series. First, I used a team-up to get around Kaos so that I wouldn't lose Kiddy. Il est réédité sur Game Boy Advance en 2005 et, par le biais du service Virtual Console, sur Wii en 2007 et sur Wii U en 2014. Barbos's Barrier was probably the worst level in the run. 1:29 I also had decent luck with Bleak. Author's comments: Normally the maximum percentage available in DKC3 is 103%. This run is for Riverside Race and is done on normal mode, finishing with a time of 0:52:40. Have fun watching! by [TAS] Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA) - 103% Tool-assisted Speedrun. Single-segment, Hard Difficulty with Warps: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Donkey Kong series. GBA, DS, GBP. Donkey Kong Country Individual Worlds. 1,348 Pages. The game normally reports 100% as 103%, but with the code it is 105%. 75 is the amount I needed, with at least 50 after World 5. This boss strat is hard to do, but it saves about 30 seconds overall. The key to finishing this one fast is to control both the direction that K. Rool is facing, and the side that the fireball gun starts shooting at first. Resize; Like Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Something that works for a few levels to get the DK coin is to throw the steel keg at Koin before he is on screen and then to run towards him so that when the game detects him as being there, the keg is already hitting him. SNES, WiiVC, WiiUVC, New3DSVC, SNESClassic, SwitchVC. Le 103%, comme son nom l’indique, est une catégorie qui consiste à finir le jeu dans son intégralité le plus vite possible. In Fish Food Frenzy, the Nibbla gets stuck at one point, so I have to go back to get him. VIKINGSTREAM | DONKEY KONG COUNTRY SPEEDRUN | 103% APRENDENDO A ROTA, Donkey Kong 64 any% Tool-assisted Speedrun Explained, VIKINGSTREAM | DONKEY KONG COUNTRY SPEEDRUN 103% TREINO, VIKINGSTREAM | DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 3 103% SPEEDRUN PRACTICE, [TAS] Donkey Kong 64 "101%" in 4:11:49 (Low-Optimised Tool-Assisted Demonstration), SKIN GRATIS FREE FIRE❗DATA CONFIG SET BUNDLE CEPCIL, CONFIG SET FRONTAL + TAS SEASON 1‼️ TERBARU 2020 ANTI BANNED & WORK 100%- GARENA FREE FIRE, Dishonored 2 Tuto FR : verrou Jindosh, Succès Eurêka ! By doing this you can get hits on him in less 'trips' of him flying back and forth. For Belcha, you can just jump in it's mouth at the good height for the beetle to fall in it's mouth. Single-segment, Normal Difficulty with Warps: Leaderboard Website Discord Streams Statistics Sub-games. I would like to thank my first speedrun pal, Techiyo, for making me want to speedrun DKC3 (and speedrunning in general)Special thanks also to TheJuice who accepted my first race in DKC3 on SpeedRunsLive, this really pushed me up to improve my time!Also thanks to all the DKC community for supporting me even though they don't like DKC3 lol (too many names, you know who you are guys! Donkey Kong Country 3 : Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Austinn 'Davis' Hallman Platforms. The key to getting a good time in this level, is knowing when to roll so that you use the entire roll time. NES, WiiUVC, Switch. 0:43 Unfortunately, I didn't make it damageless (lost ~3 seconds overall)3-Boss : When you spam team-throw in the air, you hover in place. Wikis. 2014. Language (Beta) × български Català Čeština Leaderboard Guides Resources Discord Streams Forum Statistics Sub-games. Another run of this game on hard mode (just because it's that much more fun), but this time a little less complicated and annoying than 105%. * The exit point from the warp barrel was moved slightly closer to the left that you start at the end of the downwards slope.If you are curious why the video looks super crisp, the run was done on a modified Nintendo DS phat model as it supports direct capture by USB. OVERWORLD-The hover boat is literally soap. Donkey Kong Country 2 SNES version, played on North American SNES console (modded for component video output) with OEM controller (no turbo). Dixie often joined alongside them. 0:45 100%, Segmented, Hard Difficulty with Warps: Full-game Leaderboard Level Leaderboard View all Jungle Beach Ruins Cave Forest Cliff Factory Volcano Golden Temple. or the Home Page. Fire-Ball Frenzy: I used a sacrifice to get up to the rope at the end of the level. This surprised her as it was unusual for Didd… :), IF YOU WANT TO LEARN DKC3 ANY% OR ANY OF THE DKCs, HERE IS A USEFUL WEBSITE FOR YOU! But I have to say that I found so many new and also cool-looking strats, which also saved time, that I enjoyed the work more and more as I went deeper into the run. Watch Queue Queue. After my any% TAS of this game, I already had rough ideas of the strats I wanted to use for this run. 103% Speedrun: Complete the game with 103% progress as fast as you can. Moderated by: emptysys emptysys, dna423 dna423. Because of stupidity I ended up having 76, but that's alright I guess. Rank User Result Date Won; 1: leislonjose. Swoopy Salvo: Although this trick didn't save that much time, getting the coin in the 1st bonus through the branch and then walking through the tree is a fun, cool looking trick to save a wee bit of time. And as I said before, there is definitely room for improvement, even though this is far more than just a Human Theory TAS. This run is done on the hard 'TUFST' mode so as you know, no DK or continue barrels. WORLD 5-5-1 : First major error : I hit Dixie trying to do a really hard optimal climbing. 5.1.1 Eazinn 32:59 (Pre-SJR) 5.1.2 Gari 34:34 (Pre-Superjump/Mapwarp) 5.2 DKC2. Return to the Game List, the FAQ, or the Home Moderated by: Austinn 'Davis' Hallman. Sorry, only registred users can create playlists. 52 Lightning Lookout is the hardest level in the game, but it went pretty well and I lost Kiddy where I wanted to. Some Time-Stops were useful, but that's pretty much it. 6.1 AGDQ; 6.2 SGDQ; 6.3 Others; Events SRL Weekly Races. by In Low-G Labyrinth I had a bit of trouble around the 'no Squawks' sign. Austinn 'Davis' Hallman. WORLD 1-Everything went perfect. » Leaderboard. Criss Kross Cliffs: I drastically changed the strategy for both bonuses, starting with the Dixie throw trick to get a perfect run of the 1st bonus, and then using a different bounce pattern in the 2nd. The series continued with Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble. ShinFenix 4 avril 2020 2. I wanted to keep Kiddy all the way until the sacrifice at the end, so the 2nd bonus is a little slower, but it's worth it. The Belcha fight was a little cautious because more than half of the time that I would use the strategy of just putting the bugs in his mouth, he would glitch out on me (and I was sick of playing the first land over and over). Springin' Spiders: I decided to use Kiddy for the bulk of this level because he can jump quicker than Dixie, which is good for levels like this which are more vertical. Rank User Result Date Won; 1: HigorHuannHardCore. segments appended to I decided to be cautious on a couple things in Rocket Barrel Ride. In that case, my luck was really bad (see last white barrel).7-3 : Lightning is random, but you can control it by hitting a kong and getting a kong, which gives you about 3 seconds before a lightning pops again.At some points, I got bad luck and got hit once where I didn't want to, which cost me around 4 seconds overall.7-4 : Was really stressed at this point, so I was sloppy at some places.7-Boss : Went perfect, finished with an unreal time : 50:15. )Finally, thanks to the SDA members for letting me be part of their community and accept my run! This time, both Donkey & Diddy kong have been kidnapped, so Dixie Kong, introduced in DKC2, goes with the new Kiddie Kong on a quest to save them. Leaderboard Website Discord Streams Statistics Sub-games. Moderated by: hirexen hirexen, stealThunder stealThunder Quick Links . done in 58 Rocket Rush: I used the fastest flight pattern that I could find and at the end I used a slightly different way of getting the DK coin. 2005. the most popular website to watch your speedrun and tas videos games ! Leaderboard: 105% Speedrun (Donkey Kong Country 3) 105% Speedrun: Complete the game with 105% progress as fast as you can. SNES, WiiVC, WiiUVC, New3DSVC, SNESClassic, SwitchVC. Bobbing Barrel Brawl: Using a sacrifice to get into the warp saved some time, as well as jumping into the water under the first bee. 1996. WiiU, Wii, WiiUVC. by RTA timing: 2:10:52.37 (471,142 frames)

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