fuji x100 high speed sync

( Log Out /  Triggered via Paul C. Buff Cybersync. Later I tested using Nikon D2H with sc-17 and both flash(s) and confirmed both are working. Article from flickr.com. My Shiba Inu would be half-way to the horizon if I took her out for a photo session…, Hmmm, you might be interested in my latest post: https://jonathanfleming.wordpress.com/2011/07/23/suki-unleashed/. When to use high speed flash sync (HSS) Let’s cut straight to it – there are only two reasons you would need to use high-speed flash sync: to have an appropriately shallow depth-of-field, to have a sufficiently high shutter speed to freeze action. 7; 0; 0; Experimenting with my dog and using flash to kill daylight ambience. Thanks for the info and the great blog of course. High Speed Sync and Portraits. Can we trigger wireless from the built in or does it need the cable? All “dumb” triggers worked just fine for off camera flash even from the beginning. Cheers. . I have the Phottix Stratos II for Nikon but they don’t seem to fit into the hot shoe. That’s it. I triggered the remote SB unit wirelessly using pocket wizard plus IIIs (one hot shoe’d to the X100s, the other hooked up to the SB-910s PC sync port), and it worked really well. Love your photos and technique. I was looking to do exactly this with a SB-700 I have. The hot shoe mount on the X100s seems to tight. now actually what I meant was if it is equally possible to use the X100F and off camera Nikon SB900 together without that cable. But the truth is that with the Fujifilm X100F, it is now just as powerful as the flagship cameras in the Fujifilm lineup: The X-Pro2 and XT2.Some of you might think that this is a small update to the camera line, but that really depends on your point of view. The X-E1 is equipped instead with a focal plane shutter, so the high speed sync capabilities of the X100 are not in the XE-1’s bag of tricks unfortunately. A JPEG file out of the camera is already processed using Fuji’s parameters, which is why you’re not seeing the same thing happen when you view JPEGs in LR. Can you go even higher? Thx Joined: May 4, 2011 Messages: 52 Likes Received: 6-Return to Top-Just for fun, I took the fuji x100, sb-800, nikon sc-17, honl grid, model and assistant to the beach to take a few photos. Fujifilm EF-20 v EF-X20 Flash. Even more amazing than the performance of the X100 is your ability to get Suki to sit still! But then it should also work if I mount the speedlite directly on the X100 hotshoe, or am I wrong? I can go below 1/30th now. Can I ask which Skyport you are using ? Camera settings were: 1/2000, f/2.8 at 200 ISO. But if we activate a short burst of flash when only part of the shutter is revealed, then only this part of the sensor is illuminated – the rest will be dark and will give rise to the ominous black band we see when using flash at shutter speeds faster than the sync speed. Jonathan I don’t know if you have shot wireless hss with the X100? Thanks! Let me tell you that of all the literally thousands of pages I have read, your posts have been the most helpful, nicely written, and informative –and, of course, I love your pictures and your dog. I pegged the shutter speed at 1/1000 to give me a wide aperture, and simply adjusted my flash power/distance to taste (flash output was between 1/8 and 1/1 power for these images). Hi everyone, I … When combined with an off-camera flash and the Impact PowerSync 16's, you can create some very cool photos. e.g. It was never meant to be anything else. The X100F lacks a PC sync port on the side of the camera, but it isn’t a major issue for many of us that like to use an external flash, especially considering that the camera has a leaf shutter, which essentially lifts the typical 1/180-1/250th sync speed limit on focal plane shutters of the X-series cameras. Here's Fuji's take on the advantages of a high sync speed and their shutter illustration : What flash sync speed does the X100 offer? Off camera TTL flash with the Fuji X-Series. Updated 1st Feb 2019 How times change! Now I’m utterly head over heels for this camera. Shot on the Fuji X-T2, the first is at 1/250th, the native sync speed of the camera. ... High Speed Sync and How it Works - Lighting Tutorial - Duration: 6:29. or TTL mode via their radio controllers. I tried mounting the SB 600, it worked, but i have to set in in manual mode with flash power around 1/16. how awesome! Steve_A Posted May 24, 2011. Yes, you’ll get a softer quality of light with a 9×10 or 10×14 light mod, but just be sure you get that light source close to your subject for maximum effectiveness, as you already stated. Though it's not what many people may think of using this camera for, it's still quite a nice feature to have. I was able to get the SB-900 on the camera and fire it in manual mode as expected. Follow on Facebook. However, if you don’t mind the cost, the upcoming Fuji XPRO-1 will take a Leica M mount adapter. Hi Jonathan, . Cheers When I searched on the B&H website for ‘Fujifilm TTL Flash’ this morning, it returned 56 options. In and out the same day and my car let me…. this all sounds very cool, and i need a lesson from you about flash/lighting too! May 24, 2015 - Nicole taking a leap by the Arkansas River. Because the people i want to picture, (fishermen, market people etc) won’t wait whit their work According to specs they only go upto 250th sec. Just one quick question. love. As we select increasingly faster shutter speeds, the time between the first curtain opening and the second one closing gets less and less, until we reach a point where the second curtain needs to start closing before the first one has opened fully. The X10 has a hotshoe like the X100 does, so I imagine it should work with the sync cable and SB unit just fine, but I can’t say for sure because I haven’t tried it myself. Currently using the Nikon HSS system with 4 SB800’s in a nice, but pricy Foursquare softbox.The harsh California is brutal when you can’t choose they time of day to shoot your subjects. Strobist: Sunset plus single Nikon SB-80DX bare at 1/64 power and zoomed to roughly 35mm, camera right on a LumoPro light stand, about 10 feet from Nicole. Wow, they look great. D40 can sync up to 1/4000th. I love the sky in the background.. the color really shines through and it amazing. Thank you for sharing these amazing shots! I really appreciate your comment, and I’m glad an X100 made its way into your hands. 113,00 € Sony AG-R2 Griffbefestigung (geeignet für RX100, RX100II, RX100III, RX100IV, RX100V, RX100VI, RX100VII) schwarz 4,6 von 5 Sternen 2.134. Those are gorgeous. iso? This was an awesome post. Exactly like the LEICA M9, the Fuji X100 ensures great results in low light by using a fast f/2 lens and high ISOs of ISO 3,200 and above when needed. Some sample portraits using flash: FinePix X100 @ 23mm, ISO 200, 1/125, f/2.0. Most cameras native flash speed sync is between 1/180th to 1/250th of a second.

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