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One tradition, most common with Klingonaase-style naming, is to change initial letter/sound of their name: in this tradition, naval officers change to a "K" letter/sound, those who primarily serve as marines and ground troops to "M", civilian professions (administrators, scientists) to "A". Comfy and classic, this t … Most Klingon ships use the prefix I.K.S (Imperial Klingon Ship), even if they belong to one of the Great House fleets. 1 The Original Series era. You can use them however you want. According to a Klingon proverb, "Klingons are a proud race, and we intend to go on being proud. (ENT episodes: "Judgment", "The Expanse", TNG episodes: "Reunion", "Redemption", "Redemption II"; TOS movie: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country; VAN novel: Harbinger). Random Name Generator. Klingon Female Name Generator provides Klingon female names and example profile for Klingon woman with her address, credit card number, phone number, email address and hobbies. The Klingons were created by screenwriter Gene L. Coon, and first appeared in the Star Trek episode "Errand of Mercy" (1967).They were named after Lieutenant Wilbur Clingan, who served with Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry in the Los Angeles Police Department. The Klingon starships suffered the same fate as the Klingon species in Discovery.It is inevitable to separate the heavily reimagined "new" ships from those of the "old" Prime Timeline and also from the ones of the Abramsverse.. The goal of this tool is to make the names as accurate as possible to what we know … In contrast to T'Pol's statement from ENT: "Sleeping Dogs" that Klingon ships don't have escape pods, this one is equipped with them (see below). Discovery Klingon Ship Classes. I'm afraid this is misspelled: It should be may' targh (all lower-case, gh at the end of targh). This dude tried … The first green Klingon ship was the Bird of Prey, which premiered in Search for Spock (and then given the honor of being the first atmospheric starship in Voyage Home). Good thing it only lasted from the 22nd to 23rd century. The article or media mention must be more than a single phrase or the mere mention of “a Klingon” or the ship’s name. IKS Vek'na IKS Kar'tog IKS Klothor IKS Dro'vaga IKS K'vok IKS Vor'dag IKS Mor'qla IKS Dra'vang adding my current ship names Ta'kog Ne'kron . I'd advise against using that site; it was created as a bit of an experiment in word-by-word translation, and unfortunately it is quite misleading. Please Note This generates completely random names based on some rules that seem common for the chosen race. Klingons outside the military, but associated with it, often use 'T' or 'A' to begin their names. Whether you shop the Klingon … Klingons are a species of humanoid warriors, with ridged foreheads, spines, chest and feet. NCC-1701-F) and not the registry name. Many Klingon ships also make use of cloaking technology to hide the vessel from view. Views: 74 125 25 COOLEST Starships In Sci Fi. How about may' roQ meaning "battle creature"? These were all in Module X1, and until I have time to dig them out of the backhup disks, that list will have to serve. Thanks for the info. Complete with apparel, drinkware, and accessories, this collection has everything you need to represent your Klingon pride. As impressive as the Federation Fleet of Star Trek is, it's generally agreed that the Klingon Imperial Fleet is more deadly overall. https://sites.google.com/a/klingonword.org/klv/klv-klingon-standard-vocabulary. I'd still recommend veS or vIq, since this is a new construction. In the Star Trek franchise, the Klingon Empire makes use of several classes of starships.As the Klingons are portrayed as a warrior culture, driven by the pursuit of honor and glory, the Empire is shown to use warships almost exclusively. Subsequent ships in the TOS movies with the exception of Birds of Prey weren't green. (VOY: "Displaced"; DS9: "Change of Heart") Spock said once that Klingo… Klingon place names may sometimes be taken from historic events that occurred at them, or to honor those who had lived in or fought in those places. However, a quick search of the canon archives suggests that may'Duj is more common. • Y178 attacked Klingon … Participates at the Battle of Sector 001. Worf, son of Mogh also shared a name with his grandfather, General Worf. Wow, so much information. Starships Shuttles Space Stations Satellites and Probes. Klingons in the navy usually begin their chosen name with a 'K' or 'Q', although 'W' and 'H' have become more common recently. Spock's Barber Commodore Commodore. In some cases, the advancement of a name may be marked by a numeral, such as was for Kahless IV. Random Names Table: Romulan, Klingon, Federation March 1, 2020 Tony Pi Replicator Resources Leave a comment I sometimes have trouble pulling out random names for people and ships out of thin air, and want to actually have cool names, so have created a 2d20 table for randomized names (Romulan, Klingon, and Federation) for characters and starships. NCC-1701-F). A ships' registry is its unique number (e.g. U.S.S. Several ships that battled the Borg in Star Trek: First Contact were called Akira-class ships. U.S.S. Klingon Daspu' Class starship is a cylindrical vessel of the Klingon fleet that was named after a Klingon "boot spike". Marines begin theirs with an 'M', 'D', or 'V'. Klingon Name Generator provides both Klingon male names & Klingon female names including personal information like address, credit card number, phone number, email address and hobbies. Klingon Female Name Generator provides Klingon female names and example profile for Klingon woman with her address, credit card number, phone number, email address and hobbies. Every iteration of Star Wars has had that going for it. NCC-1701-F). roQ actually means "put down" (as in betleH yIroQ! Maurice, Dec 16, 2020 #3. The Klingon D7-Class ship was used to pose a significant threat to the Federation, equipped with features such as disrupter cannons and torpedos. Klingon star systems are often translated into normal conventions of stellar nomenclature, with greek language letters in front of star group names. The customary method of address is to put the rank first, followed by the individual’s name, then the honorific followed by a dash and then the person’s House or Line name. According to dialog in "Trials and Tribble-ations", Klingon intelligence subsequently turned its back on Darvin, who spent the next 100 years posing as a human merchant going by the name "Barry Waddle". • Y149 destroyed in combat with Klingons Escape From the Holdfast SL109. I'm afraid roQ doesn't really mean "creature"; that's something that Bing Translator got into its system, somehow. The Raptor-class is the first new Klingon ship design depicted in Enterprise. Translates to "Cutie son of Nice, captain of the Flower" in Hebrew. Produced by Herman Zimmerman's art department, it was the first Klingon ship to debut as a completely Klingon individuals are usually given a common personal name, many of which are known to have specific meanings describing the person in question, such as "Korg", which means "fierce one". This is the official subreddit for Star Trek Online, the licensed Star Trek MMO, available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Complete with apparel, drinkware, and accessories, this collection has everything you need to represent your Klingon pride. Some of the Klingon starship classes available to Klingon Defense Force players. Klingon Starship Names CHAPTER TWO: KLINGON SHIP CONSTRUCTION . They're going to have to have astrophysicists at the least. You can use them however you want. ship name registry class type IKS BaHchu: IKS BaHwil' B'rel: bird of prey IKS Barak: IKS-209: Raptor: scout: IKS Balth: IKS-114: Raptor: scout: IKV Baqghol: Vor'cha-class: attack cruiser: IKV Bardur: K't'inga : cruiser: IKS Baruk: IKS Bej'joq: Vor'cha: attack cruiser: IKV Bey: Negh'Var-class: dreadnought: IKS BighHa: Vor'cha: attack cruiser: IKV BIQDep: Vor'cha-class: attack cruiser: IKS BIr Hud It made its debut in the fourth-season episode Reunion, when it was introduced as the Klingon Empire's new flagship. Starships and space exploration has always been an enduring theme of science fiction. Klingon Bird-of-Prey, from the ENT series Klingon K'T'Inga-Class, from the TOS series Klingon Bird-of-Prey, Klingon IKS Negh'Var, Klingon Vor'Cha, all from the TNG, DS9 series. Klingons sometimes forgo the lineage statement and form their names with personal names immediately followed by surnames, especially with those who are orphaned and adopted into a non-familial group, or those that lack an honorific. And while the three ships in the Klingon Ship Recognition Manual don't go under these Klingonese names, there is a scout and a cruiser, and even a frigate-type ship with the exact same design. When a Klingon House is dissolved or a Klingon is orphaned through other means, an individual who retains honorable status may choose to be included into another lines, through marriage or adoption, or they may choose to begin a new line by choosing a new name. Small, fast and maneuverable, they fill a variety of roles for the Empire. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. . ), 'loan word' names from other sources that sound Klingon (like the I.K.S. If you prefer to use the Klingon language, the most common method is to put the individual’s name first, followed by the rank, then a comma followed by the person’s House or Line name and then the word tuq meaning house, tribe, clan or ancestral unit. YouTube Encyclopedic. Memory Beta articles sourced from episodes and movies, https://memory-beta.fandom.com/wiki/Klingon_nomenclature?oldid=369888. By the way, the word may' is pronounced roughly like the English word "my", but with an abrupt cut-off at the end (rather than "fading" out, or fading into the next word). (Skybox Klingon language cards). This means "targ of [a battle/battles]". - "This battle is good. "Show your pride for one of the most powerful empires in the universe by adding this Star Trek Klingon Logo Adult Short Sleeve T-Shirt to your wardrobe. Klingon starships may be named for places (Kronos One, Amar), people (Gorkon, Kahless), qualitative characteristics (Fury, K't'inga - "Bringer of Destruction"), or Klingon language terms, phrases and poetic verses (Blue Fire, Qapla' - "Success"). Transcription. So: vIq targh ("combat targ") or veS targh ("targ of war"). Klingon starships may be named for places (Kronos One, Amar), people (Gorkon, Kahless), qualitative characteristics (Fury, K't'inga - "Bringer of Destruction"), or Klingon language terms, phrases and poetic verses (Blue Fire, Qapla' - "Success"). Using a translator, I tried to come up with a ship name for a new kdf toon. Qonundrum and mike hill like this. The honorific is optional in this method, but can be included before the house name. You can learn more about the sounds of Klingon here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klingon_language#Phonology. The most distinctive feature of Klingon anatomy (except in those individuals afflicted with the Augment Virus) is a ridged forehead. Starships are gonna run into unknown stuff, and this includes Klingon ships, so they're going to at minimum have some minimal complement of scientists: i.e. Romulans would be the first to make green their color fleet-wide in TNG so... yeah, Romulans are the ones that should be green.

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