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Get in touch with us now so we can discuss your HVAC replacement and emergency service options. The type of license (Class A or Class B) also dictates the kind of HVAC job they can carry out. How long you plan to stay in your house is one specific detail that you can share with Florence HVAC Experts . Are all the work details listed along with where the equipment is going to be installed? If possible, they should be able to install your new HVAC within the next 24 hours. Also, you can expect reliable contractors to teach you basic HVAC troubleshooting steps. If a contractor is reluctant to give you a list of references, then that’s … | CL #817040 | Privacy Policy,, 20 Questions to Ask Potential HVAC Contractors | HVAC Bid Tips, What to Know Before Buying New HVAC System, What to Know Before Replacing Your Air Conditioning System. But how can you determine a technician’s expertise in handling detail-oriented HVAC installation and maintenance? Ask them for recent referrals and examples of quality HVAC work. Article body: There are over 100,000 businesses that are operating in the HVAC industry in the US. We serve Concord, Livermore, Pleasanton, Sacramento, San Jose, and surrounding areas. HVAC installers first need to measure your home’s total cooling and heating space. In short, anyone who performs HVAC-related work in Texas needs a contractor’s license. Does the proposal include documentation on how disputes will be resolved (what does the satisfaction guarantee entail)? This is a good way to gauge the level … In Texas, the minimum SEER rating is 14. The last thing you want is for you and your loved ones to suffer from hypothermia or hyperthermia. Can you provide proof that your company is bonded and insured? It’ll also help you determine just how credible and trustworthy the contractor is. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the smart questions to ask an HVAC contractor. In fact, researchers have linked cold weather to an increase in the mortality risk of Texans. Join our Maintenance Value Plan (MVP) and enjoy complete peace of mind. The answer you usually want to hear is that they’ve been around for quite a while, which means they’ve managed to keep their business alive by delivering great … Other key benefits are special discounts, extended warranties, and guaranteed response times when you call for service. Questions to Ask A HVAC Contractor Watertown NY / 15 Dec 2019 / Susan Daniels / 0 Comment. HVAC contractors have to renew their licenses every year. Will you measure the home and follow Manual J guidelines for sizing new HVAC equipment? Ready to get your new HVAC unit set up as soon as possible? With carbon monoxide, toxic refrigerants, electricity, and natural gas, you want to make sure you hire the right HVAC company. That’s why you should have your new HVAC system set up as soon as possible. Do They Have Any References? An HVAC contractor should be straightforward when it comes to inclusions and exclusions. While the equipment certainly matters, it’s much more important that you hire a licensed, certified professional to conduct the work. All Texas heating and AC installation contractors should have commercial general liability insurance. We're here to help. Contact Us. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program, Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air: Guide to Troubleshooting Common Furnace Issues. Use Modernize to connect with local contractors for free. Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Potential HVAC Contractor 1. ... It’s not uncommon for HVAC contractors to ask for a … There are plenty of companies out there vying for your business, of course, … This is why you should ask the HVAC contractor who will perform the installation. They should also inform you about any warranty or guarantee exclusions. It is absolutely essential that the HVAC contractor provides an estimate in writing. If you’re worried about making a choice between HVAC companies, start by asking lots of questions, including these: How long has your company been in business? Use these HVAC bid tips to get a properly installed and maintained HVAC system that meets its rated efficiency and comfort levels. The regulatory board assigned to this is the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program. We have implemented increased hygiene routines, including hand washing and sanitizing before and after each client visit. A person found working without the proper license can receive disciplinary action. What’s important is to ask a contractor to provide you the details of their policy. Related Reading for Hiring a Contractor Choosing Your Contractor; 8 Requirements For Your HVAC Contractors Read More. With this vast number, it’s hard to find a reputable HVAC contractor that can provide you with an honest quote and skillful services. If not, will you provide me with information on any warranty or rebate programs for which I am eligible? Extreme temperatures in Texas, while not that common, can still be life-threatening. – It’s an ongoing battle among families about how cold or warm it needs to be during the summer and winter seasons. Do you require a maintenance plan for routine service? It is important for you to feel confident when our technicians are arriving at your home. Will you provide proof of licensing and insurance to repair and replace heating and cooling equipment? Are all the work details listed along with where the equipment is going to be installed? Before you get started with your project, it can put you at ease to know that the people doing the work have been in business for a while. button in the bottom-right. Not only does this provide you with a substantial amount of information about the contractor you are about to hire, but it also lets you assess their quality of work. Your HVAC contractor will be able to show you where the filter is located, how to remove it, what you should be looking for when checking how clean or dirty it is and how to properly replace it. This way, you’ll know exactly where your money will go and what the contractor will use it for. You should not, under any circumstances, work with an HVAC contractor that isn’t... 3. 10 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor - Regardless of whether or not you are looking to have your HVAC system repaired, replaced, or completely refurbished makes no difference – you still need to know that you are working with only the very best HVAC contractor for your specific needs, which will inevitably involve asking your HVAC contractor a whole host of very important questions.. Thankfully though, we … I started to think of questions you should ask your HVAC contractor. Most HVAC contractors require an annual … 2. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties for purchase, and your contractor can help you out if you wish to extend the warranty term. Will My Ductwork Get Inspected? Read More. They should tell you right away if they will replace all existing HVAC parts. What to know about an HVAC contractor. Kevin Comerford, CEO If the leaders have been practicing their craft for a long time, they may be more qualified than a contractor who has only recently opened. If an HVAC contractor just started working on HVAC systems last week,... 2. Texas regulates all jobs involving the installation, repair, and maintenance of HVAC systems. We service, repair, and install air conditioners and furnaces with our amazing team of technicians. Learning about an HVAC contractor’s experience and credentials will lend insight into their skills. That’s why if your heater or AC is completely broken, you shouldn’t delay getting it replaced. Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning, A message about COVID-19. Accessibility | Privacy Policy.License #TACLA2990C. Is the payment schedule confirmed and in writing? We're the full-service company that can help you with water heaters, home insulation, indoor air-quality, ductwork, heat pumps, thermostats and more. How will I benefit from professional HVAC maintenance? If so, then know that we can help! Will you evaluate the HVAC system’s air balance by measuring the supply and return ducts? A good HVAC contractor knows that it is very important to learn and ask about the shortcomings of your existing system. Failure to resolve the issue may necessitate duct cleaning and other additional expenses. Ask the contractor what they guarantee on installation and on the unit. All Rights Reserved. There are, after all, many educational and certification requirements prior to getting licensed. Homeowners who need furnace repair, maintenance, or installation of a brand-new heating system love that we stand behind our work on EVERY job. Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring An HVAC Contractor . Your legal options are more limited if something goes wrong. Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor (& Answers You Should Receive) When getting ready to hire any kind of contractor, you should ask a number of questions to make sure the contractor you are considering is a good fit for the job. Choosing a contractor that specializes in a diverse range of HVAC services is particularly ideal because the company can help you achieve maximum indoor comfort and energy savings. As such, experienced HVAC contractors are likely to carry — and recommend — Lennox units. Will you provide me with clear communication about your HVAC system, how to operate it properly, and tips for making sure the system is operating at its best? How Long Have You Been an HVAC Contractor? It is also smart to find out if a service contract is included or available to save money on future maintenance or repairs. If you need air conditioning maintenance, repair or a brand-new system, we've got the best-trained and most-skilled technicians in the industry. That said, choose an HVAC contractor who can commit to a service schedule ASAP. Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm | Available Saturdays by Request. Will you replace or repair any damaged components onsite. Ask if the workers, like the contractor, are also certified and insured. There is nothing worse than being quoted a price for a job and then finding that it costs much more once it has been completed. What Do You Think is Wrong With My Current HVAC System? Learn more about. As mentioned above, temperature extremes in Texas can be deadly. Improperly installed systems can lead to reduced performance, comfort problems, insufficient dehumidification, poor airflow, and indoor air quality problems. Buying and installing a new central air system is a major investment, so its imperative you pick the right professional for the job. Hiring Your HVAC Contractor. Annual tune-ups for both your air conditioning and heating systems are included. Whether you choose us or go with someone else, there are a few important questions you should ask any potential heating or cooling specialist: How long have you been in business? In this situation, knowing the right questions to ask can help you make an informed decision about the contractor’s prowess. Tell him about it and ask what solutions they can suggest. Don’t skip any of these HVAC questions when interviewing your prospects. If you are planning to have a new HVAC installed, one of the most important questions to ask an HVAC contractor is whether the quote includes the cost of replacing all old components such as pipes, fittings, dampers, connectors, valves, and updating safety switches that connect to the equipment to match the specification of the new system. Ask about our Virtual Estimates. It’s only after this can they provide you with some insight on what’s wrong with your unit. If you’re looking into hiring a contractor, here are a list of questions that you […] However, before making a decision, hold a face-to-face conversation with your prospective hiring choice and ask the following questions to gauge their expertise. Hiring a skilled HVAC contractor is the key to ensuring a foolproof system installation, performance, and longevity. After work is completed, will you leave all the owner’s manuals, documentation of installation procedures, AHRI certificate, and any records of measurements and testing? If you are replacing an HVAC system, we will perform a full load calculation and present you with replacement options before any work begins. Serving Maryville, Knoxville, and surrounding areas. You can also get a lawyer or someone else to look over the agreement with you. Read it carefully before signing and consider asking the following questions: When you receive a written proposal, make sure you read the entire thing! Just as important, however, is to ask the right HVAC questions when picking a contractor. All these will help you figure out which contractor to expect to excellent service from. Ask your contractor direct questions about who will be responsible for opening and locking up, who will supervise subcontractors on site and who to call on a daily basis with any questions. Your contractor can tell you exactly what temperature you need to set during these seasons. It can be easy to be swayed by HVAC companies rock bottom prices advertised online, but it’s important to remember that these prices often come with a laundry list of caveats. What Questions Should I Ask My HVAC Contractor About Maintenance? It’s the extent of cooling produced by the AC divided by the number of watts it uses. According to Energy Star (sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy), “more than half of all new systems in U.S. homes do not perform to their rated efficiency as a result of improper installation.”. Will you specify the makes and models of the equipment, including model numbers, names, quantity, manufacturer warranties, documentation, and energy ratings… Clients give our technicians rave reviews for quality work and friendly attitudes. Design Architecture. Coronavirus Update: We are open. Do you want someone working on your HVAC system that has no formal training in heating and air conditioning? If you’re replacing or installing a furnace and clean air is a priority, there are two key questions to ask your furnace contractor that can accomplish your clean-air goals and head off costly HVAC repairs. Northern California homeowners LOVE Service Champions because we get the job done right the first time. All Rights Reserved. Vet Potential Contractors Vetting your prospects could mean the difference between a successful project and some major mistakes. Manual vs Programmable vs Smart Thermostats | Which Is Best for You? If you have any questions please don't hesitate to give us a call. Skip navigation 865-982-5133. Can you provide me with a copy of your license & insurance certificates? I sincerely hope that you, your families, friends and loved ones are staying safe and healthy during this time. However, some Lennox units have a rating of up to 26 SEER! Unfortunately, almost half of all HVAC systems in the US are incorrectly installed. Moreover, an estimated 60% of central air conditioners are improperly charged during installation. Will you provide your estimate in … Hiring the Right HVAC Contractor Questions to ask - continued. Make sure to also pay attention to the person’s voice when you speak to them over the phone. If the dust particles build up, they may get into the duct system and spread throughout your home. That said, Lennox HVAC systems have some of the highest SEER ratings in the market. You should also call the insurance company to confirm the validity of the coverage. From Woodstock to Canton hiring an HVAC specialist is easier than ever. Don’t need a new furnace? No matter what the manufacturer promises in terms of comfort and efficiency, it won’t matter if the unit wasn’t installed properly to begin with. SEER rates measure an air conditioner’s cooling capacity to its power input. When they have insurance, that will protect you and your personal possessions, if something were to happen during their job. Most importantly, you’ll know right away when exactly you can get your new HVAC unit up and running. If you’re unsure about anything related to HVAC bids, load calculations, or anything else related to replacing, repairing, or installing HVAC equipment, don’t hesitate to contact Service Champions. This stands for the unit’s “seasonal energy efficiency ratio”. Will you outline all paperwork and permits that are required for the project? This ensures that your technician has been properly trained to complete the installation. Will you inspect the whole HVAC system, including electrical components and ductwork? The most common heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) problems that homeowners face include uneven temperature, leaking ducts, water damage, and continuous running … Will you clean the indoor and outdoor components during regular maintenance? Not all do, so be sure to ask each of your prospects and also inquire about other brands they carry and maintain. Service Champions is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our clients and team members. They will come to your home for a comprehensive assessment of your heating and cooling needs. Use the "Click here to chat now!" You also want to confirm that the license is still valid, as a Texas contractor’s license is only good for one year. WSB HVAC (425) 844-2061. Does it include start and completion dates, contractor’s insurance policy, and license number(s)? Licensure isn’t just the law though — it’s an important proof of an HVAC contractor’s competence. What is the ideal thermostat temperature during winter and summer? Remember, just because someone offers the lowest price, doesn’t mean you are getting the best deal. After reading this excerpt many would determine that the broker is liable for the workers compensation. Ask about reducing dust. Service Champions offers more services than the typical air conditioning & heating company in Northern California. Here are five questions to ask your HVAC contractor during your next maintenance appointment. Fill out the contact form on the side of this page or give us a call today to set up an appointment for an evaluation by one of our NATE-certified technicians. Ask trusted sources (friends, family, and neighbors) for a referral. When deciding which AC brand to get, a helpful feature to look for is the SEER rating. Request a Quote. However, the type of license they have dictates how much coverage they should have. This is a crucial step in getting an appropriately-sized HVAC unit. Additionally, you might ask a follow-up question: “How long have you been in business?” This will allow you to gauge the expertise and longevity of experience your contractor is bringing to the table. Don’t worry though, as reputable contractors employ only trained and certified technicians. Then make sure you hire the right contractor by asking them these crucial questions! How do I change my air filter, and how often should I change it? – Let’s face it, DIY maintenance isn’t for … The higher a unit’s SEER is, the greater its efficiency. When contractors are bidding for your business, it’s important to know what to look for. Every reputable HVAC company is required to carry a minimum insurance and technicians are required to be licensed by the state. However if the subcontractor is not licensed and the broker is not a licensed general contractor in the state (question ) where the injury occurred then you, the hirer becomes the employer of the unlicensed Service Champions is the Northern California heating company with the best technicians and a 100% money back guarantee. Every Service Champions team member in your home will be equipped with the following: We will remain open full-time to service and maintain our clients heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality needs 7 days a week. You want them to be insured not only for their safety but for your safety as well. We care about your health and continue to service our customers safely. Asking these questions upfront will ensure that you hire the best person for the job. We will be closely following the guidelines issued by the CDC: The most important thing is to ensure that all these details will be in writing. Service Champions is Northern California's best heating & air-conditioning company. Service Hours: Will you test the air ducts to make sure leakage does not exceed recommended levels? Contact Service Champions for friendly Diamond Certified HVAC technicians in the East Bay and South Bay areas. Before any works get started, make sure you and the contractor sign a written proposal. 2. Most likely, if you’re seeking out an HVAC contractor, your home might have been on the block for a few years (or decades). Additionally, our technicians are avoiding typical contact with our clients, like shaking hands. Secondly, a well-maintained HVAC system … Are you licensed? Will you specify the makes and models of the equipment, including model numbers, names, quantity, manufacturer warranties, documentation, and energy ratings? Confirm that the provider is state-authorized to provide liability insurance. Does it include start and completion dates, contractor’s insurance policy, and license number(s)? An experienced technician will help to remove dirt and debris that may accumulate within the equipment. Will you leave behind all upfront pricing, bids, documentation, sizing calculations, certifications, and necessary records in writing? The following are four questions to consider asking HVAC contractors that may be right for the HVAC inspection, maintenance and servicing needs of a client. Quality HVAC contractors will also offer a warranty for their labor, so be sure to ask what is covered by their warranty and how long the warranty term lasts. The key to learning useful information from and about the HVAC contractor being considered is to ask the right questions. Read it carefully before signing and consider asking the following questions: 1. Are You Fully Licensed and Insured? This is one of the most important questions you can ask any HVAC contractors. Home > Design Architecture > Questions to Ask A HVAC Contractor Watertown NY. Will you provide proof of HVAC certification and referrals that span several years? Instead of choosing a heating contractor based bargain prices, take some time to make a phone call and ask a few questions. This is essentially one of the most important questions you can ask any HVAC contractor. Contact your local Better Business Bureau or builder association. For instance, a reliable contractor will first ask you for details about your HVAC issues. They also need to prove that they worked on HVAC systems for at least 24 months before applying for a license. Service Champions is the Northern California air conditioning company for homeowners who want industry leading technicians and a 100% money-back guarantee. Also, most homeowner insurance policies will not cover damage from work done by un-licensed professionals.

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