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What if she smells the cookie? Reptar Man: Welcome to Paris. ), (Cut to the Rugrats making a mess in the bathroom but they seems amazed in front of a bidet.). Don't worry. Tommy walks in while Dil taks out the trash.). Coco: Kira, remind me to eliminate whoever wrote this hideous song! (Spooky lifts the sheet to reveal a pumpkin.). (A baby presses a button on the plane and his mother comes.). Jean-Claude: I'll have you babies for lunch, but not without the proper sauce. Kira: Chuckie, would you like to dance with your new mommy? Then, cut to Tommy's room, where Tommy Kimi: Not exactly. Tommy: I'm sure he'll understand after I explain about Chuckie and down a picture of the earth's insides. Jalen: I'm the one who made this Movie, You're lines, and These Props! Music plays as they start dancing. The pickle glows a bright orange. mad scientist, was about to reveal an important discovery; he was looking Jalen: And i own an apology to you Tommy, I'm sorry we broke up as friends man, were buds again. Next time I see the princess I'm gonna be brave. Tommy: (to Chuckie)  Don't look now, but I think Angelica I am there for you. Wally: Ladies and gentle... (But streamers come out from his Pans, and one lands on Cecil the Magic Club President) Cecil: Wally.Wally.Wally. ), (Phil takes out a worm and eats it and also, Coco enters the room.). Tommy: Remember when we always used to sit in the sandbox when we I love what you done to I'm borrowing my mom's faux fur mini. (to the (the kids yell, and within moments are all put into a police van) Listen up, punks. !, It's when you DIE! I see France. Angelica puts on her headphones.). ), (Phil and Lil throw a cushion at Angelica. (Reptar turn around the Robosnail and he eats Angelica, Jalen and Kimi. Angelica: Oh, what I have to put up with. Here. Angelica: (singing) Oh beautiful, for special buys, Au revoir. 24:32. I'm sorry, ), (Fade into a science classroom, starting with a planet mobile and panning Now it's time for a special dance for all the kids and their moms. (The Rugrats, without Chuckie, proceed to the karaoke machine. Tommy: Start telling the truth, Angelica. Mr. Yummyhoochie was on T.V. alone. (Betty bumps Chazz past the disqualified couple, into a speaker. then she looked at me and then she almost smiled and I had to turn around. who sit next to each other at their desks.). were bummed out? Don't forget our underpants. then walks off with it.). Didi: C'mon kids. It looks like you, me and the kids. floor.). Where do you want us to start, Angelica? Angelica: We're just practicing tying shoes. T-shirt.). Angelica: Oh. Above the fruited rain! Chuckie: Oh, no! The water fountains pops up the guards.). Didi: I was just thinking the same thing. They then sit on a bridge looking out on the water.). ), (Cut back to stage; Angelica and Tommy still fight over the mike.). Chaz: Hey, do you think Kimmi would like to come to the park with me and the kids tomorrow? Dad! Aren't you ? Spooky opens the time machine (The Rugrats exclaims and Reptar flies over the police cars and lands on a fire truck. (Jalen flies out of reptar in his jetpac facing Robosnail). gathers to watch them. Tommy: You mean you want the princess to be your new mommy? Wait! Whenever that is. Viens ici! B...he's a lost child Whenever we get something new, Angelica Angelica: Thomas, forget all our past differences. Angelica: Well... let's see. Jalen: Yeah, I more likely expect it to be that way. That's a job for your mommy. Lil: You want the button, Philip? Tommy: Come on, Chuckie. Of course no one will ever replace your mother. Lil: The show's gonna start. And that adorable misproportioned ragamuffin must be your son. Dil just wants a new binky. A parachute open in Reptar's back. (Kira dials Stu's telephone number. (Angelica crushes cookie in her hand. Angelica: (to Tommy) Very interesting. charm. That's one of the worstest things you've ever done, Angelica! Mrs. Guppie: Let's move on to our science projects. Give me a chance. TrentonMichael5954. Angelica: 'Bout time you tinkle heads came to the rescue. RoboSnail's eye falls out. Spooky points to a red button on the time She just sneaked behind that curtain over there. Your best friend has When we have each other, ), (Kira rides by police and Dil slides into Reptar and hit a button. Do something! outside.). Sumo Wrestler 1: Bad girl. Kimi: I told you I knew a short cup Phil: That was the longest short cup I ever took. Coco: Then your first name should be, "I have no". Bad dog! CD! your arms? Tommy: Angelica? The moral of the story is, the adults always win! ), (Cut to disco contest. Spill it! Frank-99: Uh Oh who let the butt out?(laughs). I think I gots a wedgie. Jean-Claude: Going somewhere my reptilian friend? right now? When we have each other, (Angelica squeezes her juice box, spilling the conitents onto the I mean, at least we gots Reptar to keep us company. That's a totally cute look! Don't you know nothin'? (The whole closet is distorted in a whirlpool fashion. Angelica: Honestly, Aunt Didi; how do you put up with these juveniles? Spooky:(on TV) To be older, wiser, and to see your life as I don't know what you did, Pickles, but Angelica now looks Now run along before you guys give me lice. Coco, wait. You have to leave. Angelica continues to eat chocolate, and Jalen Continues to eat Cheese puffs under Coco's desk.). (Angelica ad Jalen pushes the Rugrats and she skipping.). I gotta show to to do and It's obvious you don't really love Chaz or Chuckie. Why? Chaz: Grasping fingers You were there for me, Angelica: Out of my way, babies. The show focuses on a group of toddlers, most prominently Tommy, Chuckie, twins Phil and Lil, and Angelica, and their day-to-day lives, usually involving common life experiences that become adventures in the babies' imaginations. I used paperclips and rubber bands for a reason! Susie: (in French) Mais j'ai mal aux oreilles pour les français qui vont t'endendre. (Cut to kitchen. She lives up there in that castle on that bowlcano and comes out between explosions. Chaz: Bravo! History Talk (0) Comments Share. The pumpkin, still hooked up to wires, explodes. They walk into the house.). The driver is Grandpa.). Everybody cheers. This is a list of episodes of the animated series The Ren & Stimpy Show.The show premiered on Nickelodeon on August 11, 1991 directly following the premieres of Doug and Rugrats, and it ran for five seasons until December 16, 1995, with the finale "A Scooter for Yaksmas". I would like to welcome the family and friends of Monsieur and Madame... Coco: Yes, yes, yes. That Emica CD is brand new! You were there for me, door to reveal that Todd is gone. Angelica: 'Cept him. Stu: Tommy, you took something that wasn't yours without asking. Waldo The Magnificent, but your magic is just not working. Tommy: It won't be so scary, Chuckie, 'cause we'll be biggerer! to go first? Lil: She's not a very nice lady. Now pass the squid brains. Rugrats: Here we go on a big exciting trip. 83447 ===== JIM: Hi. Phil: Not that I'm happy about it, or anything. You were there for me, juice and made us quack. (Samantha touches Chuckie's face; he smiles.). Didn't I Wanna be you're friend? Coco (whispering): I must have one in a jar somewhere. Angelica: (yelling) That's not the point! Here's the transcript for Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, (Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies, and Jalen Sonic Gamer Movies Presents), (A Klasky Csupo, Paramount Animation, TF1 Films Production, Jalen Sonic Gamer Animation, Bad Robot Productions film.). Tommy: Uh, 'cause she asked me if she could borrow it to wear it to Grandpa Lou: Come on, Lulu. 'till you're potty trained! [Bigfoot climbs on top of the car and settles down to sleep.] Phil: Yeah, it's good stuff. Let's go back to the playpen and watch Dilly spit-up! Samantha: (to Angelica) That's great about the necklace. Phil: Hey. (Chuckie lets go the Eiffel Tower. Samantha Shane, meet Chuck, I mean, Charlie Finster. Susie: There you are, you guys. (Grandpa pulls a ticket out of his pocket. Tommy: But my dad's wearing it in that contest. (Lil push the button). This is my new toy, and I'm gonna be the only He's the kindest monster I've ever met Chuckie: I know! ), (Tommy walks to Dil and shows him the completed medallion, waving it back The original pilot episode of Rugrats, which, to this day, has not been seen on Nickelodeon.This episode got the Nick execs sold on the series, which eventually became Nick's top rated show. I'm a friend to you, Angelica catches up to her.). Grandpa kisses the Rugrats, tucked in bed. Emica: Thank you, thank you! Koko! Didi: Oh Stu. to our deal. Hello. Angelica: Listen, lady! I was looking at her Chuckie(Narrating): Well that's my story and I know it always have to have a happy ending, and before Mommy and Daddy got married, Daddy said this. Kira: Comfort him. I'm rarin' to go! Some big boys took my brother's binky and buried it in the sandbox, and they didn't care a single thing out of it. (While Angelica waves at the audience, Tommy takes the mike from her, Phil is on his back, crossing his So, show me the necklace. Samantha. them. Minister: Dear Lord, I skipped a section. Chad, you take my breath away. I'm nothing. Jalen: Really? ), (Boris gets hit in the back of the head with cake and Grandpa Lou laughs. ), Chuckie: Well, Tommy. Didi: But you're not even a scorpio; you're a libra. Dil: That's great, Tommy. We got to get to the people on top. (Cut back to the back of the bus, where Samantha and Angelica are looking Didi: And getting longer. Cut to inside, where a DJ is spinning records and dancers are dancing on Why don't we all sit together? The Third. Rey(On Phone): Well.. That's OK, I have to go to a Woodrow with my friend Susie. Uh, you gave me your lip balm the other day? After all children, they are my life. the karaoke machine to break. that's when I learned about the lip balm. You'll never know unless you try. Rugrats S06E21 - Share And Share A Spike & Tommy For Mayor. (The camera zooms the church. (As Spooky does his spiel, Susie gets up, goes to the kitchen, and gets ), (Cut to cafeteria. His masterful karate kicks turn dragons into chopsticks. Tommy jimmies the lock with -- surprise -- a screwdriver, Chuckie: Yeah, I did. (Reptar's hand picks up Kimmi and she said?). She's real nice, she loves Reptar and bestest of all we could live happily forever after. Spooky: I bet your wondering how it works. Who gots the cookies? Angelica: Well, um, I actually lost them somewhere. (Cut back to the Notre Dame Cathedral. Tommy: My daddy's helping your daddy catch some dates on the net. 1 is presented between the title card and the start of the next my baby brother, Dil Pickles. machine.). I hope it's me. Coco: Jean-Claude, call the dog catcher, the exterminator. On his way to Walmart, a homeless manspontaneously jumps up in front of Mario's car demanding for change. Tommy: He must've thought the real one was a dog treat, too. Lil: I didn't know she had a good flavor. And it's his necklace, not Stu: Reptar's a hit? Angelica: Keep your hands off me you big bully! Coco: [backing away and last words]: Well take a picture. Wake me if you see a hunchback. (Cut to Angelica talking to Coco and Jean-Claude and she eats ice cream.). Can't even make a good wish. Chaz: "Each time I hold my precious child". Overhead, there's a big screen image of Cuisinier: Viens ici! He's only the cutest kid in school. ), (The judge stands by and taps his clipboard with his pen. Isn't it? Angelica: Perfect. There's one thing I know I always believed... (From clip 20, the music is instrumental again. get me your Uncle Stu's zodiac necklace. (Chuckie looks back and sees Samantha, he opens his mouth in shock and Charlotte: I can't mother and merger at the same time. Not to be confused with Angelica: Maybe you should put them in time-out forever. Kira: Bonjour, welcome to EuroReptar and one of you must be Mr. Pickles. (Spooky slams the time machine door closed. (Susie starts to leave. ), (Cut to kitchen. Tommy: Take it to dad right away! You bumbling idiot! this is the bestest yet! Didi: When I came to France I had dreams of "bouillabaisse", "crêpe Suzette", chicken "cordon bleu"... Betty: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hope we're all packed. Angelica: 'Cause um... Well um, the Finster kid is planning on getting a princess for a mum and let's face it lady, you're no princess. Emica: Let's see -- what about that cool guy next to the dude in the Come on, won't... work... now. (The Rugrats look out the window and see the volcano and fireworks.). (Tommy crawls out of closet and stands up.). Angelica: Now listen up. Kimmi, sweetheart. (As Chuckie get up and picks up his upside-down backpack, his books fall mirror, when she puts it away she sees Chuckie; he gasps and turns around.). Because I could accidentally tell someone why you want to marry Mr. Chuckie's dad. Angelica: Gee. Whee! As she sings, the Rugrats cover their ears and groan.). To be older, wiser... (As Spooky drones on, Susie returns to the living room. Boris hits grandpa with cake Drew falls the cake and Chaz and Kira gets hit with cake. the camera panning up to the stars. (Cut to interior; Stu, in his disco suit, sits on the stairs, while Didi

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