skype for business can t connect to exchange iphone

Can't connect to Exchange Please try later - Android and iPhone. Cannot connect to Exchange Web Services to retrieve Calendar and Out of Office Information. If you see a "Sorry we couldn't connect to Skype", "Skype can't connect" or "Unable to receive notifications" message when you try to use Skype, the most likely cause is a poor internet connection, or no internet connection. Skype Enterprise cannot connect to Exchange.You may have problems with your contact list and conversations. TTY. This process may take a few minutes. Hello, In June, I could use my Skype for Business account on my iPhone to make calls via my work phone number. attached is screen shot. With reading, looks to be a DNS issue that the Auto-discovery is not working correctly. A TTY device must be connected to the iPhone to interpret the modified audio. To fix this issue, try the following: Make sure your mobile device is not offline. Now, I get an error message "Can't Lync/Skype for Business client can't connect with Exchange in Office 365 dedicated/ITAR. Please try again". Instead, they rely on DNS records. Translated from French: Skype Enterprise and Exchange are not connected for the moment. You need Exchange credentials to show meetings and voice mail. For example, if i download the skype for business App on my iPhone and sign on, very often it will display the message "We can't connect to Exchange. They base this action on the user’s domain suffix of the WindowsEmailAddress or Mail attribute in Active Directory. For more information, see Troubleshooting Skype for Business Online DNS configuration issues in Office 365. To change your picture in Skype for Business for iOS, sign in to Skype for Business on your computer. Why is this happening? It happens on Wi-Fi and 4G and on different devices on different networks. Verify connectivity to other websites and services over both kinds of connections. You may have problems with your contact list and conversations. Content provided by Microsoft. Change your picture. I just get the message "We can't sign you in. When Skype for Business can't use a Wi-Fi or cellular data network to make an audio or video call, you'll be automatically called at this number and connected to the audio portion of the call. Switch between Wi-Fi and carrier data to try to isolate the issue. Text telephone (TTY) mode is used to send text over a telephone line. App: Skype for Business (latest version downloaded from AppStore) Issue: Skype for Business keeps on saying "can't connect to Exchange. Actually everything is working pretty fine, except the Skype integration in Owa. Note: Skype for Bussines Mobile is not compatible with any earlier Lync Server versions (i.e., if your account is hosted on Exchange 2007/2010, Skype for business mobile will not connect). It would disappear after a few seconds, but happens way to often. The Lync/Skype for Business clients don't use Service Connection Point (SCP) to determine the autodiscover URL. while Lync2010 works well and can well connect to Exchange. Device: iPhone 5s. Lync is in the process of determining the location of Exchange Web Services. Tap Next and review the notification and phonebook access settings: After some days i finally got my Skype For Business 2015 infrastructure mostly working - login via Desktop Client is working from inside and outside network, calling and sending files works fine but i'm still not able to connect from any mobile phone (neither from inside or outside network). She's had this issue for months and months and Microsoft can't seem to find an answer the last ticket I opened was closed " do to high call volume". or. Please try again later."

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