why are you interested in programming

Opportunities for invention and innovation. Hundreds and thousands of programming languages are used today, all based on the fundamentals of BASIC, and are expected to expand in both their diverse functionalities and in the number of languages available. BASIC programming was originally designed as a programming language used to teach people how to program, which makes it the perfect starting point for your computer science education. Ask yourself the following questions: **Why are you interested in programming? If you are currently working as an independent contractor, you will be able to maintain your flexible schedule with more time for your personal interests. I recently attended SXSWedu, which featured a wide variety of sessions and providers focused on programming, coding, and computing.It got me thinking about what we can do to spark an interest in programming for our students. During an interview for an entry-level job or an internship position, you might be asked to explain why you chose your college major. Though it can be less efficient than low-level languages, BASIC programming emphasizes symbols, which is very useful for beginners. By entering a coding or programming course, you will be introduced to different cultures and even finish university with an international network of contacts. Whether you are applying to a fine arts program, a physics program, or a business management program, talk about specific opportunities that excite you most and why. You not only have to organize, coordinate and delegate, but also motivate – you are even the number one contact person when problems arise. At King University, we offer a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and give you the chance to specialize your degree by adding a concentration in programming. A semester or a year abroad will provide you with unique insight into how technology is used around the world, a chance to be exposed to differing cultures and to learn new languages. Even former President Obama has issued a video urging young people to take up programming, as “learning these skills isn’t just important for your future, it’s important for our country’s future”. A bachelor’s degree in information technology is a valuable credential if you are interested in management or administrative roles within the IT department of businesses. There is no right or wrong response to this question. As a child, I had an affinity toward puzzles of all varieties, and i taught myself to read Chinese by following Chinese subtitles with Chinese movie dialogue. (via the Common App) Learning how this technology works will prepare children for a quickly advancing world in which computers and smartphones are utilized for almost every function of our daily lives. How NOT to answer this question. If you have applied to more than one, please also tell us why you are interested in these additional areas of study or campuses. An interviewer asks, "Why are you interested in our company (this position)?" Learn more about our program and get started today. And, as a highly demanded specialization, there is ongoing need for coders and programmers across almost every industry and a huge variety of business applications. One of the reason that I am interested in programming is that its so relevant and present in our everyday life. Like any language (spoken or written), it is easier to learn earlier in life. Remember to answer each interview question behaviorally, whether it is a behavioral question or not. That said, it is easy to make missteps when answering this type of question. Even elementary schools use technology in the classroom for testing and other activities. How to Answer the Interview Question “Why Did You Choose Nursing as a Career?” Because there are so many factors that go into choosing a career, you can answer this question in a variety of ways. Basic knowledge of coding and other computer skills are becoming a necessity, and there are so many different options for teaching students these topics. Why are you in software is a very valid question for several reasons. A bachelor’s degree in information technology is a valuable credential if you are interested in management or administrative roles within the IT department of businesses. And, the best inventions are born where skill and creativity meet. One of the things that most fascinates me is the impact that a simple program/ application has in optimizing performance in different industries. Whether you plan to become an expert or are simply interested to learn a new language, learning BASIC might be the start of your next career boost! And the job market for programmers is growing every year. Knowing your major is a great way to show that you are interested in the program. 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Programming. Your application impressed the hiring manager, and you’re officially scheduled to interview for the internship of your dreams.. Now it’s prep time. You may find that the person values creative thinking used to solve complex issues, or you may discover that the interviewee prefers getting lost in repetitive lines of code. Recent graduates in the computer science field earn, on average, pretty significant starting salaries. I am interested in programming because I believe I will be a successful programmer. “Why are you interested in this position?” is another one of those introductory interview questions, meant to set the mood and ease you into the interview. Before you are ready to answer the “Why do you want to be a leader” interview question, really think about it. With more than 4 billion users on the internet, the application of computer coding is more important than ever. This can be an opportunity for advancement, a chance to continue building your skills in a certain area (like sales, project management, cancer research, Java programming, etc. The demand for computer programming knowledge is growing. Especially if you are interested in fields like information technology (IT), learning to program is a great way to stand out from the competition and get the job you want. With more than 4 billion users on the internet, the … Here are examples of summer programs for high school students: We want to understand — Why NYU?" Many programmers choose to work with individuals on a project-by-project basis in order to earn extra cash during their free time. ** The thing that amazes me about programming is how easily manipulated machines are and the power of one line of code. Mention only the right reasons: When you’re fighting the interview battle for a job, the reasons can … Graduates from programming or computer science courses secure rewarding and unique career opportunities in various fields, like environment, medicine, gaming, business operations and finance. Throughout the course of the program, you’ll also create a portfolio to show future employers what you know. Here are some more reasons why you should learn programming as part of your online education. But that also makes it extremely important. to gauge your preferences. A competitive advantage: Because programming and coding are both becoming a critical part of operations for all types of businesses, you’re more likely to get hired if you have these skills. Like many of the most common interview questions, a question about why you are interested in the college seems like a no-brainer. These deduction skills will help you in all areas of your life, like making decisions and solving complex problems. Are you really ready for a leadership position? However, you should be sure to give a well-rounded answer, and try to connect your major to the job for which you're applying. The behavioral interview consisted of your standard questions like why are you interested, give a time when...., etc. The online IT degree prepares you for a variety of technical career paths that require business skills as well as superior computer skills. Congratulations! What motivated you to apply to NYU? Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, try expanding into Visual Basic programming (developed by Microsoft), one of the most widely used programming systems in the history of computer software. You owe it to yourself as well as the school to know why attending their particular institution is in your best interests. If you are someone who enjoys coding and wants to further your education in computer science, you might be interested in University of the People. Programming is an international language, with various computer codes being implemented around the world in relation to a variety of applications and companies. You could try your state PA association and ask if they would pass on your email address to a graduate of a particular program. Are you passionate about computer science but can’t seem to decide on a specialty? ", "By studying at UoPeople, I have more control over my schedule. A Certificate IV in Programming from Open Colleges will teach you how to build and test sites, apps and a seamless user experience. Find out more about who we are and what you'll accomplish at King University Online. One open-ended question you can expect is “Why are you interested in this position?” If you are young, you have time to explorer, and you can always come back to programming. It was developed in 1963 as a teaching language at Dartmouth by John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz and has since been widely imitated and altered. Some might say this is a case of the apple that did not fall far from the tree, but I refused this truth. "My degree has already helped me in getting a great job at IBM. Your response can set the tone for the entire interview, so you need to have a plan of action. Naturally, programs are looking for residents who will fit well with their program culture – and who are really interested in being part of THAT program, not just any program that will take them. After all, who is better than the young generations of the world to imagine the future of our technology? Reason #1 – Professional Fit Your first reason should always show fit in terms of professional skills. Here is how you should structure your answer to the interview question, "Why are you interested in this job?" Discover more about your support team and subject of study. She is being very honest here. ", "In the age of information technology and innovation, University of the People is showing us the way". ), a chance to get involved in a new area (like moving from individual contributor to manager), or any number of other things. Even if you are not planning a career in computer science, you can gain a lot from the knowledge of this easy to learn programming language! And, the computer science field attracts some of the most talented minds around the world. Fill out the form to learn more about earning your degree at King. They want to get past superficial reasons like pay, benefits and location. But … Knowledge of computer languages enhances mathematical and logical reasoning and can be learned surprisingly quickly. With software becoming so ingrained in the functionality of societies, knowledge of the codes and languages used to develop them is becoming more and more common. Any personal story for why you care about a topic or are fascinated by a topic will make a good answer for why you chose this job you’re interviewing for. Here are some ways to NOT answer the question: Coding develops structured and creative thinking. After all, if you are interviewing at a school, you have presumably done some research and know why you are interested in the place. Time Magazine has stated that knowing a computer programming language can be good for you, and that it is a shame more people don’t have this knowledge. Computational thinking is the ability to logically communicate your thoughts in a structured manner. Why have you applied or expressed interest in a particular campus, school, college, program, and or area of study? You can find residential programs, where you live in housing with other students, as well as classes you can commute to. Being tech-savvy is becoming an unspoken requirement for employers who are looking to hire well-rounded professionals. Interested in programming? Collaborative. You’ll learn real-world tech skills like IT plan development, technology research methods, policy consultation and more. What have you done to expose yourself to programming so far? My career goal is to become a … Computer languages teach us logical skills in thinking, processing, and communicating. Combined with creative visions, some of the most influential products were designed around a programming language. Then use the S-T-A-R approach to make the answer a STAR: talk about a Situation or Task (S-T), the Action you took (A) and the Results achieved (R). Study online, in your own time and get the qualification you need to launch your career. I excelled in math when I was in grade school. If you are considering a career in a tech-based field like IT, choosing an online degree program with a programming component is a good way to get started. One, it gives the recruiter a chance to get a feel for what sort of skill sets you have and what you would be suited to and two it shows you are dedicated/interested in the work you do and not just doing it for the sake of having any old job. The technical interview gauged your interest in the program and exposure to coding (though not a lot is required). Best answer is just honesty. If your interviewer asks why you’re interested in the job, it’s important that you actually sound interested. It doesn’t have to be a health-related example, either. Learning the fundamentals of BASIC programming can set you apart from your counterparts, giving you a competitive edge in a technology-driven world. But MIT or not, almost every doctoral program would ask you why you are interested in their program and how it fits into your career goal. In the UK alone, research shows that around 20,000 computer scientists working in the country come from overseas. Check for opportunities that interest you outside of your home country. Copyright © University of the People 2020, Giuseppe Zerilli, UK, Computer Science Graduate, Rie Sakurai, Business Administration, Japan, 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn BASIC Programming, Simone Biles, Olympic Champion, Business Administration, urging young people to take up programming, programming language used to teach people how to program, reducing the chances of getting into student debt, 20,000 computer scientists working in the country come from overseas, Final Exams: Understand Comprehensive vs Cumulative. For that reason, programmers are becoming an invaluable asset for companies around the world. Software engineers, computer programmers, and logistics specialists all use this method, combining advanced mathematics, algorithm development and logic. You may be interested in a career in computer science or programming, in which case a traditional two- or four-year degree in computer science might be most suitable. Though demand for tech-based jobs is higher than ever and on the rise, it still helps to stand out among other candidates for the same position. With degrees offered 100% online, students who are already working can maintain their flexible schedules. BASIC has dramatically influenced the computer science field, raising the need for coding knowledge in pretty much every area of our modern lives. BASIC is a high-level language which allows the programmer to access simpler, more consolidated data and actions, rather than presenting raw data directly from the source. That’s a trend we can expect to continue into the future, which means this is a valuable qualification for our kids to have as they grow up and go into the job market. One benefit of learning how to code at a young age is enhanced academic performance. Computer scientists are known as an internationally diverse group. Why are you interested in this program over the other program you did your observership at? By starting with BASIC, you can create a framework for yourself to learn additional languages like C, C++, and Java. A typical answer would be: I am interested in your PhD program because I want to do research in my area. I love to code because it is usable art. NACE (The National Association of Colleges and Employers) reported some of the highest starting salaries earned by graduates of bachelor degree programs: If you are an independent contractor, you can benefit from a flexible schedule and a comfortable work environment. ", "UoPeople opened an opportunity for me that didn’t otherwise exist. So if you don’t want to leave home, you can still take part in a summer program. Even if you are still learning basic programming, try to start getting some hands-on experience while you have the time and energy! Talk to a program advisor or mentor about your own career prospects. Keep up with the demands of the modern business world by earning an online IT degree from King University. With a long history in the field of computer science, BASIC (Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) programming has been used to simplify communication between the programer and the computer. As someone who recently wrapped up hiring the summer 2019 class of interns for the Oakland Museum of CA, I have plenty of tips to offer on this topic.. First, keep in mind that an internship is a two-way street. Just like architecture, which is an art used by people daily … Find another interest. The easiest way to do this is to use an example from your background and experience. Learn more about what you’ll need and the support you’ll receive when applying to King University Online. Compared to social science and humanities majors, for instance, computer science majors earn a 71% higher starting salary. It sounds like on some level you really do enjoy it, because you are contradicting yourself by saying you have lost interest and passion, yet you love programming and your CS degree. According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, “Programming teaches logic, higher-level math and learning concepts that make you smarter and more useful no matter what.” The same report connects learning to program with getting hired, citing one coding course that boasts 95 percent job placement within three months after completion. That might be obvious, but a surprising number of candidates, particularly for lower-level roles, end up sounding like they’re most interested in getting a job, as opposed to doing this job. And, the tuition-free model benefits students around the world, reducing the chances of getting into student debt later in life. Though, for those who are interested but unsure about making such an impactful career decision, try a beginner’s course or webinar to get a feel for the subject matter. When programmers are given a problem to solve, … Employers usually ask job applicants a variety of interview questions, many of which require more than a yes or no answer.These sorts of questions allow employers to assess your ability to answer honestly and quickly. Many people take beginner coding courses in BASIC programming because they are excited by computers, websites, or mobile applications and are drawn to the analytic thinking behind them. I am a natural problem-solver and logic-thinker. Whatever you choose, try to end your answer by showing you’re still interested in this career and the work that you do. Another myth is that programmers sit alone at their computers and code all day. This type of thought process trains problem solving skills that are replicated later in life, much like the memory of a computer. Knowledge of languages used by programmers can provide some very useful benefits, like refined analytic skills and clear, concise communication. She thought for a second, said she liked the city this program is in and after a pause, said she did not get an interview at the other program. Or go to the schools section of this forum and see if you can find graduates that way. Perhaps you can find a graduate of the program to interview, especially if you are in a reasonably large city now. And, BASIC is the perfect language to give you a jump-start to your programming education. Find out how King University Online offers a private school education and a public school price point. When preparing an answer, try to include the reasons the work interests you … In this post, we’ll focus on residency programs specifically, however, you’ll do well to take a similar approach to fellowship programs as well. The two professors who developed BASIC programming believed that computer literacy would be an essential skill in the upcoming years, and designed the language to be as accessible and understandable as possible. Learning about a person’s favorite programming project can tell you what the applicant enjoys about work.

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