barbados butter cake

KP Kwan, Hi Mr Kwan, YIELD: 1 Cake. Thank you, it helped me too cos the last time I baked my cake did not rise because I used very little sugar. Hi KP Kwan Durian, what is the ratio? Sweetness, just right. I guess it maybe because I am using a commercial high power mixer as in the video. You have to test all over again if you another oven. Hi Nic, God bless. thx for the step bystep recipe. It is 300g of egg only, the eggshells are not counted. I think it makes sense to switch on the fan to make the temperature more even in your oven, as I am concern that the top may not brown properly if you do not use the fan. Alternatively, dial up the temperature of the bottom heat by ten degrees. Cut the butter, bring it to room temperature or until very soft before start mixing with the sugar. You can sieve the all-purpose flour without adding cornstarch as the lubricant in most cases. Hope you will get a better result next time. You can use self-raising flour, or normal flour but add maximum up to 4g of baking powder for each 100g of normal cake flour. Store the cake in a plastic container or a cake box. Thank you! We loved the addition of maraschino cherries and wished we would have added more (we only added about 20 chopped cherries). Hope you can advice. Try to get the fine brown sugar as it works better. The result was not only disappointing but embarrassed to divulge to my guests with high expectations. Use the same temperature but reduce to 45 minutes of baking. KO Kwan, I tried this cake, it came out really well… Thanks for sharing , Hi Swinnie, They said no need to add anything. Thanks! 2ndly, if i mix using kitchen aid mixer should i use the highest speed because it seemed too fast.. Tq in advance, Hi Nur, 2. Hope to hear from you soon! (Hope I guess correctly). On the contrary, heat elements for the smaller oven are closer to the cake, and hence the variation of temperature at different parts of the oven can be quite significant. Place the cake on a cake board, put each cake in a plastic bag. You can get the ‘all purpose flour’ to make butter cake. I thought the whisk is only for whisking the egg white. Most of the salted butter contains about 1% of salt. Have a great party. I am always fascinated to know how recipes work and your descriptions are some of the best I’ve seen, Hi Bina, We learn from each other! Here is the link to the banana cake recipe. Separate the egg and make meringue will further raise the volume. The best way to keep butter cake is in the refrigerator if you want to keep it fresh. By the way, I’ve forgotten to mention that I’ve used 4 medium sized eggs and 3 small kampung eggs instead of 6 medium sized eggs. 1. I like to know why is the bottom dense? However, you will never know what will turn out if you do not try it. I reduce it because we just prefer it less rich, not due to the stability of the cake. Is 338 deg. I’ve tried your recipe over the weekend and I’m thrilled that my cake turned out alright except for a slight dome in the middle of the cake. It should return to room temperature in the morning and nearly as good as fresh. I have difficulties to remove it from the cake without damaging it. If you use the salted version, ignore the salt in the recipe. Said if you use 100g of salted butter, you are added 1g salt at the same time. The eggshells are not counted. Hi Mr Kwan […] you like this recipe, take a look at our butter cake recipe, green tea chiffon cake recipe, and Japanese cheesecake recipe. A/ Mix the butter/sugar/egg longer and scrape the sides of the mixing bowl. As there were no more visible lumps, I daren’t mix it anymore. But when I make just one cake with my small hand-held mixer, it still comes out excellent, and therefore I do to care much about it. Thank you so much for your comment. 2. Yum..Thx so much. I think it should be fine if you do not chop it very fine. i have tried a recipe which uses the method like yours and it turns out the cake is hard. KP Kwan. It is difficult for me to pinpoint the reason unless there are more details provided. Increase the sugar content. I’ve added this information at the bottom of the recipe. The sweetness and buttery flavour was just right. I would like to know, if i add finely chopped fruits like chempedak which would become mushy and have some liquid at the end of chopping, will it affect the texture of this cake? Hi KP, I notice very slight streakiness once I mixed the flour in. thanks for the recipe. Thank you so much to try my recipe, and it works! Dear Hacna, Hi, Instead of beating butter with sugar, can I use egg to beat with sugar, is the texture is the same? Manufactured and distributed in Barbados, we have spared nothing in bringing you a superior product that is created with our finest local rum. I have converted all the measurements from cups and liters to grams. I have kept the new version for two days at room temperature, and it is OK. Even my hubby who doesn’t like cakes LOVE your butter cake! Finde was du suchst - unkompliziert & phantastisch. There are some noteworthy tips […], […] with you how to make my delightful orange cakes, which sells. 1. r, 4 teaspoons baking powder, 500g of sugar…is my recipe ok or should I still add milk to it? Texture wise, quite moist. KP Kwa. Is it possible for milk at 135g and i would like to to maintain the butter at 330g (i like it rich) Is this ok? I have tried natural peanut butter but the cake requires store bought peanut butter… *I normally baked 1kg cake with 1kg of flour, 1kg of eggs, 1kg of butte I never use molasses for this recipe so far, but as long as you cream the butter and sugar until very fluffy, it should be OK. Hi KP, thx for this very yummy butter cake.I baked this very yummy cake when I was in.secondary school. HI Kwan, my cake cracked but it still tastes amazing. 1. If i want to add puree ex. Combine well before adding the flour. 3. If the cake is dense, it can happen due to different reasons. Hi , this is my first ever bake a butter cake. Hi Lana, Usually I will use a hand whisker to mix together, then use the electrical hand mixer to quickly mix it ( say 20 seconds) at the lowest speed as I am worried that I might be over mixing it . Insufficient mixing. Jetzt ausprobieren mit ♥ ♥. Check the color to decide if you need extra time to bake it until golden brown. In the one I baked this morning.. I have updated the butter cake recipes with both gram and cup/tbsp/tsp. 4 sticks (2 cups) butter (room temperature) 6 eggs. I like the timer that features an LCD with easy-to-read numbers, with the loud beeping sound, and either can clip-on, stands, or magnetically attaches for your convenience. A little tip: You need to beat the butter and sugar until very fluffy, light, color change from bright yellow butter color to pale yellow, and look like fluffy icecream. I tried reducing sugar to 50g to 100g of butter. Remove the butter from the chiller and let it soften. Furthermore, the setting of the oven may not be accurate. Air bubbles will trap in the mixture during the process. So I am not sure what will be the effect when the fan is on. But i used half the quantity. What is the sugar ratio? If you use 6 inches round, it will be πr square, i.e., 3.14x3x3=28. Just like what you mention about the gluten. Theres a few blog i have to copy handwritten coz its too precious to lost it. Hi Mr. Kwan, Great to know the recipe works and everyone enjoys it! You can try other recipes in this blog too and you hope you will like it. You can read more about the different types of a wire whisk, dough hook and flat edge beater in this article. Use a pan with a removable base. I have to say that I am not sure about this. Ever since then, I had struggled with the problem but eventually, I found the solution. That is exactly why I may not getting the desired result even though I follow one hundred percent of the recipe. Thank you very much for the butter cake recipe. Keep an eye on it. The dome will keep expanding and crack if you do not reduce the top temperature. Despite the grainy texture, it will become smooth once you add the flour. The quantity of flour remains unchanged. By the way, can I ask what butter do you use? Wishing you all the success to make the butter cake. I use a digital kitchen scale to measure the ingredients. Hi Ellie, Hi Alice, KP Kwan. 1. Enjoy! But if you follow the recipe than this should not be the case. Thx again! 1. Top selling cake in cour cafe. You can find it on my blog too. Thanks. Fit for 8-inch square baking pan or 9-inch square cake pan. KP Kwan. Can i use salted butter? Thanks. Thanks so much for your reply and the useful tips and advice. Wish you all the success. I usually preheat the oven until the internal temperature became stable. I tried to mix the butter and sugar using the highest speed , maintain the same cooking time. I have two ovens which have an actual temperature different from one to another. Im asking as I have a convection oven where I do have the option to switch off and on the fan. Is it okay if I substitute milk with orange juice? I ever made other recipes for butter cakes , am not sure what its wrong..its come out good but a bit dried, not be moist and buttery as your recipe. I can only imagine it’ll be like Japanese cheese cake. Divide the batter into 3, and add emulco and color. BUT this cake…this cake is so moist ….gaga goo goo! Happy baking. This method is the most convenient way to ensure the weight of all the cakes is identical. By hand, with a spatula, cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. 240g (1.2 cups) of caster sugar So good. Everything is the same. 3. I live in Kuala Lumpur. Mix on the slowest speed to minimize gluten formation. Hi Cheryl, Thank you soooooo much!!!! KP Kwan. The amount of egg in the butter cake recipe is without the shell. 300g (6 medium size eggs )of eggs Hi KP Kwan I am glad the cake turns out well. What causes the fine streaks? Too little sugar. I thought I know everything about baking butter cake a few years ago. It turned out so good! However, if you are working in the kitchen a lot, I do suggest you get a kitchen weighing machine, with one gram accuracy. I was in doubt if it would turn out good as I wasn’t sure if I had calculated the formula correctly. What a brilliant and detailed recipe you’ve shared! Thank you so much for your detailed instructions and tips. KP Kwan. That is the maximum amount of baking powder I use. During one of the baking session, I fumbled. I hope this is useful. So glad to know that you like the butter cake. I always worry that I do not write it clear enough so I will try to give you as much info as possible. I am hosting a party tomorrow and I can’t decide if I should bake it today or tomorrow. Thank you for your kind words. I encountered the same problem before. Thank you for the recipe. ©2020 Taste of Asian Food. KP Kwan. Does this include weight of the pan? Hi Serena, Yes. 2. It is my pleasure to share what I know is working. I have just a real good butter cake. Use a spatula to scrape off any ingredients stick on the side of the mixer. The flavor of a freshly baked butter cake is irresistible, and that is why we say ‘sell like hot cakes.’ However, there will be situations you need to keep it for a few days or even weeks. The texture is fine and my kids absolutely love them! I suggest you can try to follow the full recipe with the 8-inch square cake tin. Thanks in advance , Hi Salma, I do have any brands of flour I prefer. Ive obtained all the crucial info from the comment section. Sieving the dry ingredients together also helps the baking powder and salt distribute evenly. Tired it today. Hi Grace, May i know what type of milk to use? Bake immediately. Thanks for your great recipe.. Hence, the heigh is reduced drastically, and heat will reach each part of the cake much faster. Add this to the fruit mixture. Your blog’s really amazing with so much detail put into every recipe, I’m definitely a fan , Hi Cheryl, Hi Sannica, I use an electric weighing machine in the kitchen for everything, inclusive all liquids. Thanks for following my butter cake recipe. The time varies with the mixing speed, the amount of the mixture, and types of the whisk. Do not overmix. C that is why the conversion shows 338 deg. The receipe is very good and i tried it too.It was delicious.But i have one question. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I really like your method and explanations. Thanks. Pour batter into the prepared pan. Pour all the ingredients into the batter in one action. I am eager to know what will turn out. Yours is one of them. This Barbados Rum Cake delivers the very best flavours of our … ADD YOUR PHOTO. 154.7 g Hi JasT, Hope you continue to inspire more bakers like me! Hi! Preheat the oven. I am going to try your coconut panna cotta now, but substitute agar agar powder for the gelatin. I thought of adding some raisins, pre-soaked in water to plump them up, tossed then mixed with a bit of flour before adding into the cake batter…this supposed to stop them from sinking to the bottom of the cake , that’s what I read somewhere. Hi Mariska, The texture should now look like whipped cream. Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions note in the "Notes" tab for more ordering information and queries. Leave at least 3 cm in between to enable proper air circulation to ensure the cakes rise evenly. Will using the whisk still work? The video was shot when we made 4 cakes for our cafe. It is safe to open the oven door to check the doneness without affecting the quality. Two ingredients contain water in the recipe- eggs, and milk. Hi Belinda, KP Kwan. Dec 3, 2017 - My grandmother is from Barbados and gave me this recipe from her childhood. Hey, just wanted to ask, if I were to make cupcakes with this recipe, how long should I bake it for? The gluey streaks may due to two causes – underbaked and incomplete mixing. Is it underbaked? Pour the batter into the bundt tin and bake for 50–60 minutes, until an inserted skewer comes out clean. I do not suggest you add cornstarch to this recipe: Just one confirmation, the sugar n butter must be beaten until the sugar dissolves and become creamy like whipping cream texture or it’s ok to have some grains? Try mixing the butter with the sugar until very fluffy, and the color turns pale before moving on to the next step. F the right temperature the right settings. 3. Leave it on the table. As for the butter .. unsalted butter? Butter cake is the perfect base for birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and makes a delicious snack that’s great with tea or coffee. The most common one is the beating of butter/sugar/egg is insufficient and not fluffy enough. It is a trade off between tenderness and sweetness sometimes, which you need to make a decision I did not use vanilla because I like the flavor of butter and want the butter flavor to stand out. thx KP. I have baked this 2 days ago, very soft and nice. (My recipe is based on 8 inches square tin). Tried your receipe , all well except that the cake have two shades , ie the top is slightly damp. Regards. Butter cake - Wir haben 508 tolle Butter cake Rezepte für dich gefunden! It does need some close observation. It was delicious. 2. Hope it turns out just as what you are expected . Please how do i measure the eggs… Is it crack first in a bowl to measure……. Since 8 in square pan area is 64 inches square. The theory mentioned in books (which I am aware of) does not match the actual practice. Therefore, I do not use a fix duration of mixing. Can I add sourcream? The flavor of the orange cake comes from the juice (primarily) and the rind (secondary). If you have not owned one yet, you can get a mixer, one with versatile attachment set includes traditional beaters, whisk, and dough hooks. But my batter became to runny! KP Kwan. Hi Shruti, P.S. Here is the conversion. Salt and baking powder should be 1% of flour i.e. KP Kwan. All the best in baking. Too dry. Bake the cake in the center of the oven, on the middle rack, for 50-55 minutes. As for your latest update on the milk and butter. Can see very obvious sink at the bottom part of the cake. And yes! What could be wrong? Also, make sure the paper is flat because the folds may stick into the batter. Thank you. This guide will save you all the hard work of finding the answers to the questions about baking butter cake and avoid most of the common mistakes. , Hi Christy, I am in Canada and most of the settings are not in C. Hi Isobel, Remove from the freezer the night before you serve. The rationale is sieving can remove lumps and impurities. KP Kwan. Textbooks and cookbooks refer to this as the creaming process because the combination looks like cream. The only problem is. Heat it directly without the water bath helps to expand the air bubbles trapped inside the batter, and hence expand quickly to get a good rise. Mix the butter and sugar until VERY fluffy (like soft ice cream) before adding milk and eggs. There are choices for women aprons all the time, but now men’s apron is easily available too. If yes, how many square pans? Everyone was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the butter cake, quite simply the best I have ever tried. Tap to smoothen the batter. weitere Nahrungsmittel auf If you reduce the sugar, the cake will become less moist too. Just like to let you know that your butter cake recipe was really awesome. Hi Kwan, If you want a cake with a ‘flat’ top, try to reduce the temperature by a few degrees. Continue to beat well (the batter will be doughy). I do not know the Kenwood brand, but this is the general guideline. My answer is NO. Thanks for your advice! Can I use regular brown sugar instead of castor sugar? You can learn more about other mixing techniques in an authoritative book called Professional Cooking by Wayne Gisslen [1]. Prepare the baking pans before making the cake to bake it without any delay. Just want to let you know that your butter cake recipe was really awesome. 1. Tq. Looking forward to your response 1. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. In future, you can get the conversation from any internet free tools. 2. I use the 8-inch square tin for the cake in the recipe. If you use salted butter, ignore the salt in the recipe will do. I am working in a kitchen with minimum manpower and looking for a method that is efficient. As long as I continue mixing it at a higher speed, the egg and milk will eventually combine well with the batter. Definitely a recipe to keep. Hope you make this wonderful cake again. Will it makes any difference to beat the egg white and yolk separately? Scrape the vanilla essence. This little kitchen gizmo is handy when you are away from your kitchen or cooking a few items at the same time. Made this butter cake yesterday and it was yummy. So good! Decreased the sugar and add cocoa powder and coffee. Your recipe is made for 1kg cake. Mine cracked terribly and uneven rising, I use 1/4 of your recipe for an 8 inch one, any clue? For general recipes, the suggested substitution is to use 3Tblsp aquafaba to replace 1 whole egg and 2Tblsp aquafaba to replace 1 egg white. That will make up to 1000g egg plus 200g milk = 1200 in total. Althout my surface cake was crack but I also loved it. If it is dry, then add more milk as the crack it may cause by dryness. KP Kwan. I.e adding orange color and emulco. Till recently one of my friend suggested need to separate the egg.. anyone tried this way? Nov 25, 2013 - My grandmother is from Barbados and gave me this recipe from her childhood. There are many reasons, but the most common problems that I know are: We do not use artificial orange flavor and store-bought orange juice, but only fresh juice for the same reason. The cake can crack, and develop long tunnels in extreme cases. After baking, remove the cake and cool at room temperature for a few minutes until you can hold the pan with your hands. I crack all the eggs into a large bowl and milk in another. In a mixer, beat the cake mix, the pudding mix, the eggs, olive oil, water, olive oil, rum and sugar on high speed for 2 – 3 minutes.

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