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“How is it the independent (are) being told it is unsafe for the public to come here and buy a book … but you can purchase the exact same book at a Walmart or Costco?” he said. So, no more paint sales, no more lawn and garden sales, and no more furniture or flooring sections. Belgium has adapted its current lockdown measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus during the end-of-year period, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced during a press conference on Friday. You keep passing the drawing around until everyone has a turn, or for a predetermined number of times. The Crazy Store - Hey, you … All Andrew Cuomo and remain open. All personal care shops are to close during this latest lockdown period. Michigan’s Extended Lockdown. However, for homes filled with children, the days can drag by if there are no plans for the day. McDonald’s says only some of its stores will be re-opening on Saturday. New rules will ban indoor gatherings, close restaurants to indoor dining and limit all retail to 25% capacity, including grocery stores. “We are seeing those mistakes repeated.”. Gordon’s Ice Cream Mallows, Marshmallows – R22.99 (903- 000211). The same day, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie announced she would be putting forward a motion Thursday to limit big box stores to selling essential items only in order to “level the playing field” for hard-hit small businesses. The Centre will be open from 9am-7pm, with select stores open until 8pm. Here's how these states that never went into lockdown have fared. Advertisement Scotch eggs all round! Ryan Mallough, director of provincial affairs for Ontario for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), said the classification for “essential” businesses under the “grey” lockdown stage isn’t the same as the first lockdown, and this is causing confusion among business owners. rights reserved. Newspapers Limited, One Yonge Street, 4th floor, Toronto, ON, M5E 1E6. Bluewater: The Kent shopping centre, which has 330 stores … to colleagues, clients or customers, or inquire about He created an Etsy store, SquirrellyTreasureCo, which received 400 orders in the first 24 hours. Coronavirus: The shops and businesses allowed to stay open during England lockdown. Get a few sponges and it’s time to wash those toys and make them shiny again. Next, use a selection of coloured khokis to draw a road and different landmarks like a library, a mechanic and the grocery store in your new town. This state-by-state guide offers a status check on whether restaurants are allowed to be open for dining in (indoors and out), or whether delivery and takeout are still the norm. For example, he said pet retailers don’t seem to be included this time as essential, but pet groomers are — the opposite of the last lockdown. Start cleaning the house to music and when someone who is designated DJ stops the music, everyone stops where they are – mid sweep, mid vacuum, or even while loading the washing machine. If you do not yet have a Torstar account, you can create one now (it is free), Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. But even so, national online sales were up 243 percent, far outpacing store sales. Allocate a space in your house for recyclable materials before they end up in the bin like boxes and plastics and let your kids paint them. Long Pencil Crayons, 12 colours – R19.99 (079- 000012), Propelling Pencil Crayons, 10-Pack; Assorted crayons – R43.99 (079- 000195), Metallic Marker Set, 3 Piece; Assorted colours – R29.99 (071-001010). expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Toronto A drawing game One person starts the game by drawing a shape on a piece of paper and passing it … Consider naming your town and let your imagination run wild. Pantries were filled, families traveled to be together and all the possible admin that could be ticked off the list was taken care of. “It is going to be lethal to lose sales in November-December,” he said. During that time, all businesses must shut down, other than a list of those considered vital. For fun, why not add a few water pistols as a reward for their efforts. The Centre will be open 9am-7pm, with select stores open until 8pm. 1. Build it, break it, stick it together. South Africa will go into a national lockdown at midnight on Thursday, 26 March, to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Monday night. This influencer turned a lockdown staple — the trusty blanket —into 12 separate trendy looks. DSW stores remain open and the company proceeded with feting the line, however, it has postponed a pop-up shop in New York City due to “COVID-19 concerns around large group gatherings.” Super art sets 163-piece – R199.99 (079-000197). The sale of alcohol is prohibited. To order During the second lockdown in England, its stores will remain open… Plastic basin, 32cm diameter; assorted colours – R29.99 each (107-002117). The provincial government’s colour-coded response framework lists businesses that can remain open during the lockdown, such as grocery stores and pharmacies, garden centres, and laundromats. Which businesses do you consider essential? Kids love painting random objects and making beautiful creations from them. If you’re in the market for useful and affordable products for all your hardware needs, gardening and agriculture projects, security and motor or cycle accessories, you will find exactly what you need to fill up your toolbox, and make sure you fit in a pit-stop at The Crazy Store. You’ll find your child picking them up and reading because they are bored. Start Reading Collection, Reading books – R29.99 each (570- 000266). Cavendish Square is an award-winning shopping destination in Cape Town offering exclusive fashion, cinemas and premium restaurants and coffee shops Under lockdown regulations level 4, hot food may be sold for deliveries only. 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The Top 20 online-only items the KCL community has been buying like crazy over the past couple of weeks can be categorized into these 6 categories. As well, The Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic locations in Toronto and Peel reportedly remained open for a few days before saying they would close on Thursday. Black Friday is around the corner and businesses have been looking forward to the holiday shopping rush to bolster their sales before the lull of the new year. “The situation in our country is better than a few weeks ago,” De Croo said. This can be played with as many players as you wish. Often, small business owners are getting conflicting information from government websites or the business hotline, he added. This confusion is an issue the CFIB has raised since the pandemic began, Mallough said. Restaurants can offer deliveries, takeaways and sit-down service. “It’s frustrating that there isn’t a clear designation,” he said. “We could say we offer grooming and open the doors, but I don’t know if it’s responsible or not.”. Retail history may be repeating itself. Dig out books your children have not read for a while and put them in unusual places, such as on a pillow or behind a door. Please contact stores directly for store-specific trading hours. Star Newspapers Limited and/or its licensors. It includes pet services such as groomers or sitters, but does not mention pet retailers specifically. You keep passing the drawing around until everyone has a turn, or for a predetermined number of times. For those working from home, on furlough, shielding themselves, or self-isolating during the Covid-19 lockdown, home's four walls have become part-safe haven, and part-personal prison. Non-essential stores and services will be able to reopen, but more than 34million people are facing tougher restrictions than before the national lockdown. While people rush to the grocery store to hoard toilet paper for some reason, other, non-essential stores are closing their doors in an effort to get people to stay the f*** home. Kaelo Gallagher, co-owner of Menagerie Pet Shop, couldn’t find any definitive information on whether his business should remain open or not. We will remain open at, serving the local community through contactless Curbside Click & Collect, remote planning services and home delivery. All you need is an area where they can work and some bright paints. This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Some larger retailers stayed open at the beginning of the latest lockdown, only to be told they weren’t so essential after all. presentation-ready copies of Toronto Star content for distribution With many stores, restaurant dining rooms, and pretty much every semblance of public life closing due to the coronavirus outbreak, plenty has changed — including our shopping habits. This is always a hit for anyone who has a toy car or truck. Playing boardgames as a family is always so much fun, especially when you can break into team. You could even set up a library where your child can check out books too or create reading corners in your home – this could be a hit for parents and children. She limits the number of stylists to three or four, so that many customers can be served, while leaving a little room for people accompanying customers, such as moms or dads. He also wants to see the province’s $600 million business relief fund cover a wider range of fixed costs, such as bills, and adopt a sliding scale to cover businesses in other restriction zones, not just red and grey. The timing of this lockdown couldn’t have been worse, Mallough added. Get a few sponges and it’s time to wash those toys and make them shiny again. The Crazy Store gives you the power to stretch your Rand beyond breaking point on a crazy range of stuff bound to surprise and delight the whole family. understands how frustrating this can be and has pulled together a list of activities you can try during lockdown and beyond to keep everyone in the house entertained. To order copies of The on-site sale and consumption of alcohol is prohibited. Kids love painting random objects and making beautiful creations from them. On Nov. 25, the CFIB launched a petition asking the province to allow small businesses to reopen under strict guidelines. Fill a basin or bath with plastic toys and top it up with soapy water. Allocate a space in your house for recyclable materials before they end up in the bin like boxes and plastics and let your kids paint them. The Crazy Store understands how frustrating this can be and has pulled together a list of activities you can try during lockdown and beyond to keep everyone in the house entertained. Keep in mind that local (county, city, and town) guidance may differ from the state, and that many restaurants may not reopen right away even if they are able. The shutdown will last for 21 days. But he feels pet stores should remain open and is frustrated that larger retailers also selling pet food can open while his store is closed. Toronto businesses are confused about what’s considered an “essential” business under the latest lockdown, and frustrated that many big-box stores are remaining open during the most important shopping season of the year. For fun, why not add a few water pistols as a reward for their efforts. While Gallagher doesn’t think it would be fair to limit what goods a store sells, he does think small businesses should be able to reopen at a limited capacity. During the last lockdown, Home Bargains was considered an essential retailer and stayed open for shoppers. As well, Mallough said small businesses are frustrated that large chain stores that sell non-essential goods alongside essential items such as groceries remain open, while they have to close their doors and rely on online orders and curbside pickup. I needed a couple of basics but people are going crazy, it’s only three days for God’s sake.” During the lockdown, Young said, funerals would be limited to 20 people, and weddings to 10. Make cleaning the house fun by putting on some fun music that everyone enjoys. Find a box around the house and flatten it out. Garden centres, corner shops and hardware stores are among the businesses allowed to stay open. On lockdown, a rinky-dink event ... (closed, indefinitely) and the liquor store (open, always). Here is … Everyone is sanitising their hands but what about the toys in your home? As Manitoba prepares to enter a lockdown similar to that of the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, shoppers are rushing the stores for supplies.

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