does walking around the house count as exercise reddit

When I walk faster (45 minutes fast walking per day) it hits 140. it's not a good workout for anyone >even remotely fit. We forget how it's great exercise that also helps you tone your legs, shed the extra weight and doesn't need you to have an exclusive gym membership. I don't count walking around town usually unless it's long or excessively difficult, but I definitely count walks that would count longer than 30 minutes! I coined the term to refer to my recent habit of walking around the house whenever I can -- instead of sitting or standing, I'm constantly housewalking! If you walk a lot with poor mechanics like this, it will end up hurting more than helping. It's a mile walk to the bus stop. Take a variety of your dog’s favorite treats and hide the around the house – behind doors, under tables, underneath rugs, etc. It can cause pain in your ankles and knees, cause you to have "flat feet" when really your foot is just too weak to support an arch (different than people who actually have flat feet). Some examples would be running around a track, heavy manual labor, or heavy weightlifting. If anyone that reads this doesn't know for sure whether or not they walk and stand correctly, watch this video. EDIT: Also what are the effects of carrying extra weight while walking, for example, a backpack, EDIT2: What about blood flow, aerobics, heart health, and walking lots while aging into a senior? He continued: "But the act of moving and getting outdoors does have positive health benefits. Don’t let cold temps keep you from walking off weight this winter. Walking is an easy way to add more movement to your life and help you shed pounds.In general, walking at a brisk pace burns around 260 calories (for someone who weighs 150 pounds or 68 kilograms). Running is running. You'll still reap the health benefits, too. Adding to the multi task probably need to get to point b from point a and back again during the day anyway. Are you asking if you're still sedentary? 13 miles a week is very low. When walking indoors, the following apply: You don’t need to be concerned about whether the weather outside is too hot or cold. I would not, however say it's inefficient. Being in the great outdoors is an awesome way to exercise and we get that! Cookies help us deliver our Services. But it still means you’re walking a few miles a day, and that has to count for something. There are other forms of exercise that would probably be better for you just because they would challenge your body more then walking. 2. Do it somewhere scenic and now it's hiking! A new study from Northern Ireland finds that people who report housework as … I do this after I work out a couple times a week now, have you seen a lot of improvements? Going on a 90min walk with the wife was suddenly quite taxing. Whether you "count" walking as exercise is irrelevant. I am curious for myself because I am not obese (ie, I do not face the limits of someone carrying lots of weight on their back) and I walk an awful lot because I love it, but I don't do much else exercise. Right now it is morning and I am sitting down with it hammering away at 78-80. If you have "flat feet" or low arches, watch this video. You’re still being compelled to move around where otherwise you were not. You may see people walking around with weights around their ankles. Also, any additional calories burned is a bonus! Even better: I do it. I am 67, 5’ 8” and 125 pounds. Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, then rest 15 seconds. I also hate running and the high impact on my knees. You probably know that walking does your body good, but it's not just your heart and muscles that benefit. However, some days can be harder than others to get outdoors or hit the treadmill for an hour-long workout. Just because you have a hard time setting aside an hour for a walk, doesn’t mean … Walking is a mode of transport. You do not have to walk for hours. Whether you "count" walking as exercise is irrelevant. After a few rolled ankles and things I started walking poorly and didn't even really notice it and ended up fixing my problems with the concepts in this video with Kelly Starrett and Brian MacKenzie. Yes, walking in place for 30 minutes at a time or heading up the same flight of stairs can be a bit boring. But “house walking” will not produce a training effect. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. TLDR: Walking is good exercise for individuals looking to stay active and healthy. Speak for yourself. ), you get the same benefits as when you walk outdoors. i walk at a 15% incline at 2.5 mph every morning for 45-50minutes as my fasted cardio. One of the biggest downfalls of thinking about walking as exercise is our tendency to think that walking means easy. Sometimes I'll catch two busses home if I don't feel like walking, but generally hate waiting so I'll ride up to the first bus stop and walk a mile home. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Not to say that it's pointless, but a good hour workout burns 600-700 calories. "They're great for targeted exercise if you can't grip a dumbbell," Downey says. They simply stop moving and just sit around. People can exercise with one other person in an outdoor public place, such as a park, but cannot meet up with anyone else just to socialise. I was just wondering if what I did counted at all towards weightloss because I lost 62 pounds so far with diet alone but everyone says the gym is better than what I'm doing. or does it really matter? Active work can burn 1,000 calories per day more than a sedentary job. For an average, nonobese person, occupational NEAT varies, as shown in the Table. Distance however, is totally dependent on the person. Walking back and forth in a factory building or walking short bouts delivering mail is not the same as walking one hour non-stop briskly. A good way to monitor this is through a technique that is easy for everyone to use. It's very low impact exercise for a short distance, I wouldn't eat back the calories. Plus I'm trying to get a second job now too, won't that just add onto my walking? I think that's in the range of ~400 calories for a 180-200 pound male, which may be your entire deficit. ... about various healthy living philosophies from around the world. Gets my heart rate up, burns calories, i can do it before I've had my coffee. When you re-frame exercise to view all movement as activity that's good for your body, you realize that a lot of the things you do every day already count as exercise. RHR 66, rises to 110 when simply walking around the house or walking the dog. Also, any additional calories burned is a bonus! Walking on an uneven surface provides a much bigger challenge because not only are you doing your normal walking, but your body has to properly respond to all sorts of different obstacles that may be preventing you from walking with your normal gait cycle. But sometimes there are things that keep us home bound and there is no reason to give up our daily walks or tank our step counts. You can log most types of distance based exercise such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, rowing etc. It’s easy to take walking for granted as a form of exercise. The tracker is designed to not count anything under 5 steps between parties in walking.

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