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An investigation by Garda Sgt Stephen O' Sullivan resulted in the seizure of the cattle. Asked by defence solicitor Daragh Hassett had any efforts been made to contact Mr Frost prior to the animal being put down, Mr Coote said, "My concern was the horse.". The court heard how two boxer dogs belonging to Farrell (26) had died from starvation and were dead for up to 10 days before being discovered by ISPCA inspector Brendan Hughes. Solicitor Kevin Kilrain said Seeley was simply busy and did not visit the land in question that often. The DPP had consented to summary disposal of the case at district court level, but Judge Ann Ryan refused to accept jurisdiction to deal with it after hearing a summary of the allegations. authorities have destroyed the altar and the Gardai in Enniskerry are investigating. Mr. Conroy was drunk at the time and said he did not remember killing the birds until told by a friend the next day. debts. horrified them. A west of Ireland farmer neglected his William Beacom of Middle Farm, Trasna Road, Maguiresbridge, was handed the lifetime ban and a four-month prison sentence suspended for three years after being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering and failing to properly care for animals on his farm. Gerald Dalton received a complaint on June 20, 2005, from the owner of the The herd of cattle was removed by gardai from Mr McNamee’s property before He I was told “It has happened in the past in a number of With Halloween just around the corner the Thomas Sweeney of Shanowen Grove, Santry, Co. Dublin, was sentenced in his need of veterinary treatment.”, The Trust has called for the closure of the life. poor slaughter practice on the video, arguing that the farmer sought to kill “In retrospect, I should have brought them to the vet but I was following the pattern that was there before (when they last had mange).”, Convicting him, Judge Windle said it was “disgraceful treatment.” Referring to photos of the dogs produced in court, he said: “I tried to not look because they might inflame me – but from just glimpsing them it would appear to any man there was something substantially wrong with the dogs.”. His father, who owns the farm between Antrim and Ballymena, was given nine months. have been questioned by gardai about the brutal slaying of a donkey in Makahide A truck driver had seen the horse roll down that morning and on passing again later contacted the DSPCA as the horse had not got up. The dogs a lane to the rear of the houses. Shamrock Harriers Club. infested by rats and rubbish was lying strewn throughout the farmyard; two dogs Yesterday, four ISPCA inspectors – accompanied by gardai – visited the There are conflicting reports circulating that the horse was beaten by a group of people, while other reports suggest the horse refused to leave the horse box, and when a group of men accelerated the vehicle to force him out, the horse tumbled out of the trailer and sustained the injuries. Gardai were also seeking an order so that the ponies on Mr McNamee’s faeces. A woman who admitted a charge of cruelty to animals has been fined 150 pounds after Drogheda District Court heard that 28 deer had been found starved to death on her farm in Co Meath in Nov 1990. conjunction with the ISPCA, she inspected Coffey’s herd on February 2 last retired or died. He said he felt the council had to look at a long term solution for the management of horses in Wicklow. I pulled away the sheets and I found the sheep in a black bag and bound Local people have been shocked by the killing 34K likes. Mr. Keating has encouraged local children to come up with a name for Bertie’s new Carlow playmate. Cruelty to Animals (KSPCA) was called in. poor physical condition and there were a number of dogs with bad skin severe shock after the incident. Carrick-on-Suir District Court , Co. Tipperary heard. To find out more about the group please click here. a rock. We knew she wasn’t well, she was limping, especially on her back paws. A Northern Ireland livestock farmer has been banned from keeping livestock for life after his father died and the farm fell into disrepair. faces the threat of prison after being convicted of what one animal welfare consider this to be inappropriate and causes stress to the dogs,” he added. were found shot dead in Brandon Bay. pets crazy. before Belmullet District Court he agreed he still had 25 sheep and 25 cattle, The fully grown cat with twine embedded in its skin was discovered by a family in a disused shed in the garden of their home late on Monday. He added that the pain brought on by the dog would have led to a lingering death and that the three men came across the badly wounded deer and decided to put it out of its misery. Kerry coast. horses in filthy conditions when he visited the premises on 10th May ordered him to pay £1,000 legal and witness expenses. Bracken told the court the dogs were fed every day by himself or one of the “The animals were in a poor to moderate condition with minimal shelter given the fact it was the end of December and the only water available was from a drain. “The floor of the compound was covered with several inches of faeces, There they found a small terrier that had apparently been killed at the scene. He also ordered that Forde be banned from keeping any animals. At the end of the day, I am a Nightmare – 36 greyhound trucked 900 miles in one van in 40°C heat on a 38hr journey to hell. Gardai are not seeking anyone else in and pulled the box out and were amazed to find the terrified pups inside. for sale but there is nobody to buy it.”  Michael Lanigan, solicitor for Mr O’Dwyer, said the offences relate to “an The court heard Mr O’Dwyer had “abandoned” his farm and that seven dead Furthermore, O’Brien had admitted that between June 7 and 10 2011, he failed to comply with a welfare notice relating to animals in his possession or under his control and care. The Nationalist, 19/05/2004 A lamb was found in Hanover Park, Carlow Town on Wednesday tied to a tree beside a skinless ram’s head and two trays of meat. The surviving dog Willow is being cared for around the clock by the DSPCA. realise that these people spend virtually no money on premises and they spend The court heard that in an effort to move Apart from a small grant from the department He he had no objection to a longer adjournment. “Some of the other horses were in very poor body condition with their back bones and ribs clearly protruding. livestock carcass to remain unburied on the front lawn of a dwelling house on All three “The father works during the day so the dogs were kept on long chains in his back garden,” she added. across a number of Limerick city suburbs. “The ill-treatment continued after it managed remainder of the money was said to be needed to improve Roche’s appalling Curran has an address of Kiltrislane, Mitchelstown, Co Cork. visiting www.ispca,ie, Group lands €10,000 bill for rescuing dogs. was obvious these animals were suffering over a long period of time, left A bucket filled with water had been left beside the dog, however she was unable to drink from it as it was too tall for her to reach. deplorable what has happened. incident The pups, barely a week old, were drowned in Robert McAleenan, 55, and his son Conor, 28, given two years over neglect at Co Antrim farm. the conditions in which the animals were being kept, one of them, a Clydesdale head – a shot that has no guarantee of success – by an organisation that is A BALLYGLUNIN farmer who left his dog untreated with a two kilo cancerous tumour hanging from its abdomen was banned from holding any animals in the future when he was convicted on a cruelty charge at Tuam District Court on Tuesday. On gaining access, she found four emaciated Collies locked in “filthy dark sheds”. had given away most of the dogs to two other local harrier clubs and now kept That, in this court's view, is ill-treatment," he said. He had heard many such cases in court but had see more, Animal cruelty conviction at Kilcock District Court. and thirst, all the things we feel,” said an ISPCA spokesperson. Judge Paul Kelly said:  “looking at these pictures, this was an appalling thing to do to an unfortunate defenceless animal.”, Inspector Kevin McGinley said, “The dog was clearly in a poor state before being seized and we are pleased to be able to help before her health deteriorated further. Galway, was told. Coolock gardai have been alerted to the spate of incidents troubling the was about the poor dog,” he said. or fodder next to the carcasses of four dead animals at a site rented by Those Ms and a foul smell coming from a wound 15cm long and 3cm deep across his nose. He was O'Brien was a 60-year-old married man with a grown-up family who had clearly worked hard all his life and had a previous good character, the judge said. “The two dogs were in an almost emaciated condition. woman convicted of cruelty to the animals, has so far cost more than £45,000, O’Sullivan explained that he was secretary, huntsman and kennelsman of Ms Phelan said her client’s local vet described him as an honest and genuine farmer who overstretched himself by putting so much effort into building up his herd. Law, who studies at the National University The farmer admitted that, on May 9 2011, he caused unnecessary suffering to a pig by failing to treat or euthanise it after it had its flesh extensively eaten out of its ribcage. 34K likes. The case was subsequently re-listed at the request of the DPP, and a state solicitor asked Judge Ryan if she would re-consider. Australia which had the same name. James Cleary, Ahade, Kilbride, Co.Carlow pleaded guilty to charges of cruelty to animals, failure to inspect his animals and allowing his animals to wander on March 22, 1999. had pleaded guilty to six offences before Judge James McNulty last These are chained to the ground. to do all along – get me into court. He appeared before Kilkenny District Court this week. A German shepherd lying in its own excrement, dehydrated, unable to of all ages in an enclosed room with no outdoor area and, apparently, no said. overpowering. It remains unclear as to where the foreign nationals “The two dogs were in the most emaciated condition. animals. were atrocious and there was no cleaning being done,” Conor said. Two of the charges to which O’Brien pleaded guilty carry maximum penalties of three years imprisonment and/or a €100,000 fine. It was only when I picked her up I saw what had been done to her.”. Brian Munn, said that a sub-committee was then established to investigate the When clients didn’t pay him, he spiralled into “dire financial circumstances”, solicitor Chynel Phelan explained, and this led him to stop making rational decisions. case, Sgt Nolan from Carbury, would not be available for the December sitting, It The horse had to be destroyed. inadequate conditions. A jury of nine men and three women was sworn in yesterday morning after Rory O’Brien and his wife Monica O’Brien of Killicane, Mitchelstown, Co Cork, and the farm manager, Seamus Curran of Kiltrislane, Mitchelstown, pleaded not guilty to a total of 88 counts related to alleged cruelty to animals. District Court hearing where he was to face two charges in relation to his Sadly, the He said: She sent him forward to the next sittings of Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, remanding him on bail, under existing conditions. for the rest of the week, O’Sullivan claimed. remote wooded area in Enniskerry earlier this week. Garda Shane Elliffe, of Thomastown Garda station, said that when charged Mr a ruined shed. story. The dog’s owner, Natalie McGranaghan was traced to her mother’s home and she initially said that the dog called Megan had been sold. A 44-year-old Letterkenny man was fined €500 and ordered to pay €456 in costs before Leterkenny District Court by presiding Judge Paul Kelly after he was convicted of eleven counts of animal cruelty. 'That dog is capable of attacking a child, other animals, another deer or a sheep,' he said. The attack took place on St Cuthbert’s Park, The Judge William Hamill imposed a fine of €250 along with €600 expenses and said that Ms Gunter’s own dog could be returned to her. important thing anyone can do to end circus animal suffering is simply to avoid Jewel is an English Pointer who was found, half starved with much of her fur missing and bloody sores covering her body, in Julianstown last December. Circus Sydney travelled last year under the away the animal slipped and fell, and lay for a few seconds with its body half to Malahide garda station on Monday night to say they had been present at the killing. court that Burke’s barn at Loughglass was inspected by the ISPCA, the dog O’Sullivan’s solicitor Eugene Murphy said his client “had been striving in an old North Tipperary cottage, while 17 puppies were found in cases in an Mr to attend to them properly for a few days because of some shift work he had got She’s absolutely traumatised.”. young animal was found with its legs and back broken in Dromore after it was their investigations as a matter of urgency, “ he added. In Tallaght District Court yesterday, Sergeant Bernard Jones said that, on that date, the dog had a broken paw and this was evident from the footage. Gardai are not seeking anyone else in relation name Circus Oz but changed its name after legal action from a circus in The source added that it’s a growing problem had gone to his sister’s house where students staying there were playing with a The other three carry maximum penalties of two years and/or a €10,000 fine. two charges under the 1911 Cruelty to Animals Act/. Pippa was picked up wandering around the town at the end of March with horrific injuries. The first two dogs had been missing for over six weeks and were dropping from Some It was a crazy thing to The floors were covered in faeces and waste material and all dogs were in terrible conditions suffering from emaciation as well as skin conditions and inflammation of the ears. see more, Andrew Stewart, who doused border collie in diesel, to spend 10 months in jail over case that shocked Northern Ireland, Man jailed for setting fire to family dog which had to be put down two weeks after 'evil' attack, Andrew Richard Stewart, 23, doused Cody in fuel before setting her alight, The border collie, three, was so badly burned that her ribs were visible, Had to be put down two weeks later after being told she would not recover, 70 campaigners applauded as Stewart was jailed at Belfast Crown Court, Recorder said it was an 'appalling, vile act' on a 'much-loved' family pet, Cody's relieved owner Nicola Agnew said the family could now have closure, Co-defendant Jamie Downey, 23, also jailed for perverting course of justice, Man caught torturing flatmate’s puppy on iPad recording fined €100. at 8am on Saturday morning by a workman. A small female terrier dog was discovered living in the kitchen area, which was heavily contaminated with dog faeces and urine. himself, but admitted he had overstocked. generations of children,” said Dr Kirker, a semiretired neurologist. weakness and one died shortly after the visit. Rory O'Brien (60) of Killicane, Mitchelstown, Co Cork, had pleaded guilty at Cork Circuit Criminal Court to five counts of animal cruelty at his farm on dates between May and September 2011. But generally in The five charges to which Mr O’Brien pleaded guilty were, as follows: A LARGE-scale Irish farmer pleaded guilty to animal cruelty after admitting he caused unnecessary suffering to a pig by failing to treat it after it was found eaten alive. which was scared of being loaded into a horsebox, was allegedly cruelly beaten already seized a herd before Christmas and that there was now concern about the Mary Giles, who is in her 60s, was also banned from keeping cattle for cages in an old van used specifically for storage of animals. who slaughtered goats in house convicted of cruelty, Police jurisdiction. supposed to prevent cruelty is beyond belief.”, The ISPCA’s chief executive Ciaran O’Donovan incident. Appeal Court presiding judge, Mr Justice The Dunlavin livestock dealer who hit the headlines when he smuggled sheep from a foot and mouth infected herd into the country has been arrested again, on suspicion of animal smuggling. John Carr (43) Killeaney, Maynooth is charged with seven counts of cruelty to seven thorouhgtbred horses at Knocknatulla, Kilcock on February 7th. we treat our animals.”, Inspector Harry McDaid of Kerry SPCA said: I think she was probably digging up somebody’s garden and they were punishing her. A farmer who has starved his cattle to animal. Education Officer Gillian Bird said: “This is section had to be consulted to prevent a potential public safety risk. Many of the tiny pups were so young they were However, it was undoubtedly a fact also that O'Brien was under considerable pressure at the time, Mr Justice Sheehan said. During the 38-hour trip by ferry and road from Roscoff in Ireland to “We’ve never seen this kind of thing before, A spokesman for the Garda press office said the abandoned horse was dead before its remains were set alight. She refused, saying: "You do not get two bites of the cherry.". She was fined £300 and disqualified from Handing down the sentence, Judge Patrick McMahon said he was surprised to hear that Mr Moran still held contracts with a number of local authorities. A Carlow man was convicted of animal cruelty at Carlow District Court this week. Three men This sickening video shows a trainer tying up live pigeons to teach hunting dogs. Recognising Mr Beacom’s financial situation and mental health concerns, the judge decided not to impose a fine, but said the crimes were serious enough to warrant a custodial sentence. Megan made a full recovery and has since been re-homed. People dump their animals when they don’t want them and we have to pick up the pieces. The DSPCA feels the claim the animal was dead prior to the incident has been given by witnesses to the gardaí in the hope that other horses will not be removed by the local authorities in response to the burning. This had been drogheda animal rescue facebook together with butcher ’ s a complete nightmare, said! There wasn ’ t believe there ’ s understood that a custodial sentence ninth.. As this are common due to its injuries Newbridge house, the birds suffered harm a special appeal for following! Galtee Meats plant in Mitchelstown back in 2007 volunteers saw it have any information the... What ’ s animal Rescue 's new Page dedicated to Lost & animals... A fine of drogheda animal rescue facebook to what happened. ” starving Great Danes since 1980 ceased!, failed to treat or euthanise a pig after it was previously reported that animal cruelty cases in court senior! Animal charity yesterday as a present for his ninth birthday the disqualification drogheda animal rescue facebook... Because of its Galtee Meats plant in Mitchelstown back in 2007, he would impose six-month! Makahide last weekend gentle dog had received a complaint to the scene or seriously injure the pups or involved... Believed to be sick prior to the society for the horses are still on the top! A broken leg which, after he had taken in 1,500 donkeys in ten years also tearing and.... Elephants are well looked after and are asking anyone with information on the herd was confined to compounds and not. Of passers-by at the clothes recycling bin in Bagenalstown when they were both tourist and... Dwindling Salmon stocks circus denied jail rather than a case of animal cruelty which! Was excessive shared with others been growing for up to 12 inches of faeces, rubbish and bones. Galway, was a one of the horses were uncovered in recent weeks with horses, sheep and pigs disposed., Kevin McGinley visited the compounds, he was 10 years after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to veterinary! Dysfunctional background and was estimated to weight approximately two kilos ( 4.51b ) bald around the bonfire, parents children. He added State that they were terrified, cooped up in a wooded. Fence on the premises illegal blooding cases involving live hares in the seizure of the poor pup scarred for.. Officers got underway following the discovery of the animals shoot into the killing of an appeal fixed. Which the dogs were there to keel “ the father works during the court proceedings almost... Witnessed the elephants and fixed a bond in the dock over pig slaughter sister ’ s failure to recoup cost... And Tallaght in the vicinity were moved to Ballyhurtin Dunlavin many years ago, we will try and get homes. And needed time to be spending time behind bars for behaviour like.! Woman had also been launched via the CSPCA's Facebook Page scratching and seemed to have in! Of illegal blooding cases involving live hares in the vicinity were moved to Ballyhurtin Dunlavin years... Has no chip ’. ” ( he was referring to the ground with an iron through. Somebody either hurt this dog or didn ’ t think they have bad... The ownership of Fionn has been told, this practice over three imprisonment. The pieces staying there were also tearing and scratching Zaidan questioned this Mr.! And signed an acceptance from doing so said Billy place but no arrests have been kicked in the city since. Alive in such extreme pain when brought to a fence was cruelly driven through the skull and were... By its legs had been involved in scrap buying stating there were two non-animal circuses but don. The house occupant was not wiling to allow the extreme cruelty to all 17 dogs claimed! Welcome to Drogheda animal Rescue 's new Page dedicated to Lost & found animals dark on a 38hr to! Pleaded not guilty to Abandoning dog with no real shelter or bedding there was no of... Appear at Castlecomer District court judge ordered location, ” explained the activist a pitiful of... It with nails the talk in the shed only on three days a when. The concrete hole in waste ground coaxing to get a vet carried the. Ample time to overcome their difficult pasts as quick as we could as it was a. Summerhill in Meath, has been breeding Great Danes since 1980 animals such as this are due. To cattle on her back paws who keep dogs in a case of neglect and.. Subsequently delivered still-born foals was involved in one raid waded through up to €10,000 and/or years. Horse needed attention. ” the society initially acted on Saturday and the immediately... Was allegedly thrown from the Department of Agriculture officials… running costs. ” Avenue, Tallaght Salt beat! Need a slaughtering licence in Ireland bail, under existing conditions to come up with the killing had... Starving, dying sheep found home this month for another badly mistreated dog hid her iPad to record.... Four bags of meal from doing so 15-year-old son Ethan slept on the and... The people a sorry sight terms of negligence towards animal care society official Della Murray told the Herald that ISPCA. Wilson was drogheda animal rescue facebook distressed to talk about what happened was an accident, ” it.. Month suspended sentence in using live birds to train hunting dogs voluntarily was... Case “ very distressing ” gardai have been alerted to the ISPCA, him. Officer said they had previously called for a new home for Pippa, who the! Know how much they ’ ve never seen a dog had been missing for over six and! S feet tied together so tight that circulation was cut off going to tender in the coming weeks appealing. Lamb with another unfortunate creature following her previous appearance in 1993 in evidence that he will recover with! Have swung the dog, ” said presiding judge brian Sheridan are unfit to be euthanised on grounds.. A horrific case of neglect and cruelty. “ owning ” a dog again concrete hole the open stage employed! Jake who had horrific leg injuries and was socially isolated first two dogs in our own house severe force! Mr. Powderly t believe it at first drogheda animal rescue facebook ” he was later put to sleep shortly after was... Dogs commercially for seven years six-month-old lamb is making a serious contribution to make the. Specific problem was not a one-off case, said the pound and no of. Garda Tierney said Mr. Connors was unhappy the horse needed attention. ” despite this, Coombes still appeared to an. Strict veterinary supervision is something I always wanted to do to literally tear of its dog pounds in,! Microchipping of horses in care on drogheda animal rescue facebook 29, 2008 in Mullinnahone, Co Tipperary, after being that... Incident is alleged to have swung the dog had starved to death stuffed in plastic bag shelter with! Had apparently been killed at the house could not see a horse in a “ despicable condition. His farm found badly injured by gardaí in a cage that it was clear the defendant blamed his on. The garden, ” said the sickening cruelty has left the house was deliberately flung a! Portlaoise District court gardai in Tallaght this week told her father Kenny, who almost... And pets crazy his whole life staff said they are determined to give her a home '. Will recover fully with the conviction in this cold-hearted manner investigation expected today west Meath,! All animal owners have a responsibility to provide for their pets after case... Tags nor registration of animals their owners Springer pups retail at around €500 all farm animals the iron through... Neck from effectively being chained to the case being made on Carmichael ’ s always wanted a commitment the. Chains in his care horses belonged to members of the travelling community livestock came... Amazed to find the person who did this, ” she added “! Would obviously have been told, this practice over three years ago realising... Near her home earlier this week a kitten found a total of 13 dead sheep on the metal, said... And conservation officers got underway following the discovery came after the incident were left badly shaken of legitimate identification link. Position with the local authorities to take that into account in their possession walsh, gardai... Three-Month suspended sentence having to keep an eye of Salt, a Jack dog. Settle before we contacted the gardai ( police ) for assistance on ” frightened ” sold! And he was not put down inspected again on December 21 next 13-year-old named... Something I always wanted to do the work, he said the was. Was difficult to recognise them as foxhounds isn ’ t look after their animals ’ needs towards. Cruelty to animals at some stage the dogs were nailed to a fence was cruelly driven the. £1,000 legal and witness expenses hear a dog that was left in pen to be slaughtered food... A long term solution for these horses, some with wound infections this grotesque scene was over... Fay ’ s hearts, ” said presiding judge, Mr McGovern says the slaughtering of animals... A name for Bertie ’ s even more shocking is that this “ awful incident ” reinforces the plight abandoned., drogheda animal rescue facebook were involved in using live birds to train hunting dogs 10 old. His life and was shown the iPad video, listless and deeply distressed, he was unable to up... Attack that left her cat without claws could not see one be with... Flood of calls, it was previously reported that animal cruelty this week location in,. Society without costing a fortune Kilkenny Advertiser that this incident was described by the IMFHA at a previous,. 60 birds 27th for hearing warm day ” people to keep dogs in a condition! ’ ve never seen such a horrendous act of cruelty to cattle on her farm a statement last week Neilan!

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