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For those who love the urban life, Mexico City is as vibrant as you can get. 10 Reasons to Move to Mexico. Be the first! A few blocks from our apartment in Mazatlan, just below Icebox Hill, on the street called Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon, the chapel of Guadalupe is decorated by the residents of the neighborhood. The expats we’ve met are interesting, adventurous, outgoing people. I'm Janet Blaser, here to tell you that you CAN follow your dream & move to Mexico! Unfortunately, no-one has been kind enough to leave a quick positive comment on this expat blog. March, April and May are the driest months. 1 talking about this. Expat Exchange Directory of Expats Blogs & Websites for Mexico - Mexico Blogs - Mexico and expats - visit expatexchange.com to meet other expats, get expert advice on living abroad Mexico, international schools Mexico, taxes Mexico, relocation Mexico, real estate Mexico, housing Mexico, jobs Mexico, doing business Mexico, cost of living Mexico Mazatlán. Hello friends! Join us at 5 pm Central to learn more about life in Mazatlan and more! VidaMaz. My musings as an ex-pat about living in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México. Home » Expat Blogs » Mexico » Mazatlan » VidaMaz. Leave some love for this blog: Your Name : Do you think this blog has what it takes to be listed at the top of Expats … Expats talk about some of the biggest challenges they've faced living in Latin America. She and her husband are American expats from the Seattle area who retired to Mazatlan more than two years ago. With 300+ days of sunshine per year, beachside apartments for less than $250/month, incredible food, affordable health care, and a two-hour flight from the U.S., it’s no wonder over 20,000 expats call this place home. You'll meet expat residents at the usual haunts around the main square, Peralta theater, major shopping sites, etc. We list our top favourite British expat forum for each destination country and the big general sites too. Posted in Expat Kids and Family, Expat Life, Life in Mazatlán, Uncategorized Tagged coronavirus , COVID-19 , expatriate life , Mazatlan , Mexico , Sinaloa 13 Comments Useful information on living as an expat in the Algarve. Or are you planning to do it in 10 to 15 years? Mazatlán is one of the few places in the world where you can walk for miles on an uncrowded beach within the city limits. This is where a ton of the great little boutique hotels are that I love. This Saturday I have a special guest who lives in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, and is loving life there! All in all, it has been a great choice for our first 10 years in Mexico.” Related Articles. I remember what it felt like as a total newbie, a woman on her own down here for the first time. American Expats In Mazatlan, Mexico If you are looking to connect with American expats in Mazatlan, Mexico, then this page brings together all the latest expat blogs Mazatlan written by American bloggers, any interviews, articles and news items we have here at ExpatsBlog.com. This blog is not about your Mexican phone but about the lure of living in Mexico. Colin Harnett is a British citizen, and Mexican citizen for a decade, who has decided to seek smiles "in a year that has not treated us well at all" They know him as " El Señor del Vocho Rosa " and his car is part of the urban landscape of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. 86 talking about this. Tuesday, January 27, 2015. Whether you are already living here or are planning to move to Portugal in the future, you'll find plenty of very useful information here. Welcome to our Algarve Expat Guide! August is the wettest month of the year with over 9 inches of rain, nearly one-third of Mazatlán’s annual rainfall of 31 inches. Retired expats in Mazatlan consist of judges, musicians, accountants, office clerks, business owners, travel agents, artists, teachers, nurses, doctors, construction workers, drivers, CEOs, and many more. Mazatlan Travel Blog Mazatlan, Mexico. Everyday Life In Mazatlan by a Happy ExPat I was wowed when I first visited Mazatlan. Became a resort destination hotspot in the 1950s after American celebrities "discovered it," but has recently lost most of its allure thanks to the state of Sinaloa's pesky - but not unearned - reputation for drug violence. Decisions on where to live are often based on the proximity to attractions such as the beach and fine dining or in some cases, to how […] Mexico has no shortage of beach towns for you to choose from for a sun-drenched vacation. It offers good weather, a slower pace of life and affordable living. Ready to retire to our neighbor to the south? It’s just a neighborhood with so much character and so many great foodie spots. Hopefully, things are improving for people who live there. Cruise ships stopped making port calls there until relatively recently. Algarve Expat Guide. Understanding Why Expats in Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, and Mexico City Choose Lakeside Medical Group. Fresh seafood is … I know most of my readers are interested in life in Mexico but at the present time life here is mostly life at home. Ensenada is an expat hub, so there are plenty of people who speak at least some English. Best of luck with the relocation planning. Whether you're moving to Panama City or Punta del Este, this article is a must read to help you prepare (hint: you'll be much happier if you learn the language) and adjust your expectations (realities: the roads are rough, the pace of life is slower and bureaucracy is unavoidable). What’s not to like? One of the important benefits of living in Mazatlán – and Mexico in general – is the significantly lower cost of healthcare. During the rainy season about 16 inches of rain falls on the city. Colin Harnett was born […] 0. My friend Darryl printed up T-shirts that said, "I've fallen in love with Mazatlan." When they first started thinking about moving permanently to Mexico, Nancy and Paul launched a blog, Countdown to Mexico , in order to chronicle the entire decision making and relocation process. VidaMaz. From info on local markets, to financial advisors, schools, home services, UK TV and satellite systems, pools and pool maintenance and more. Downside of Expat Life in Mexico: The noise. This August, I will be 59. The love of family The societal urge to celebrate everything and anything possible The pace of life The priorities of day to day living I love the way we greet each other I like the impromptu-ness of life here (unless Im in the frustrated stage from above) Most of the restaurants in this list are in the Centro Historico because that’s where I spent the majority of my time when we were living in Mazatlan. A snapshot of the most common residential areas preferred by snowbirds and expats in Mazatlan When coming to Mazatlan, it’s not surprising that snowbirds and expats return to the same areas of town each year. It isn't hard to do, but is much easier if there is not a cruise ship in port. Mazatlán has beautiful beaches and a walkable colonial center that manages to be both a popular expat choice and an authentic Mexican resort town. All-night raging parties seem to be the norm, even in “family” neighborhoods. Posted in Events and Holidays, Expat Life, Life in Mazatlán Tagged Beach , COVID-19 , fireworks , Mazatlan , Mazatlán , México , Mexico , New Year's Eve 2020 , Sinaloa 6 Comments Saving $3,000 A Month In The “Little Big Town” Of Mazatlán. Homes From $40,000 In Mazatlán… We all enjoy eating out great food at a fraction of the cost in USA or Canada. Many cities popular with expats are in the highlands, where you can enjoy an “eternal spring” climate. Best Restaurants in Mazatlan. Healthcare services generally are more than 50 percent less expensive than similar services in the U.S. and most developed countries. This coastal city is one of the top places to visit in Mexico, and for good reason.. Long a favourite of surfers and expats, Mazatlan has a lot to offer travellers! There are endless fun things to do in Mazatlan, which is affectionately known as the Pearl of the Pacific. Read our comprehensive guide and find everything you need to know for a successful expat journey to your new home. And the repetitive song of the posada echoes in neighborhoods across the city. When I came to first spend a winter in Mazatlan, I was 50. Mexico is the most popular choice among Americans who have decided to retire abroad. Hola & Hello! Living in Mexico can be fun irrespective of whether you are in the scenic resort town Puerto Vallarta or in Mazatlan, Mexico's closest mainland resort city to America. Mazatlan Mayor silent about his suspension from the Morena party The Mazatlan Post - January 14, 2021 Mazatlan firefighters celebrate 79 years of service in the city Here’s how to make […] Mazatlan had a higher crime and homicide rate than most major US cities. See more ideas about Expat living, Expat, Move abroad. If you want to get involved with the local community, there are volunteer opportunities and numerous social events. So, what do you need to move to Mexico? So that’s what I’m going to talk about today. Coping Strategies 2 weeks ago I have been having a hard time figuring what to write about to keep the blog going. Expats In Mazatlan Blogs Directory at Expats Blog. Mazatlán, Mexico has dibs on us. Mazatlán’s rainy season begins in July and ends by October. Compare the Cost of Living in Mazatlán with any other city in the world. Aug 26, 2020 - Explore Laura Osentoski's board "Expat living Mazatlan", followed by 266 people on Pinterest. We've only visited Mazatlan, but I'm certain that you'll find groups to join. List of prices in Mazatlán (Mexico) for food, housing, transportation, going out, and more on Jan 2021. I've never been to Mazatlan and I hear a lot of good things about the city from some expats. Flowers, manger scenes and tinny recorded Christmas music proclaim the season.

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