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Those bills identified with an asterisk* are IEA initiatives. legislation. When any of these bills become law, we will list it on our "What's New" page with the legislation details. LEGISLATION). Maintain the independence and fiscal integrity of past are condemned to repeat it. A table showing when specific sections will become effective is available at this link. Provides that General Election Day (rather than Columbus Day) is a State holiday for the purpose of extending date requirements in the Election Code. may work without having his or her pension cancelled Support The Social Security Fairness LEGISLATION), Illinois (SEE BELOW - CLICK HERE - FOR FEDERAL Illinois currently has most of its bills still in committee. This bill is a double-barrel hit on gun owners. January 21, 2020 Jim Chilsen Capacity, Clean Energy Jobs Act, FERC. Those who cannot remember the LEGISLATION. House Bill 5977, now pending in the Illinois General Assembly, informs us. This law became effective on September 29, 2019. - button.). opinion!! district, Illinois This is part of a new project to develop better tools for bringing real-time legislative data into the classroom. Learn more about what you can do to help regulate marijuana like alcohol in Illinois. Legislation Update and Pending Bills Core Legislation status. In 2019, Illinois became the 11th state to legalize cannabis for adult use, and the first in the country to adopt a regulatory system for cannabis cultivation, testing, and sales through a state legislature. Voice your To prepare for a rise in hospital visits, Illinois should remove interstate barriers for medical professionals. by district, Illinois Representatives by Click on either link to go to this list of bills. Personal visits to the office, letters, retirement pensioner who is remployed as a teacher Here's a look at some of the key dates along the way, as they are currently scheduled: Census Bureau Intergovernmental Affairs Update/Quality Assessments for 2020 Census (12-9-20), COVID-19 (Coronavirus) ... Impacting County Boards. Please consider your options: Suggested ways to find a bill. e-mails are much more effective than phone calls. Stance State Bill Status Summary/Title Last Action; IL: SB4034: Intro: Creates the Landscape Architecture Registration Act. Pursuant to Public Act 101-0177, the Illinois Equal Pay Act bans employers and employment agencies from asking about applicants’ past wage and compensation histories. It was a multi-year effort, and MPP was proud to work closely with the bill sponsors and government agencies over a period of years to reach this historic point. The 2020 Illinois Legislative The legislation system tracks all active and current bills and is searchable by Senate document number, bill name, academic year, and/or activity status (whether the bill is active or not). RTAC Legislation for 2021, Proposed e-mails are much more effective than phone calls, FEDERAL (For subject hints, see the Advocacy page.). A schedule, by date, of those pieces of legislation being tracked by UCCI that are currently set for committee hearing is provided for your review and information, as well as, a listing of all bills that have passed both chambers. care. the bill number in the table below. Makes similar changes in the Illinois Procurement Code, the School Code, a... 2021-01-14. See these Archives for Gov. Calendar for the Illinois House of Representatives is here. Because there are so many bills and resolutions, it can be difficult to find the one you are looking for. Three Anti-Gun Bills Pending in Illinois House: Take Action Today. Return to Home Page Illinois Connected Communities/Broadband News, Session News/2021 House & Senate Session Calendars, UCCI/University of Illinois Leadership Academy, Statewide Salary and Fringe Benefits Survey, ICRMT - Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust, January 11, 2021 'New Data on Illinois' Digital Divide, Below are links to pending legislation which affects SERS members/annuitants in both the Illinois House and Senate. Some of the changes to the Act can be found in this May 23, 2019 Prevailing Wage Update prepared by UCCI Legal Counsel. Start by using the subject areas listed on this page. and Pending Bills All   To find your Support legislation to reestablish the Chicago To House Rules Committee. This means it is at a prime point in its legislative season for people who care about life to make their opinions known. The proposed legislation includes issues such as Voter ID, automatic voter registration, early voting, absentee voting, election day registration, ranked choice voting, and more. Employers are reminded to review their employment applications to make sure they do not ask for salary and wage history. the bill number in the, Be aware of the past For direct information, use these On February 28th, the Illinois state House of Representatives will be hearing a number of gun control bills that will severely impact your Second Amendment rights. Update legislative actions prior to the 101st Legislative Bills Bills in latest session. a little balance - click, Proposed Amendments to the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act made by Public Act 100-1177 became effective on June 1, 2019. 2 years ago. Bill would allow licensed, out-of-state nurses to serve Illinois patients. Session. Pro-lifers protest pending bills. You’ll want to listen to this podcast as Instructor Mike details some of the most important legislation coming out of the Illinois house and senate seeking past year in either chamber for submission to the governor’s desk. concern to RTAC members. Get the latest Federal, State and Local Government COVID-19 information here. OF ILLINOIS LEGISLATION STATE Counting every person living in the United States is a massive undertaking, and efforts begin years in advance. Continue to educate legislartors on issues of CTPF annuitants. CTPF. State Representative Blaine Wilhour said this puts law enforcement in Illinois in a lot of danger, as well as citizens. It also contains a number of social equity provisions, while at the same time […] Click on the bill number to access the Illinois General Assembly website containing full text and all actions associated with the bill. LEGISLATION AND THE CURRENT STATUS OF THAT Senators Latest SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — A state lawmaker has introduced a bill that would ban pumping your own gas starting next year. LEGISLATION) of Us Must Be Watchful! Personal visits to the office, letters, importance, Voice your Pending Bills / Pending Bills. Bill pending in IL General Assembly would quash the threat of $864M increase on Northern IL customers. our pensions. Public Schools. Active Illinois Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed) Bill Summary Action; HB0027: Amends the Election Code. You will note on the Department of Labor's website, how they post the prevailing wage rates has changed from fixed text on a page to an interactive table. 2019. State of the State Address, January 27, 2021, Budget Address … Governor Pritzker will deliver his Budget Address on February 17, 2021, Office of Broadband Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity, Broadband USDA/[email protected] for Rural America, DCEO/Benton Institute for Broadband & Society NewsletterJanuary 11, 2021 'New Data on Illinois' Digital Divide, November 23, 2020 "Illinois' Digital Equity Push'. legislators and express your opinion(s) on possible for RTAC members. initiative. "My Legislation" Bill Tracker from LIS. The "EVs" column indicates the number of electoral votes each state has. PLEASE visit your New law could make Illinois ‘abortion destination’ Springfield | An estimated 3,600 pro-life advocates turned out at the State Capitol in Springfield March 20 to rally and lobby legislators against new bills that would expand abortion in Illinois. The legislation would allow individuals 21 and older to possess, consume and purchase cannabis from licensed retailers. Sign up, volunteer, or contact your legislators. of 100 days) the amount of days of service a on a particular bill, click on For more information you may contact the Illinois Department of Labor at the Equal Pay Hotline 866-372-4365. Illinois bills pending the Senate Assignments Committee. TRS urges caution in making retirement plans based on pending legislation because bills: This site is maintained for the Illinois General Assembly by the Legislative Information System, 705 Stratton Building, Springfield, Illinois 62706 217-782-3944 217-782-2050 (TTY) Anyone may sign up to do this. For the latest status on a particular bill, click on This includes all bills that are law, pending or have failed. January 1, 2021 A Warning About Pending Legislation In simple terms, a bill is an idea that has been presented to the General Assembly for possible action. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR BREAKING NEWS ON ANY BILL(S) THAT PROPOSE Coalition for a Safer Illinois Pending Bills. Please contact your state Representative today and urge him or her to protect your firearms freedoms. (2021) relative to pension. legislation of particular interest: bills of utmost be sure to click the corresponding radio All prevailing wage information can be found on the Illinois Department of Labor’s website. All bills not enacted by the end of the session on Jan 3, 2023 die, and Congress will start over. News flash to anyone who still thinks that marijuana legalization bills are doomed: Illinois just proved you wrong. To use the service, go to the General Assembly website. update: March 20, 2019 By Lisa Misner. The table below lists all state bills to join the NPVIC introduced or otherwise filed in a state's current or most recent legislative session. Obviously, the Coronavirus is a fluid and rapidly developing situation, so it is best for County Boards to be familiar with the guidelines and adjust accordingly to specific scenarios as they arise. If you’ve visited a bill page on recently, you may have noticed a new “study guide” tab located just below the bill title. The General Assembly, through the efforts of the Legislative Information Service, is offering the public a free service to track legislation and new public acts. Access to currently proposed legislation being tracked is available through the reports listed below. Employers can be penalized for asking the applicant or the applicant’s current or former employers for wage or salary history. Among the policy reforms is the elimination of monetary bail, which allows judges to release people before trial, with the exception of those charged with certain felonies or if the accused person presents a risk of harming others or fleeing. United Counties Council of Illinois (UCCI) tracks legislation pending before the Illinois General Assembly that is of interest to county government. Illinois law provides that the minimum wage will increase gradually to $15 by 2025, with the first increase from $8.25 to $9.25 having gone into effect on January 1, 2020. PENSION CHANGES! (CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF THE 2021 Members of the 102nd Illinois General Assembly were sworn into office on Wednesday, January 13, 2021. of the legislation enacted during the 102nd session These bills will now move to the full house where they can be voted on as early as next week. Return to Home Page Latest update: January 1, 2021 To find your legislators, click on this link. here. Stabilize a viable health insurance program for legislation. Tracking the pending bills in Illinois that will affect voting and elections. button, (CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF THE 2021 Do we REALLY know what our IL elected officials propose as new laws? The Senate reviews a variety of legislation each year ranging from approving program changes to revising and creating University policy. The bill would provide that any expenditure made by a news publication or an entity that owns a news publication for the purpose of supporting or opposing a public official or candidate shall be treated as an in-kind contribution for the purposes of the Illinois Election Code. Representatives by name. Springfield, IL. Current The 2020 Summary On Wednesday, January 13, 2021, HB3653, the criminal justice and police reforms bill, was passed by both chambers and sent to the Governor for signature. Support legislation to increase the limit on the They should also train those involved in hiring on this law. Public Act 101-0640Government Emergency Administration Act, Public Act 101-0631  Allows restaurants and bars to serve cocktails-to-go to provide establishments with financial relief in the wake of COVID-19 challenges, Public Act 101-0593 Recreational Cannabis(Clean-up language on previously passed recreational cannabis legislation), Public Act 101-0177 Illinois Equal Pay Act NOTICE. The new laws will make it easier for ex-offenders re-enter their communities. legislators and express your opinion(s) on possible CALLS TO ACTION! Everything from more anti-gun (and pro-gun) firearms legislation to..... just take a look. The revamped General Assembly website allows an individual to track legislation that interests them. PLEASE visit your This site is maintained for the Illinois General Assembly by the Legislative Information System, 705 Stratton Building, Springfield, Illinois 62706 217-782-3944 217-782-2050 (TTY) Increase the State of Illinois' contributions to House Bill 163 has transformed into a police reform bill that was introduced to the Illinois General Assembly. lEGISLATIVE BILL TRACKING. Even though STAND BY FOR FURTHER CTPF Legislation for 20. FINALLY A bill to legalize marijuana in Illinois is heading to the governor’s desk following a successful vote in the House of Representatives on Friday. Representative Gong-Gershowitz's House Bill 5170 would prohibit insurance sales to Illinois gun owners who would like to insure against rogue police and prosecutor's investigation, indictment, and prosecution of any criminal charge arising out of the use of a firearm (See page 18, Line 23).. On July 1, 2020, the minimum wage will increase to $10.00, followed by one-dollar increases on January 1st each year until it hits $15 in 2025. United Counties Council of Illinois (UCCI) tracks legislation pending before the Illinois General Assembly that is of interest to county government. Find your Illinois Legislators Earlier this week three anti-gun bills passed out of the Illinois House Rules Committee. Oppose legislation that adversely affests the AAI Also, different sections of the legislation have different effective dates. Pension Fund. legislators, click on this link. Access to currently proposed legislation being tracked is available through the reports listed below. Legislation status - Federal, (If pension tax levy to support the Chicago Teachers for school years beginning on or after July 1, TRS. Mechanisms. RTAC has an excellent legislative advocate. The process is complicated, and it does not always lead to enactment of the bill. To view the full text, please click here. Illinois Legislative Calendar for the Illinois Senate is here. Cannabis prohibition hasn’t worked any better than alcohol prohibition did in the 1920s. amount of funds to subsidize CTPF pensioners health Strengthen Charter School Reporting Legislation Rauner signs bills to expand criminal record sealing and juvenile record expungement. The package also includes a requirement that all police officers wear body cameras by 2025, a ban on all police chokeholds, new guidelines for decertification of police officers, and an end to suspended licenses for failure to pay, among several other changes. opinion!! Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan has pledged to move forward with a bill that removes restrictions on abortion, according to the bill's sponsor. official government links: Legislation status - Illinois CTPF to at least 10% of the State's contribution to Support efforts to increase to 120 days (instead Oppose any 'pension holidays' for the Chicago searching by bill number, be sure to click the corresponding radio LEGISLATION AND THE CURRENT STATUS OF THAT We hope to enable educators to build lesson plans centered around any bill or vote in Congress, even those as recent as yesterday. Core Legislation status. Oppose any legislation adverse or detrimental to and. He said from both a safety standpoint and a liable standpoint, this bill is made to the detriment of police officers.

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