mario vs sonic death battle

The fastest man-made object in real life was the New Horizon space probe, which took off at more than 36,000 miles per hour. He appeared in the 13th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Mario VS Sonic, as well as the revisit in the 100th episode, where he fought against Mario from the Super Mario series. Wiz: For this bout, we'll be using the same rules that DEATH BATTLE! After the chair opens in the air, Sonic lands face-first in the sand. (*Cues: Buoy Base Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy*). And with the Mega Mushroom, he gets GINORMOUS, mowin' down people, plants, environment, hell, everything! As Sonic is faster than them, this supports his cartoon feats. Sonic is calmly sitting in a field when Mario emerges from a pipe. Wiz: Assuming S*P*D translates to metric meters, given the game's Japanese development, that puts Sonic's top speed over 7,872 miles per hour, over ten times the speed of sound, and just over the official hypersonic description. Boomstick: Looks like Mario just couldn't keep up. Mario: And it's our job to analyze their weapons armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle. However, this conflicts with a 2012 interview in which he claimed Mario had no surname. These two iconic duos of gaming battle! Popup: While his speed has broken time, this required special circumstances such as using a Time Warp Plate in Sonic CD, or interacting with a void in space/time created by the Time Eater. Boomstick: (singing) He's the fastest thing alive! Using the combined powers of the Metal Cap and the Power Star, he attacks Sonic with the Mario Tornado, only for the power to suddenly wear off. Mario and Sonic vs Luigi and Tails! He can crush his enemies with the Spin Attack, strike multiple times with the Homing Attack, go zero to sonic boom instantly with the Super Peel Out, and plow through hordes of Badniks with the Spin Dash. Wiz: But hope persisted. Doctor. Directed by Ben Singer, Ryan Sohmer. (*Cues: Greenhill Zone - (Videogame Orchestra)*). Boomstick: Except for that time he tortured an animal, but no one really talks about that. Wiz: Its presence near Sonic does emulate that of a singularity, and Sonic actually outran its pull for thirty seconds. Mario vs Sonic DEATH BATTLE. Mario quickly grabs a Lucky Bell and turns into Cat Mario, scratching Red Burst and removes the Wisp, thus making Sonic turn to normal, knocking Double Cherries off of the trees, and skipping into the water. Mario vs Sonic And that’s how Mario won. Sonic the Hedgehog is the titular protagonist of the video game franchise of the same name. Their fame unmatched. Couldn't Sonic just stop time and take care of things whi-, (Wiz uses the stopwatch to pause Boomstick). (*Cues: Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates*). Boomstick: Wait, Wiz! No shit. Wiz: The Starman envelops Mario into a blinding aura of compressed energy, granting increased speed and complete invulnerability for a short time. Luckily, a Chain Chomp is a perfect sphere, so we can compare it to Mario's height to find that it weighs nearly six thousand tons. It starts off with a tropical piece since the fight is at a beach before switching to a faster, jazzier tone that homages several pieces in both franchises. This guy must blow through shoes. The Bob-ombs exploded, sending Mario and Sonic flying. Boomstick: How about that one time he caught up to a Cyan Wisp? (flips the bird with both hands) Aah! Mario VS Sonic rematch Death Battle predictions Random. Ugh- I've seen things! Mario VS Sonic (2018) Season 5 Overall Episode 100 Season Episode 13 Air date October 17th, 2018 Written by Ben Singer Animated by Blind Ferret Episode link Rooster Teeth YouTube Episode guide Previous Nightwing VS Daredevil Next Ultron VS Sigma (*Cues: Final Bowser Battle - Super Mario Galaxy 2*). While wearing it, Mario can jump even higher, swim even faster, and breathe underwater. Wiz: With his Frog Suit, his swimming ability increases dramatically. Mario grabs hold of the fire spin and swings it for a few rounds. Sonic cannot run through time on his own. Given the 40-second time frame, he was launched over 21 million miles per hour and landed with 1.37 megatons of force! Wiz: Mario was assuredly destined for greatness. A short montage of the fight begins. You may recall that some several odd years ago, Death Battle actually did this match-up already. Cash it in Mario. Sonic attacks Mario with fast combos and sends him onto the pipe he emerged from. While Mario obviously couldn't match Sonic's relativistic top-running speeds, he's moved efficiently as a bolt of electricity, and piloted the Star Diver. Invincible Wing Mario and Hyper Sonic trade punches and kicks at each other until they reach the outer space, where they prepare for big swings of arms. Wiz: I'm Wizard and he's Boomstick, and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle. Mario counters Sonic's dash with his hammer. Boomstick: Time to find out if Sega really does what Ninten-don't. The concept art can be viewed, This is the third overall fight to be animated in a hand-drawn style after, This is the second episode to be animated by Blind Ferret, after, This episode currently has the lowest like/dislike ratio of the 5th season, with an 81% positive reception rate. With Ben Singer, Chad James, Caden Redpearl, Charles Martinet. Boomstick: And he just kicked it away, like it was a friggin' soccer ball! Mario shakes off his arms to cool down, while a leg of the now incinerated Sonic lands on Mario's palms. (A dumbfounded Boomstick blinks for a moment before revealing a can of beer in his hand), Boomstick: Now seems like a good time for a beer. Boomstick: Gah! (*Cues: Airship Theme - Super Mario Galaxy*). Wiz: Unfortunately, good things don't last forever, without a steady supply of rings, these super forms can't even stick around for a full minute. Wiz: It's heavily implied he knows how to, but Sonic has never actually used the Time Stop ability in canon. Super Sonic continuously attacks Mega Mario, but his attacks do very little. Wiz: Their power-ups seemed evenly matched, countering blow for blow. Holy crap! Sonic removes his sunglasses and gives Mario a smug smile. Without a steady supply of power rings, it can't even last a full minute. Sonic was voiced by Caden Redpearl. 's current standards. Mario smirks, only to find multiple Double Cherries on the ground, much to his joy. Wiz: Their rivalry is legendary. Instead, Mega Mario punches Super Sonic away and the power of the Chaos Emeralds wears off, causing Super Sonic to return to peak physical bluish form. You'd think this guy would just, like, vomit all the time. Mario catching Sonic's Spin Dash is a call back to how the original battle ended: during freefall, Sonic attempts to grind Mario to death with a Spin Dash. Boomstick: Who says white guys can't jump? Sonic used his flame dash attack to hit Mario six times. Boomstick: The Fire Shield can absorb, well, fire and heat, though it can't survive underwater. Ultimate Invitational Grand Finals match between famous Smash competitors, This is the first episode in which Wiz and Boomstick physically appear, as opposed to voice-overs or, as in, This is the 13th episode to be both a DEATH BATTLE! (*Cues: Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Robotnik Theme (Orchestral)*). Hyper Sonic continues his attack and pushed Mario off his cat costume and pushes Mario off the beach onto the ocean surface. Super Sonic: So you're tougher than I thought, huh? Boomstick: And if you ignore him, hah, he'll straight up leave you! Wiz: He is well known for his incredible athleticism and unmatched jumping ability. The Italian plumber catches at the homing spin, while his hand gloves are being ground bit by bit as the gloves take the damage from the hedgehog's Spin Dash. Boomstick: When you've got an army of dinosaurs serving you before you can even speak, you know you're gonna do great things. Well, what’s all this if that fight was over and done with, you may ask? Red Burst hits Mario, knocking the plumber into a tree, and turns around and is about to strike again. Mario's foot is two hundred and thirty-one times more powerful than the atomic bomb that dropped on Hiroshima. The one-sided beating continues until a rainbow beam blasts out and Hyper Sonic rises into the air. He fought Sonic the Hedgehog yet again in the 100th episode of Death Battle. rubyrose, boomstick, zwei. Mario throws Sonic against the pipe. Boomstick: Well, the Ice Flower lets him freeze enemies, the Lucky Bell turns him into a kitty cat, and the Super Mushroom gives him a power boost and increases his size. He said that thing's almost as fast as him, even without its laser mode! Boomstick: Yeah....if I didn't know better, I'd swear you just made those words up. Mario then starts to throw fireballs at the speedy hedgehog, who then starts to dodge them. Popup: Mario compares to Donkey Kong (who punched the moon out of orbit) and Wario, who survived the Shake King detonating. Wiz: Needless to say, the Mushroom Kingdom was in good hands. Boomstick: He's got all the abilities of Super Sonic, plus total invincibility, and a Hyper Flash that insta-kills everything around him, oh, and he's definitely faster than light now.

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