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Even the most ardent cricket fanatic can't know all the great players of their own generation, let alone all the great players of all time. After leading the Indian team to its first test series win on English soil, she won the ICC Women's Player of the Year. A smaller player whose teams never measured up to his talent, he did not notch as many victories as, perhaps, he should have. Top User Quizzes in Sports. 55) Name the first captain of the West Indies team: Answer: Karl Nunes. Whitechapel's own Sarah Jane Taylor is as intimidating on the pitch as any player. Entirely self-taught, he found how to generate lift with his pitches, allowing him to move the ball in the air both ways. Perhaps her most notable achievement is that, at Chelmsford in 2009, she scored the highest individual score versus Australia by any English woman. The top line in any piece about him has to be his gaudy numbers, his batting average in particular: 99.94. Lucky for you, HowStuffWorks Play is here to help. Playing quizzes is free! Australian national cricket team — The Baggy Greens. 2. 7. How well do you know the men and women who play perhaps the most gentle game of them all? Take our quiz below, which looks at former players across a range of eras. A nearly perfect all-rounder, he came only 31 runs shy of a 40,000 run/ 4,000 wicket first-class double. Tick. 20 cricket questions for your home pub quiz. Guess the cricketers names quiz: Answers to the cricketers quiz. Take up the quiz to find… Thank you for becoming a member. England's greatest fast bowler, Katherine Helen Brunt took her 150th wicket in a series against Pakistan in 2019. While many of his numbers have since been eclipsed, Garry Sobers was, in his time, the greatest batsman of his generation, and one of the highest run-scorers ever. If you enjoyed this story, please share with your fellow cricket fans and team-mates. 5. Before his ascent, wicketkeepers were expected not only to fit a certain type of personality but also not be particularly good batsmen, batting low in the order. All the best, and keep practicing! These are the players we can name as the cricketers we should all know, at least by their uniforms. It is said he once turned up to a game still in full black tie from a party the night before, taking seven wickets to bowl South Australia out for 27. For a game with origins in the Middle Ages, cricket has done something rather incredible in its rise to become one of the top sports in the world. 7 Minute Quiz In 76 ODI innings, she scored 13 centuries, and she holds a record 625 runs scored in one year of Women's Twenty20 International play. Sunil Gavaskar was the first player to reach 10,000 Test runs. 56) Name the player who was called “Harmy”? We’ve set the cut-off to a minimum of 50 Test wins in this period, meaning all of 20 players made the cut. She was also named the ICC Cricketer of the Year, the first woman ever to be so honoured. 58) What town are the Surrey County Cricket Club based in? Perhaps very strikingly, he is one of the wealthiest cricketers in the world, with a personal fortune between £38 million and £80 million, depending on whom you ask. 3. People new to cricket may find this hard. The period under consideration begins from January 1, 2000 tothe  present date. -a-i-- -oh- -a-il-on -a-s-a-- I am a Right-hand Batsman born in 1979 I made my ODI debut 3 years later than my test debut with 5 more players against Pakistan and scored a half-century I played my first and last Test agianst the same team. √ Bet you can't name them all! Also Read | 'Guess The Alcohol Names' Quiz On WhatsApp Explained With Answers Inside ‘Guess the Indian cricket player names’: Answers to Indian cricketers name quiz. He is the only lefty bowler to take 400 Test wickets, and in the 2003 World Cup, he became the only bowler to take 500 wickets in ODI. Adam Gilchrist was a ray of Australian sunshine and a dominant batsman, both of which were contradictions of the status quo. Fifteen years on from their first game in the format, how many of the 91 male players to represent England in Twenty20 cricket can you name? She holds records in most half-centuries in WODIs, most runs in WODIs, only female cricketer to pass 6,000 runs in WODIs, and she scored seven 50s in a row in ODIs, making her the first to do so. 4. What is an octane rating? He wasn't the marquee name for his teams, often playing behind more illustrious names, but his consistent, grinding, never say die style of play meant that eventually, he would push through. Your challenge in this cricket quiz is to name all 37 players within 10 minutes. Have you studied? QUIZ: Immensely popular in England, Australia, India, and many other British Commonwealth countries, the sport of cricket is a way of life for many people. Perhaps not too surprisingly, it’s a list dominated by the Australians, given their stellar success in the format in the first decade of the century. They went with a second-string side in 2007 to return with the trophy but has since not won any. Lara broke Garry Sobers' long-standing Test score record, but then Matthew Hayden broke his record, so he broke Hayden's record, setting the new figure at 400. Our award-winning website offers reliable, easy-to-understand explanations about how the world works. Following his explosive debut, he played League and Minor Counties cricket. Play our Cricket Players quiz games now! Can you? Cricket Quiz Questions by Questionsgems. Latest Cricket News Still, he did lead South Africa to win the inaugural ICC Champions Trophy. The cut-off we’ve kept is that of minimum 100 … In reaching 300 off in only 278 balls, he became the fastest triple century in international cricket. The England captain looked back to his best at Galle, The third umpire needs to get his law book out, Mickey Arthur is coming for him, South Africa-England combined T20I team selector, England Test team of the 1990s team selector, SCG launch investigation into alleged racial abuse, Watch: Pant sings Spiderman song behind the stumps, Six takeaways from England’s first Test win.

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