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Stationary and Scrapbooking Beautiful akoya oysters. Pearl’s Party Providers is a family-owned company named after our grandmother. Nail Accessories 7. Home Kory’s Kloset Openings & Events: Book NOW expand. We are a family owned business and work hard to ensure you enjoy your visit with us and receive the best customer experience around. You are not obligated to sell just on Facebook Live. Welcome to the World’s Largest Online Pearl Company - Save up … We started with one moon bounce and as we began to grow our customer base had to grow. Learn how to start a pearl business. You want to start your own pearl party and need a vendor and a name to be your backer. Pearl Popping Party with Jenny!! You can choose between opening LIVE on one of our Facebook Party Live Events or open in the privacy of your own home! Established in 1981, we have been serving our community for more than 38 years. You will be placed on the list with your other fellow new consultants. Endless amounts of hours, time and business relationships are grown over the years. Pearl Party Fun With Kory. SCAM - Education page for pearl party folks. We also have one of the most unique and beautiful jewelry collections to help you proudly display your new pearl, making us a one stop shop for all of your pearl needs. If you have ever thought about having your own business, or you are looking to make some extra money on the side, this is great for you. All Rights Reserved by Oyster Pearl Company LLC. This pearl opening thing has been around for years. One pearl party company — It’s Pearl Time — informed us that it purchases the proper licensing and its independent consultants fall under the company’s licenses and permits. Are you looking to join a pearl company and work from home on you own flexible schedule? In home pearl parties. Join Us. A. Pearl Party SCAM. Pearl Rental Center is a family owned and operated business in Pearl, Mississippi that rents to homeowners and contractors throughout the Jackson, Mississippi metro area. to sell just on Facebook Live. About Us Our company was established in July 2017. Our best Consultants are those that have an outgoing personality and who can market themselves well to obtain a large following. What color pearl will be revealed for you during the party? SOCIAL. During each Live Pearl Party on Facebook, we will be opening oysters that have been purchased from this store site. That chart suggests there is a standard way to value pearls based on their size and color, which the experts insist is not the case. Not only is our compensation plan fair, but it can also provide you with a great liveable income. Are you a stay at home mom, or a working mom looking for a small side part-time project. FREE giveaways, prizes, and contests. We pride ourselves on providing quality products at an affordable price for all of our Customers, while providing an excellent compensation plan for our Independent Consultants. All consultants will automatically enjoy an unlimited 40% discount on all jewelry from our Headquarters website. Ask about buying one of our Oyster Bundle Deals for bulk order savings!! Executives Jack Pearl. A. What Is a Home Party Business? This is one of many perks of working with us. We are eager to help you succeed. 2. We specialize in providing affordable, high-quality, classic, elegant and stylish pearl jewelry designs at up to 80 percent below retail prices. Apparently the pearl party fun started in 1987 when Joan Hartel Cabral was on vacation in Hawaii. Pearl Events is an award-winning, Austin-based event planning group, specializing in unique wedding and reception planning, corporate & social events. I needed to make extra cash and shucking was the perfect way to achieve that goal. 1206 W. 38th Street Suite 1104 You are looking for a pearl party consultant or companies? How do I order more oysters for selling? Just a fun social … First you would apply using the big red link below called “Apply Here”, and once you are done applying you will be redirected to the starter kit page. Who doesn’t love pearls and jewelry? Are you a stay at home mom, or a working mom looking for a small side part-time project. Once your websites are ready you will receive an email with your log in and websites information. View More. Once you have access to our headquarters website you will be able to order additional oysters once you have sold the majority of your starter oysters. Event Management Companies in Gurgaon - Pearl Events is a leading Destination Wedding Planner in Gurgaon offer you unique wedding planning services in Delhi … If you don't want to sell online you can also sell in person at your friends house or you house. Skip to content. 111 Forbes Blvd | Mansfield, MA 02048 2. Purses, Tote Bags, and Accessories 6. Note: We would love to bring on each and every new applicant, but sadly at this moment we are only able to sign on new consultants from with in the United States that are 18 years old and above. Contact Us. Oyster pearl party companies. Jewelry 8. Make your hours and never again worry about asking for permission to go on vacation. Limos are great for weddings, proms, hotel and airport shuttles, parties, and so much more. You will have the liberty and flexibility to sell how you see fit for your style and personality. 1. Jack has been the driving force and cornerstone of the Pearl Companies since he founded the organization in 1954. Pearl Limousine offers safe and luxurious transportation for any and all occasions. Enamored by the tourist attraction of opening pearls in person, Cabral decided to start Vantel Pearls , a company that would bring the excitement of opening pearls right to your kitchen table. You will also have the ability to earn multiple bonuses. Cosmetics, Skin Care, and Personal Care 2. I'm sure you've seen the social media hype. the studio. I would watch these videos for hours. The process is easy for our independent representatives. Join our Pearl Party Company Do you want to become a Pearl Consultant, selling pearls and jewelry? A. Our staff will guide you through the process on how to get started and will be with you all the way to ensure your success. Have online pearl parties, or an at home oyster pearl party. #VANTELPEARLS. Starter Kit @ $89.95 (valued over $250) will include: Additional Items seen on the picture above can be purchased from our store to add to your Starter Kit. Every so often someone will come up to one of us and say they got this pearl at some place which had a tank of oysters and they picked one and it had a pearl in it. You will have access to our websites where you control and manage your own schedule. We also provide a detailed training program for our Consultants, including training videos, product guides, and group conference calls. Flexible hours, FUN, your own website, email account,free marketing materials and large commission plans. You as the consultant will be able to make a 25% commission off all sales that are made through your personal website. In that email you will receive some additional small steps for you to complete. This whole process will take around 2 weeks from the day you purchase your starter kit. At the moment you are only able to purchase 1 starter kit at a time for your household. You can sell in person at your house or at your friends house to friends and family. Access to our back office for keeping track of orders. Candles and Home Fragrance 5. We provide you with your own AAA Akoya Oyster & fresh water oysters to open and find a spectacular pearl inside! 3.7K likes. How do I apply and purchase the starter kit? CORPORATE. Party hosts working with companies like Vantel often cite an "appraised pearl value" chart to explain how much each pearl is worth. Once you purchase your starter kit we ask you to please send us a fancy picture of you that we can use on our website. See more ideas about pearl party, pearls, pearl jewelry. At the moment you are only able to purchase 1 starter kit at a time for your household. The Best Home Party Businesses, Home Party Companies to Consider 1. You will be able to earn additional bonuses from your sales, and from the sales of any consultants you recruit under you to be part of your team.

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