piano studio policy template

An accomplished musician will study for years; just the same as school is a program of successive years of study. UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am currently offering lessons online instead of … A Studio Policy both informs your student as to … The perfect STARTER studio policy contract template to set expectations from day 1 with your new student and their family. * Complete studio policy template, already written, includes sections like: Tuition for Private Instruction, Discontinuing Lessons, Missed Lesson Policy and more! Teaching is also my livelihood, and Spicer Music Studio is a business. Practice. The amount of tuition paid will be credited to the cost of the lessons received. Studio Policy. K.P.S. Studio Policy. https://www.formsbank.com/template/161334/piano-studio-policy-template.html Then, contact me to inquire about lesson openings and schedule a FREE intro lesson. SPICER MUSIC STUDIO 2017-2018 POLICIES (This is in effect September 1, 2017-August 30, 2018 or until there is a withdrawal form signed) Thank you for choosing me as your music teacher! From 3 to 93… we have piano printables for every student who walks through your studio door. 2021 STUDIO POLICY TEMPLATE FOR MUSIC TEACHERS with Media Liability and Covid-19 Updates (for students who are minors and adult students) Provide studio rates and rules, include your terms and conditions, and, last but not least, add your studio logo. If you have a child interested in music or asking for piano lessons, please take a look at the rest of my website. Repeating Myself About Piano Policies – What My OB Taught Me “I’m so tired of repeating myself about piano policies. If your teacher needs to cancel a lesson, the student/parent will be able to either reschedule or roll the lesson over to the next month. All lessons are billed and charged monthly , in advance by credit card. This policy also applies to any promotional deals offered by Jessica's Piano Studio. * Microsoft WORD and MAC OS Pages compatible. Music achievement depends on your personal expectations. It is essential to your success as a musician to practice often. We are very excited to work with you and share with you our knowledge and love of music. Each payment made is for a lesson totaling _____ minutes in duration. Hello and welcome to the Mathews Music Studio! Great relationships rely on clear expectations and good communication. Practice is essential! The parent or party responsible for the payment of the lessons agrees to a recurring charge of $_____ per lesson. T eaching piano is my passion, and I enjoy it immensely. Stopping Lessons The student/parent is required to notify the studio via the  cancellation form to stop lessons . Parties agree that certain months will call for 5 lessons to be charged instead of 4. Studio Policies for Students/Teachers Lessons: A student only progresses when they take time to practice between lessons. If … Lessons can be terminated with a thirty day notice. Work out a daily schedule for […] Without a Studio Policy you could potentially damage the most important relationships in your teaching practice. Why can’t my families just get my make up policy (or tuition structure or late fee)?” This is a common … What My Obstetrician Taught Me About Repeating Myself About Piano Policies Read More » An effective Studio Policy, and the consistent enforcement of it, will help you build and maintain solid relationships with your students. Each time a client signs your online studio rental form, your studio rental agreement template will instantly save their reservation information as PDFs, making it easier to separate and organize client information. View More Here If you have a credit balance, you will be refunded. This studio policy will outline some of the details of the studio.

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