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Time Out calls this set piece ‘an astonishingly acute perception of the interaction between movie reality and audience fantasy, and the role of editing in juggling both,’ and certainly the editing is top-notch with Keaton’s physical body in the exact spatial position as one disparate landscape gives way to the next (very competent filmmakers can struggle to get this correct even when editing within a single location). It's almost too astonishing, with so many consecutive dazzlers that it's hard to believe you're watching an actual film and not a Buster Keaton best-of. Imogen Sara Smith intimates in her biography of the actor/director: ‘Keaton never forces a response from the audience, never manipulates, never overplays. The stunt could easily have killed the man, but he stays fully in character with his reputation as ‘the Great Stone Face’ unharmed by this single take action moment - I learn that the camera operators placed their hands over their faces at the moment of impact as the fearless Keaton remained cool and composed, keeping the faith in his margin of error accuracy. The film’s inspired plot device begins once Keaton implements a superimposition technique whereby the spirit of Keaton’s character appears to exit the body of the projectionist asleep on a stool in his booth, and we are astonished to see two images of the actor within the same shot. Another comedic star of silent pictures, Harold Lloyd, wowed contemporary audiences with his daredevil stunts although he did not direct his own pictures like his main rival - Chaplin - from the period. Life... is a paradise to what we fear of death. Most of the trick shots Keaton performs in the pool scene are just that, merely requiring months of practice to pull off. His deadpan humour was not dead on arrival because of those compellingly alive optics ensnaring the viewer’s sense of identifying with the human being and crossing over into the movie world he created. She productively does this all while the man is sleeping (i.e. Charlie Chaplin, perhaps the most famous to a modern viewer, frequently makes us feel more pathos and empathy than anyone else with an emotional clout and social commentary permeating, but this irks some detractors as sickening sentimentalism. "Sherlock Jr." entered the public domain in January 2020, allowing a wider audience a better chance to discover this incredible innovative director and actor from silent motion pictures through this fantastic offering. While Keaton has fudged the true cost of the chocolates, the second suitor Crane steals a watch belonging to the father, pawning it for $4 and buys the more expensive box of chocolates. The film's most famous trick shot involves Keaton jumping into a small suitcase and disappearing. I can only assume that Keaton filmed it like 200 times and finally got a take that was miraculously perfect. 2020. Could not figure out how it's done. Watched it probably 30 times. With Buster Keaton, Kathryn McGuire, Joe Keaton, Erwin Connelly. The theatre manager (Ford West) scolds Keaton for sitting around learning the rules of this occupation with a messy floor of cinema guests’ leftover waste needing swept up in his current job. Guess the highest rated films on the site as determined by Lettterboxd users. (The accomplice walking away afterwards—with no cut that I could discern in this instance—is the sticking point.) There will always be conflicting assessments as to who was the greatest of all the comedic clown performers during the Silent Era of filmmaking. 250 favorite films from this awesome cinema community. (My ancient Kino DVD—a twofer with Our Hospitality—lists its runtime as 44 minutes.) Originally he had hoped to co-direct the picture with his mentor Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, after remaining a loyal friend to the man in the aftermath of a scandal that ruined his reputation, but once issues arose during filming Keaton wisely protected his art tactfully without severing his relationship with Arbuckle. Had to watch that at least a dozen times before finally confirming to my satisfaction that there is indeed a cut. Letterboxd is a "social network for sharing your taste in film" and has been described like "good reads for movies". Reviewed by Eduardo Rodrigo Peretto Scapini, He grabs hold of a water pipe as the train passes below his feet and is powerfully washed to the ground. Bio: I love and watch movies because it give me a short break from my life. The Shining (1980) Rotten Tomatoes® 92%. Mobile site. As Murray describes the stinging joke scenario’s appeal through the realisation that ‘all the steps elided in editing can’t be shown on screen, no matter where Keaton sets the camera.’ That was true for a movie made in 1924 and almost one hundred years later it is still a risky taboo in a family feature film. A film projectionist longs to be a detective, and puts his meagre skills to work when he is framed by a rival for stealing his girlfriend's father's pocketwatch. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) Rotten Tomatoes® 96%. © Letterboxd Limited. Like reality repeating itself in a nightmare, once again it is Crane who pushes him back out of the frame (and her life) to the other side of the screen - a sure sign that only one of these men can reside in this picture without disruption to Crane’s characters villainous intentions. 518 films watched. The film was directed in 1923 and it is quite extraordinary to see such creativity during the infancy of the art form, yet Keaton is only warming up. [4,161 word essay] According to Buster Keaton the idea for his "Sherlock Jr." was anchored in a desire to capture the impression of a dream on celluloid, by blurring the distinctions between reality and fiction. 91. 92. Failed miserably. The film even begins by quoting an old proverb warning of the downsides to multi-tasking since one cannot do justice to either task when trying to carry out both at once, although we often believe we can.

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