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A Buddhist nunnery built in 1934,it is a complex that connects to the Nan Lian Garden which was built in 2003. Check out our map of temples in Kowloon. Wong Tai Sin Temple Taoism and Buddhism don’t do cathedrals, but if they did Wong Tai Sin temple would be Hong Kong’s. The Che Kung Miu near Tai Wai, in Sha Tin District, New Territories, is the most famous one in Hong Kong. Chun Kwan was a commoner who had combatted pirates during South…. Most popular temples in Hong Kong Chi Lin Nunnery © Kroisenbrunner / Wikicommons, Buddhist Temple, Shrine, Building, Architectural Landmark, Historical Landmark, Buddhist Temple, Building, Library, Monastery, Shrine, Buddhist Temple, Hindu Temple, Shrine, Building, © dpa picture alliance / Alamy Stock Photo, 5號 Chi Lin Drive, Sheung Yuen Leng, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery Complex Castle Peak Road (Lam Tei), Lam Tei, New Territories, Hong Kong, Tsing Wun Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong, Po Lin Monastery Ngong Ping, New Territories, Hong Kong, 66 Pak Wo Road, Fanling, New Territories, Hong Kong, 2 Lung On Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, Man Mo Temple Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, 2 Chuk Yuen Road, Chuk Un, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The temple is listed as a Grade I…, Kwan Kung Pavilion (Kwan Kung Chung Yi Ting) is a temple on Cheung Chau island in Hong Kong. Visit Nan Lian Gardens, Chi Lin Nunnery, Wong Tai Sin Temple, the popular Ladies Market, and more. It is called Wat Mekthumvanaram or Wat Tai Wo. This 360-degree indoor observation deck offers sweeping views of the iconic Hong Kong skyline, Victoria Harbour, the Kowloon Peninsula and Tai Mo Shan in the background. Tin Hau Temple, Tin Hau, Causeway Bay. Over 100 temples are dedicated (at least partially) to Tin Hau in Hong Kong. Wong Tai Sin Temple, also being called Sik Sik Yuen, is a Taoist Temple and also one of the most famous temples in Hong Kong. Map View. The nunnery is operational, hence visitors are not allowed inside aside from its foyer. Hong Kong temples offer an opportunity to express our faith and reflect, or simply appreciate the design aesthetics. Later on, several renovations were made and many people donated jewels and antiques to the temple. One of the most popular Tin Hau Temples is located in Kowloon's Yau Ma Tei – the square in front of it hosts the nightly Temple Street Market. 2 Cornwall Street Kowloon Tong Kowloon, Hong Kong, China. A good portion of them are sprawled between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. A Man Mo Temple or Man Mo Miu is a temple for the worship of the civil or literature god Man Tai/Man Cheong and the martial god Mo Tai/Kwan Tai. The Tin Hau Temple, Joss House Bay. Temples at Chi Lin Nunnery Along corridors, there are temples dedicated to Akashagarbha Bodhisattva, Avalokiteshvara in form of Chintamani Chakra, Bhaisajyaguru or the medicine master attended by Suryaprabha and Chandraprabha, The temple belongs to Maitreya or the future Buddha and Skanda is the Guardian deity of the monastery. There are around 70 temples across Hong Kong that are dedicated to Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea. Buddhist and Taoist temples can be found all over Hong Kong. One of the most popular Tin Hau Temples is located in Kowloon's In 1972, they were also renovated to their present condition. Fung Yin Seen Koon was founded in 1929 and its name is based on two fairy islands: Fang Lai and Ying Chau. Hau Kok Tin Hau Temple is a Tin Hau temple in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. View about Buddhist Temples in Kowloon, Hong Kong on Facebook. To build this temple, a special interlocking system was used without nails. Located about a 45-minute bus ride (airport bus #E22) from the Hong Kong International Airport, on Cornwall Street, just about one and one half blocks from the Baptist Hospital. There are around 70 temples across Hong Kong that are dedicated to Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea. TouristLink members rank Man Mo Temple, Wong Tai Sin Temple and Che Kung Temple as the top temples in Kowloon. Travelers are voting Man Mo Temple, Wong Tai Sin Temple and Che Kung Temple as the best of 12 temples in Kowloon. It is designed in the traditional Chinese style with grand red pillars, a golden roof adorned with blue friezes, yellow latticework and multi-colored carvings. Occupying over 18,000 square meters, this is not only one of Hong Kong’s biggest temples but its most popular. Happy Valley Hindu temple is a modern three-story building. One decorated with the ancient banners and impressively dressed in hot pink and red colours. (Sitio web oficial en inglés) The temple was renovated in the 1990s, when it was redesigned in the style of the Tang Dynasty. Grow your travel business and get new leads from interested customers. It is the world’s largest handmade wooden building, made of cypress wood. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK". The temple was built to honor the Great Immortal Wong, a prominent Chinese T here are a few Thai Buddhist temples in Hong Kong but the most authentic and beautiful one is located in Tai Po district. © TouristLink.com 2021, All Rights Reserved. Worshippers usually visit during two main festivals: Pak Tai festival and Ban festival. This is one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong. Want more? Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the most famous shrines in Hong Kong. There are around 70 temples across Hong Kong that are dedicated to Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea. Each side of the entrance has columns carved with gold scaled dragons. Below is our pick of the best temples in Hong Kong. By 1957, around 12,800 Buddha statues were made for this monastery. Small-group tour is limited to a maximum of 8 people. The best time to visit the temples in Hong Kong is from October to December when the weather is pleasant, sunny and cool. Hip Tin Temples (協天宮), list of thirteen temples in Hong Kong Kwan Tai Temples (關帝廟), list of fifteen temples in Hong Kong Man Mo Temples (文武廟), dedicated to Kwan Tai and Man Cheong (located in Sheung Wan, Tai Po & Lantau Island) Kwan Kung Pavilion (關公忠義亭) in Cheung Chau Island The Tin Hau Temple is a complex of temples in Kowloon's Yau Ma Tai district. The temple is dedicated to Guanyin, The Goddess of Mercy. Hong Kong China Temple. In this temple, the gods Man Tai (civil or literature god), Man Cheong, and Mo Tai are prayed to by those who want to progress in their studies and do well in civil examinations. The temple features a gorgeous architectural design, including an eye-catching bright orange roof. These temples originally were built way back in 1870 before being transferred to the position they presently occupy. There are about 70 Tin Hau Temples in Hong Kong. Also worth exploring is the Chi Lin Nunnery, where there is a tranquil garden dotted with lotus ponds, bougainvillea and bonsai trees. There are five halls in total which hold statues, most of which are placed outside in different poses. The Po Lin Monastery is located on Lotus Island, Hong Kong, and was founded in 1906. The temples go as far back as 100 years. Built in 1847, Man Mo Temple is located on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan. It is named after an immortal, Wong Chuping. This temple was founded in 1955 by Buddhist laymen Yuet Kai. Due to his many efforts, Yuet Kai’s dead body is preserved in a glass case inside the temple. The temple houses an iron sword, a golden crown made of 20 ounces of gold and a Pak Tai statue. The temple grounds feature three memorial archways and are usually at their busiest during Wong Tai Sin’s birthday (the 23rd day of the 8th lunar month) and Chinese New Year. Whether you want to marvel at the city’s largest Buddha statue, immerse yourself in local spiritual traditions or simply find some inner peace, these are some of the best temples to explore in the city. 500px photo (42178952).jpeg 2,048 × 1,360; 791 KB. Small-Group Tour: Kowloon Temples and Markets Discovering cancellation policy: For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience. However, the Tang architectures style of the nunnery and the Nan Lian Garden, which is opened to visitors, draws ma… Discover and book Small-Group Tour: Kowloon Temples and Markets Discovering on Tripadvisor $ Hong Kong is home to countless temples and each is unique in its own way. The building has a Buddhist Shrine, a community hall, a library, cultural welfare facilities and a kitchen serving vegetarian food. … It was rebuilt in 2010 as a 10 story building, which is located in Lam Tei, Tuen Mun District. Book Now. There are 12 temples in Kowloon a city just 38 km from Kowloon and 12 temples in Ho Man Tin which is 38 km distant. One of the most popular Tin Hau Temples is located in Kowloon's Yau Ma Tei – the square in front of it hosts the nightly Temple Street Market. Visit one of Hong Kong’s most popular temples, Wong Tai Sin, and shake fortune sticks, known as chim, onto the ground to foretell your future. You can find 17 Temple in the country of Hong Kong and Man Mo Temple is our members favorite Temple in all of Hong Kong. The Che Kung Temple in Sha Tin is one of the various temples in Hong Kong built in honour of Che Kung, a military general from the Southern Song dynasty who was greatly praised for his loyalty and courage. Kowloon is located across Victoria Harbour from Hong Kong Island. Near to this temple, famous handmade wooden bracelets are sold. The temple was renovated in the 1990s, when it was redesigned in the style of the Tang Dynasty. It is dedicated to Wong Tai Sin, or the Great Immortal Wong. Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the largest Chinese shrines in Hong Kong. In 1958, it was rebuilt by the Chinese Temple Committee. 6. The first construction of the Miu Fat Buddhist Temple was in the 1950s, when it was a three story building. Some very interesting forms of worship take place here where worshippers shake bamboo cups … Temples Why We Build Temples There are a total of three halls, with the Pak Tai statues placed in the main hall. One of the most famous tourist attractions in Hong Kong, this temple is dedicated to Wang Tai Sin and it is believed that whatever you request in this temple will come true, via a practice called Kau Sim. In addition to being able to enjoy the celebration, the historical buildings, bells and tablets draw you closer to local people’s lives and worship. One of the largest Buddhist temples, the Chi Lin Nunnery was founded in 1934. Temple Dedicated; Hong Kong China Temple May 26, 1996: Stakes and Districts of Hong Kong Hong Kong China District (English) Hong Kong China Kowloon East Stake Hong Kong China Kowloon West Stake Hong Kong China Lion Rock Stake Hong Kong China New Territories Stake Hong Kong China Tolo Harbour Stake Hong Kong Island China Stake. Old House on the way to Wat Mekthumvanaram To reach Wat Mekthumvanaram, visitors shall take MTR train up to Tai Wo station then go through Shek Kwu Lung village. It is located at the foot of Castle Peak, and inside the characters ‘香海名山’ – meaning ‘fragrant sea and prestigious mountain’ – are engraved on the portico. HK FungKatHeung TinHauTemple.jpg 4,160 × 3,120; 3.2 MB Located in Kowloon, it dates back to 1921 and covers the 3 major religions of China – Taoism (Wong Tai Sin), Confucianism (Confucius), and Buddhism (Guan Yin). It is also said to be the…, Lin Fa Temple or Lin Fa Kung is a temple located at the end of Lin Fa Kung Street, which is named after the temple, in Tai Hang district in the…, Che Kung Miu, also called Che Kung Temple, are the temples for Che Kung, who was a general during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) in ancient…, Chun Kwan Temple is a temple dedicated to Chun Kwan on Tsing Yi Island in Hong Kong. It is located in Diamond Hills, Kowloon, Hong Kong. We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements. Hong Kong has no shortage of temples and prides itself on being a melting pot of cultures. The most popular of these are Man Mo Temple in Kowloon and Wong Tai Sin Temple in Ho Man Tin. Explore Hong Kong on foot with a 4-hour guided walking tour of its best temples and markets. These faiths have significantly influenced much of the city's culture and society. Media in category "Tin Hau temples in Hong Kong" The following 18 files are in this category, out of 18 total. During the second and the third days of…, Yuk Hui Temple, also known as Pak Tai Temple, is a taoist temple located on the island of Cheung Chau, Hong Kong. Add to Plan. He himself carried the material during construction, which took eight years. Tin Hau temples in Hong Kong are dedicated to Tin Hau ( Mazu ). It is linked to the Shea Tam, Shing Wong and Fook Tak Tse temples. Browse 674 attractions, meet 1 travelers, 3 tour guides and discover 2,009 photos. A … Usually people come to revisit after their wishes come true. Temples of Hong Kong. This is the case of Che Kung Temple. Happy Valley Hindu Temple: The Happy valley Hindu temple is located near HK Sanatorium Hospital, 1-B Wong Nai Chung Road, Hong Kong IslandThe oldest shrine in Hong Kong is the Happy Valley Temple, founded in 1952. Some may not be as popular as the others but you can easily find them if you follow the scent of incense. Pak Tai is the main goddess, who is worshipped because of her courage, power and devotion. Burton has created the deal 3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS SAFARI ON 2 FEBRUARY 2021. With eye catching dragon emblems cemented in front and throughout the Temple walls. This temple was named after Mr. Lam Yuk Mo and first founded in 1783. Plans to construct the temple were announced 3 October 1992, Church leaders broke ground 22 January 1994, and Gordon B. Hinckley, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1995 to 2008, dedicated the Hong Kong China Temple 26 May 1996. There is also a sedan chair, incense burners, two stone pillars and a bronze bell. Temples in Kowloon City District‎ (11 C) ... Media in category "Temples in Hong Kong" The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. Wong Tai Sin Temple is a very interesting and colourful temple ground in the Chuk Yuen Village area of Kowloon and makes the list of top temple experiences in Hong Kong. There are 16 halls in total inside the temple and there is a huge garden in front of the temple as well. Yellow Temple, Chi Lin Nunnery, Hong Kon | ©Stephen Kelly. 500px photo (24736311).jpeg 2,048 × 1,365; 268 KB. A detailed overview of Hong Kong, this tour will help you make the most of a limited amount of time in Hong Kong. The main hall of this temple is dedicated to the civil god Man Cheong and the martial god Kwan Tai. In 1908, its administration was given to the Tung Wa board of directors. Two halls are located in the building; one is the Ten Thousand Buddha’s hall, which is 45 meters tall and designed with a lotus shrine, and the other is the Mahavira hall which holds three gold plated statues of buddhas Sayamuni. There are other deities including Guanyin, Tai Sui, Tin Hua and Tu Di Gong: the goddess of mercy, god of time, god of matchmaking and local earth god respectively. Hong Kong’s visitors seek out a wide range of natural, cultural and beautiful attractions and some of the most popular attractions remain the temples. One of the largest Buddhist temples, the Chi Lin Nunnery was founded in 1934. El único templo de Hong Kong dedicado al santo patrón de los constructores y carpinteros. Find information on temples in Kowloon as well as 17 temples in Hong Kong, 2694 temples in Asia, 2782 temples in the World. The temple halls have three types of statues: the Sakyamuni Buddha, the goddess of mercy Guanyin and bodisattvas, which are made up of gold, clay and wood. The Taoist temple has origins as early as … Marvel at the views from the observation deck located on the 100th floor of Hong Kong’s tallest skyscraper, the International Commercial Centre (ICC) located in West Kowloon. It is located in Diamond Hills, Kowloon, Hong Kong. There are a number of beautifully designed temples in the city. The one in Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, is one of the largest. Usually, there are many soothsayers before the temple, who are waiting to interpret the fortune after visitors get their fortune sticks. The main hall is Ching Wan Koon and is dedicated to Dou Lao, a god who is believed to be able to relieve people of their worries. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Here is a list of the best spiritual temples to see whilst in Hong Kong. Tin Hau temple, Yung Shue Tau, Yau Ma Tei. Visit the top temples in Hong Kong and they can help you learn more about what this city is all about. It was built in 1973, and is dedicated to the god…, The Tin Hau Temple in Joss House Bay, sometimes referred to as Tai Miu is Hong Kong's oldest and largest Tin Hau Temple. Find more places to discover Hong Kong history. There are three main Buddha statues, made of bronze, which represent present, past and future.

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