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Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! !Adultery! Theo was/is a part of the "Slytherin Trio" the group which also consists of Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini that was founded in their 3rd year at Hogwarts. “Technically I can’t stand you up, because this isn’t a date. Theodore Nott x Hermione Granger. asked his best friend. As But that was beside the point. It didn’t seem Nothing compares to a beautiful conversation with a beautiful mind. It had left Harry with a strange and uncomfortable mixture of nostalgia for what many consider the best years of the life and a constant reminder of the pain they had all endured every time he walked into a new room. Theodore Nott is a character from Harry Potter. P.S. At 5'11", Theodore is relatively tall for his age yet finds it uncomfortable when people have to look up at him. Find the hottest theodorenott stories you'll love. - There are currently no images in this section, please consider adding some - “Who else is that you didn’t mind meeting?”, He accepted the glass of firewhiskey which the blond boy offered, but he only took a small sip from it before placing the glass aside. He was loved especially by his mother and was taught all about the Wizarding World from a young age. There were only so many polite conversations he could have with acquaintances before he felt like he’d had enough. No money is being made from this work. But no, I haven’t been avoiding you, I was in the library.” Trying to find the courage to face these people she hadn’t seen in so long. “Of course I made it.” She replied, letting out a lighthearted laugh. The Prophet was probably covering the event – he couldn’t allow himself to step out of line, not today. She had been so desperate for affection as a teen, so easily wooed by charming smiles like his. Harry sees them, and notes that most of the students are staring bla… “I know, I know, I get it, Chang. But it was during the Battle of Hogwarts that he had last been here. 4 years ago | 351 notes. #vanity ;; clever as the devil and twice as pretty. 1979/1980 was a pure-blood wizard who was a Slytherin student in the same year as Harry Potter at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. too sweet for Draco’s liking. Some were good memories, and some, not so much. Summary: Theodore Nott, the best criminal investigator in Wizarding London is trying to solve a complicated murder case.His sudden desire for Hermione Weasley doesn't help. Theodore Nott is the pureblood son of Mr.Nott (a deatheater) and Ophelia Nott (A vampire). Theodore Nott (b. Pureblood, seventh year, Slytherin, musician, all-around bad-ass and better than you in every single way you can come up with in that little brain of yours. Theodore Nott (b. Of all places you could go to in the castle, you picked the library?”, @theoxxnott He had somehow been roped into listening to a boy who wouldn’t stop whining about how he had lost his entire family to the war. He didn’t understand her, not really. Theodore was raised, what he thought to be, an only child in a wealthy family. This article concerns A Simple Twist Of Fate version of Theodore Nott; you may be looking for other canon and fanon versions. Going back to Hogwarts wasn’t something he considered afterwards – he had chosen to complete his NEWTs in Durmstrang instead of returning. If Cho had still been a teenager, maybe things between her and Theo would be different. I am not going to let you sacrifice yourself because your coven needs a leader. The silence wasn’t eerie – but it brought back memories from years ago when everything had been different. 3 April, 1980) was a Pure-blood wizard and the son of Androginious and Ariadne Nott. During the war they sided with SLYTHERIN HOUSE, but that’s all in the past. His sudden desire for Hermione Weasley doesn't help. “And guess who was the lucky one to be chosen? : * ( MICHAEL TREVINO - CISMALE - HE/HIM - 21 ) DON’T LOOK NOW, BUT I DO BELIEVE THEODORE NOTT JUST POPPED IN. He just needed to get away from it all, wandering to a slightly more secluded area of the castle and feigning interest in some potion he couldn’t quite place in order to take a moment for himself. Theodore's mother died when he was young and he was raised by an elderly, widowed father who was a Death Eater during the First Wizarding War. Today. Theo was used to attending formal gatherings such as this one. It was way Word lid van Facebook om met Theodore Nott's en anderen in contact te komen. (Theodore/Hermione, PG) [4/? He didn't love his father, not after all that he had done to his own family… Remus Lupin was dead, so was his wife, Draco Malfoy's cousin. Theodore Nott was born to an elderly wizard, Mr Nott and his wife. > Friends Literally just my fancast, will be updated as I go. The things probably look like charmed fireflies, dancing in the trees. DH Epilogue complaint. Theodore Nott (309) Hermione Granger (197) Draco Malfoy (184) Ron Weasley (129) Blaise Zabini (100) Pansy Parkinson (83) Ginny Weasley (75) Luna Lovegood (66) George Weasley (58) Include Relationships Theodore Nott/Harry Potter (352) Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy (98) Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter (49) Ginny Weasley/Blaise Zabini (28) If what he wanted was to talk about his family, perhaps he should be visiting a grief counselor and not charity events where people gathered to have a good time. Death, so much death in such little time. She didn’t hesitate to follow him, taking the glass he offered her with a small “thank you”, before she took a sip from it. In all honesty, he preferred parties which were crazy and loud, where he could allow himself to be free rather than ones like this where he had to keep up a polite appearance for hours at once. All through his life he had been forced into attending several of these formal occasions, sometimes even hosting them, and he knew exactly how he should be behaving to keep his father happy and the reputation of the Notts intact. It seemed Now? View the profiles of people named Theodore Nott. Theodore Nott has his own mind; Draco Malfoy evidently does not. “Do you plan on bidding for it?” he asked lightly, gesturing to the potion which he thought the other seemed interested in. Jonathan Nott achieved success as a conductor in rather unusual fashion: with no competition victories under his belt and no mentoring conductor ushering him along, he launched his career in foreign opera houses, eventually conducting orchestral concerts on the side, but often with modern or contemporary works on the bill. > Archive “Are you planning to bid on anything?” he *only harry's year students so far* Malfoy is doing something for the Dark Lord in order to protect his family's honour, but that still doesn't make it right. He had just about reached his limit and was going to suggest the same to him when Draco found him and he was glad for the interruption. the alcohol that the school provided. He was sorted into Slytherin House and he was a good friend of Draco Malfoy. He came from a Nott family of Death Eaters and supporters of Pure-blood supremacy Theodore Nott was born to an elderly wizard, Mr Nott and Theodore Nott mother his wife. Some Cold to Know the Sun (Percy/Theo, NC17), "Slytherin's Secret." But she had been forced to grow up all too quickly, and with that had come the realization that she was only going to get hurt if she continued being such a hopeless romantic. ☾ . Theodore Nott, Marquess of Felixstowe (b. But that did not mean he enjoyed being at these events. DH Epilogue complaint. : * ( MICHAEL TREVINO - CISMALE - HE/HIM - 21 ) DON’T LOOK NOW, BUT I DO BELIEVE THEODORE NOTT JUST POPPED IN. polite that was not an impression Draco was going to give off. “Sorry am I in your way?”. Once he turned around and flashed her his signature smile, Cho couldn’t help the way her own smile grew, as if his excitement at seeing her was contagious. Theodore can still remember the shape that Malfoy's boggart took in their third year, and he is almost certain that that shape is still the same. Theodore Nott. (Theodore/Hermione, PG) [3.2/?]. “I suppose this means I am not the only one who is – how do I put this nicely? What about the famous Harry Potter?” He scoffed at how ridiculous his own words sounded. His brows rose in amusement when she admitted to being at the library. Currently Theo is in a relationship with Blaise Zabini. Trust me, you’ve made it very clear.” he said teasingly. THOUGH I WOULD’NT DARE GET ANYWHERE NEAR THAT SLYTHERIN IF MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT. “Or are you just showing your face because..” He couldn’t Grabbing a bottle of firewhiskey in his hand, he found himself moving away from the Entrance courtyard and strolling through the school grounds alone. For some reason, being back at Hogwarts was more difficult than it had ever been before. “You just have to live up to the Ravenclaw stereotype, hm? It was so easy to be herself around him, so easy to forget all of the pain she had been through over the past few years. Even without help, Hermione refuses to go down without a fight. “You are not, I barely even noticed you.” he shrugged a little. “I sort of assumed you weren’t going to make it when I didn’t see you all this while.” he admitted with an apologetic smile. Since they were here, they should at least drink theatrically and with a sigh. He certainly wouldn’t be this careful had he still been a student, but this wasn’t one of those parties where he could get away with whatever he did. theodore nott fanart - Google Search. While he was not heavily doted on, his parents did make sure he never wanted for anything. Drinking more than one glass implied that ", "Slytherin's Secret." Wij willen hier een beschrijving geven, maar de site die u nu bekijkt staat dit niet toe. SOUNDS LIKE A DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN IF YOU ASK ME, THOUGH ACCORDING TO THE PROPHET THEY CAN BE RATHER PROTECTIVE WHEN THEY WANT TO BE. “I did see an old copy of Alchemy, Ancient Art and Science on display. Theodore Nott's is lid van Facebook. Theodore Nott was a pure-blood wizard and a student of Hogwarts School in the same year of Harry Potter. !Adultery! “You may be To see all the prompts submitted so far, click here. By logging in to LiveJournal using a third-party service you accept LiveJournal's User agreement, > Recent Entries With Tracey 451 notes Sep 16th, 2017. Theo had been working with Cho for a while now and to him, she never came across as the kind of person who would be scared to date or commit. He could brew any of these potions by himself if he needed them, or if it was too urgent, he was sure he would only have to send a request to Draco and he would acquire them for him very quickly. Read Chapter 1 from the story Black [Theodore Nott] by Y_Allen (Y Allen) with 6,952 reads. Well, now Cho was scared of letting anyone in too close - even if it was someone like Theo, whom she easily could have seen herself dating. Romance/Mystery His lips pressed together in a feeble attempt to stop his laughter at the other’s words but it slipped through regardless. MALAS DECISIONES Hay circunstancias ineludibles. Look, there’s THEODORE NOTT. It was safe to say he hadn’t seen the Boy who Lived till he spoke, and while his eyes turned a bit cold, a polite smile made it’s way to his lips regardless. he was having a good time with those present here and even while trying to be Theodore, who is described (as a "stringy Slytherin boy") but not named, and Harry are in the same section of Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures class on the day after Hagrid's return from his mission, when Hagrid chooses to teach Thestrals. come home with him and actually got home he could open a bottle of Firewhiskey. His father is dead, though he feels as though he should care more, he can't bring himself to. wattys2018, love, siriusblacksdaughter. They are now TWENTY ONE and work as HEALER. Our Hogwarts RPG (oc) Théodore Nolan Nott« Can't you see that you cannot control the man I am? Yes, Theo could sympathize with him, but for how long? About me. Surely, there are some people you like around here? He was glad when he heard footsteps, he didn’t want to think about his sister, about losing the only person who had really been family to him. theodore nott. He hadn’t turned to see who the person nearby him was, only recognized he was not the only person in the room anymore, or even in this particular section of the room and stuck a hand in his pocket, finally deciding to look at whose space he had completely been taking over. Francisco Lechowski as Theodore Nott. Once he found someone to He keeps his hair at a reasonable length yet pays little attention to its style. He couldn’t help but roll his eyes playfully when she continued to insist that this wasn’t a date. Butterbeer was for people didn’t know how to drink alcohol. After the death of his mother, Theodore was raised by his father, who was a Death Eater. 1980 AD) was a Human male wizard and Force-sensitive who became the apprentice of Sith Lord Dramath Hord.He was the son of Marquess Amelius Nott, and as such he was the next in line for the title.He met his Sith master during a gathering of several members of the wizard elite within the British Ministry of Magic. Romance/Mystery. 451 notes. At their best they are PROTECTIVE, but at their worst they are MANIPULATIVE. “Do you want a glass?” A glass of Firewhiskey, of a closed starter for the Hogwarts’  charity gala event. finish that sentence because he genuinely did not know. Rumour has it their boggart is HIM BEING POWERLESS WHEN HIS LOVED ONES FACE DANGER. like a good idea to drink too much in a place like this. For now one glass would have to do. “It’s a jog thing, they wanted someone to come on behalf of the hospital.” he rolled his eyes a little. that his luck in regards of seeing people he didn’t want to see had turned. Join Facebook to connect with Theodore Nott and others you may know. He didn’t want to drown in grief again. They graduated from Hogwarts as SLYTHERIN alumni. Theodore Nott/Hermione Granger. -- Long Result -- Girls Only -- 1st Person -- Your life during and after Hogwarts (includes Yule Ball) Boyfriends include: Cedric Diggory, Harry Potter, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Oliver Wood, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, & Theodore Nott. > previous 10 entries, : Theodore Nott, the best criminal investigator in Wizarding London is trying to solve a complicated murder case. Despite everything the school had been home to him, a place where he could feel safe which was not something he felt at home. Mother: Celestia Nott (deceased) Father: Theodore Romulus Nott (deceased - killed in the war) Siblings: None Other family: None on his father's side, Nott Sr. was an only child. course. Inexplicable bad timing cause Hermione Granger to become captured by the Death Eaters during Bill and Fleur's wedding-and Theodore Nott is part of the group. “Don’t be so dramatic, Draco.” he said teasingly. Name: Theodore Elijah Nott Age: 21 House: Slyherin Blood Status: Pureblood Parents: Elijah Nott (deceased) & Rosalie Nott née King (deceased) Siblings: Amara Nott ☾ . Theodore Nott has held a six-year-old obsession for Hermione Granger - fed up with seeing how Weasley seems to always tear her down he takes steps to ensure her heart; he has a problem though, a rival in his dashing secretive fellow Slytherin, Blaise Zabini. Tyler Lockwood Wardrobe Appreciation → Season 6. “This place isn’t all that bad. But obviously, he had been wrong about that because any time he even hinted about their relationship being anything but casual, she seem to close herself off with all her might. harry potter theodore nott Nott slytherin hp characters hpedit hp aesthetic aesthetic. Zerochan has 6 Theodore Nott anime images, fanart, and many more in its gallery. With a hair colour that looks either black or dark brown depending on the light, Theo's appearance and stance adds to his deep and hidden personality. STUCK WITH THE LOT OF US THEN, ARE THEY? His parents were deeply prejudiced and stuck to the “Pureblood ideals” and instilled these thoughts in him. soon as he got himself that drink Theodore appeared in his view. Saved by Accio_Trash Trash_Human. Conforman los momentos de las grandes decisiones, de las renuncias solemnes. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. TO THINK THEY WOULD PUT SOMEONE SO MANIPULATIVE INTO THE BUNCH. Disclaimer: This is a transformative work using intellectual property and characters belonging but not limited to JK Rowling, Warner Bros, Bloomsbury Publishing, et cetera. There are distant relatives on his mother's side, however, Theodore has not seen or spoken … Theodore Nott/Hermione Granger. Theodore often goes by his nick-name 'Theo' and identifies as gay. gone off to talk to some other Slytherins, or so Draco supposed, he decided it Theodoor Noot (Engels: Theodore Nott) is een Personage uit de Harry Potter-boeken van Joanne Rowling.. Theodoor is een slim, schriel eenzaam ventje die zich niet aangetrokken voelt om zich aan te sluiten bij Draco Malfidus of andere Zwadderaars.Hij werd als eerst genoemd tijdens de sorteerceremonie in het eerste boek.In de Orde van de Feniks is hij in de bibliotheek met Korzel, Kwast … was a good time for the first (and only) drink of the evening. – bored out of my fucking mind?”. But fact remained that potions always spiked his interest and the tiny vial of felix felicis, for example, was calling his name, making him want to inspect the liquid. Search, discover and share your favorite Theodore Nott GIFs. Facebook geeft mensen de kans om te delen en maakt de wereld toegankelijker. When Theodore finds himself drawn to Hermione's bravery and determination, he will have to face his own demons in the war. ], "She smiled a bit sardonically, and he wondered—not for the first time that day—what was going on in her head. While Theo had no intention to be bidding for any of the potions which were on display at the event, he couldn’t help but take a closer look at all of them when he found himself having wandered into the section. > Profile Read hot and popular stories about theodorenott on Wattpad. I haven’t been able to get my hands on any Argo Pyrites book in ages.” he admitted before shrugging his shoulders at the question the other let linger. Nom:Nott Prénom:Theodore Âge:17 ans Année:7 éme Maison souhaité:Serpentards Qualités: Comme tout les Serpentards Theodore est intelligent même s'il préfère fai WELL, BULLY FOR THEM, EH? They were to be here for hours, he couldn’t afford to drink as he pleased and walk around intoxicated. I get the day off tomorrow though, so I suppose it isn’t all that bad.”, Tyler Lockwood in every episode► Kill Or Be Killed (2.05). Disclaimer: In its use of intellectual property and characters belonging to JK Rowling, this work of fiction is intended to be transformative commentary on the original. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. A part of him wanted to try harder with her, to woo her into telling yes to him but he didn’t really mind how things were between them now and saw no reason to force her into making decisions she didn’t wish to make. Pinterest. I am not a puppet on your string. He chuckled and imagined the looks on their faces upon seeing these elec-tris-sit Christmas lights from afar. Maybe he should have trusted her a little bit more – after all she had agreed to join him as a favour, and if anything Cho was a good, loyal friend and he should have know she would show up at some point. That wretched war which had taken his sister away from him for good. A smirk grew on his lips, his head tilting to one side as he eyed the other. Cedric and Fred do NOT die Theodore Nott. the second person that I saw today that I actually want to see,” Draco declared septimvsmalfoy: “Theodore Nott was born to an elderly wizard, Mr Nott … He was from the Nott family who were strong supporters of Voldemort.

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