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Contact us if you’re interested in upgrading your personal style. This allows me to get rid of anything I didn’t wear, make note of anything I’ll need for the upcoming season, and push pieces to the front or back of my closet depending on the weather/frequency they’ll be worn. Are you dressing for the seasons you typically experience? Be sure to put all your donation items in a bag, as well as your alteration pile. 1. New year, new cleaned-out closet. Anything above your sewing skill level should be set aside and taken to your tailor. to judge someone based off of their clothing. Be brutally honest with yourself about what you aren’t wearing. When you picture entering your closet to get dressed in the morning, do you feel stressed or peaceful? (Head over to The Luxe Strategist to read more about how to care for your wardrobe). The next step is to organize your closet by categories, including: And last but not least, the final stage of the pre-closet cleanout is to sort these categories by color. As you find these items, stitch the tear or attach the button right then and there. When it comes to sweaters, you can hang lightweight cashmere sweaters but DO NOT hang heavy knit sweaters. For those living in smaller quarters- you’ll want to make sure that you pull out … Your newly decluttered closet now has plenty of room for your next Armoire package! Don’t waste precious closet space on damaged items; use it on a treat yo’ self bonus item in your next Armoire package. 1. BUT it is such a critical part of keeping your wardrobe in top shape so you can have it for years to come. Cassandra’s been featured in Greatist, Livestrong and NY Mag. Does it fit into the color pyramid from Next Level Wardrobe? 3 Simple Steps to Cleaning Out Your Closet #1. To take the stress out from the equation, try the boxing technique. Closet Doors. shape. The good news is that YOU can 100% control this. With the help of our handy closet clean out guide, it’ll be a breeze. Armoire THE CLOSET CLEAN OUT TIPS MAKE SOME TIME. Remove everything, including clothes, hangers and shoes -- and plop it on your bed or floor. Invite over a friend, order some takeout and binge watch your favorite reality TV while you declutter. It’s time to get that wardrobe under control. Plus, achievable goals will make you feel more accomplished at the end. I know it seems scary taking EVERYTHING out but it’s necessary. While you may feel foxy in that sparkly minidress you wore on NYE five years ago, you know deep down you’ll never wear it again. Out with the old and in with the new. Next Level Wardrobe offers image consulting and personal styling services to professional men and women. In order to create the right wardrobe, you want to focus on fit, color and the right pieces. Take out a notepad and take 15 minutes to write down these questions: What do I want people to think about me, based on my personal style? The Ultimate Guide to a Total Closet Cleanout. It only takes a 10th of a second (!!!) For those living in smaller quarters- you’ll want to make sure that you pull out any clothing/accessories/shoes that you’re storing away. Pretty cool, huh? Even if you’re just lounging around the house, you’ll feel more confident and be more productive if you feel good about what you’re wearing. Live more with less, and leave the clutter behind with our comprehensive closet clean out guide. Keep reading if you’re ready to thoroughly clean out … You’ve gotten to the last important step of finishing your closet clean out and you’re getting closer to having the wardrobe of your dreams. Now the real challenge is, keeping your wardrobe from overflowing again. Especially if you aren’t diligent about changing out seasonal items every few months. Go through each item and ask yourself the following questions: Question 1. As you clean out your closet, you’re destined to find a handful of things that have been sent to the back of your closet due to minor damages. Clear storage bins can help you to see inside, so you’ll have a better idea of where things may be before digging through them. Let this flowchart be your guide as you edit yours for 2015. So it’s important to organize in a way where most of your items are out, easily visible to you. Well, to help you get your New Year off to an efficient start, I've compiled a Closet Clean-Out Guide! Organizers. When it comes to pants, most will need to be tailored to fit lengthwise and sometimes it will need tailoring at the waist or an added taper. Most items can be hung and if you have the space, do it! No matter your style goals, body type, location or profession- the goal of your closet clean out should be: To create the right foundation for your style that concentrates on the right pieces, in the right fit for your body, in the right balance of color. If you picture your closet as it is now, does it give you a feeling of peace, or does it stir up anxiety just picturing the disorganization, piles of clothes, and mismatched hangers? On the other hand, someone who experiences four true seasons may need a larger variety of essentials. We’ll be using these to put in donations that you’d like to move on from. If you didn’t wear it then, chances are you won’t wear it now. Home » Online Styling » The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Out Your Closet. Door Installation. If your office is typically business casual dress code, but you own multiple fancy suits you can downsize. However, when they try to start purging, they have no idea what to get rid of and what to keep. If crop tops, chokers and full-on tracksuits can become trendy again, so can that bandage dress you bought in 2005, right? Question 3. Use this guide to help you out! Facebook. >Make a pile of items that you’re positive you want to donate. Invite over a friend, order some takeout and binge watch your favorite reality TV while you declutter. NYC Personal Stylist and Shopper | All Rights Reserved 2021, For immediate help to upgrade your style (virtually), use this, Join me 1/18 for a free webinar: 3 Steps to Closet Clarity. Most importantly, what outfits make you feel comfortable and put together, and most like your true self? By Katherine Bernar d. January 9, 2015. Your answer may indicate whether it’s time for a major closet overhaul. Having everything removed from the closet will also help you make more efficient decisions about what you should keep, donate, or sell.Step 2, Set up four piles. Cleaning out your closet can seem like a daunting task. (Not to mention, it makes room for fall new arrivals!) Maximize closet space by storing running shoes and outerwear, such as jackets and sweatshirts, in the closet near the front door or entryway. If you aren’t sure if your clothes really fit you, there are some tips to consider for both casual and professional outfits. You must clean this up. Toss it in the donate pile and move on! As you work through your items, be sure that they land in 1 of 3 piles: keep, donate or alter. Consider it a one-way trip out of your life. Use this guide to help you out! Closet Cleanout Guide. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), The Big Economic Argument for Shopping Small this Holiday Season, Work Outfits in Under 5 Minutes: 7 Office-Approved Business Casual Looks, 9 Easy Ways to Join the Sustainable Fashion Movement, Rent Clothes Because Sustainability Matters, The Hidden Cost of a Single Shopping Trip, Women’s Culottes Pants to Add to Your Summer Wardrobe. The first styling session of all my services begins with a closet edit. Clear the day, hire a sitter, unplug and make it important. Once you achieve that, you’ll be able to: Have an effortless, put together style for any occasion, Be able to put together outfits quickly and KNOW that you look amazing in them. To help with this sometimes intimidating task, we’ve pulled together our favourite tips, tricks, and advice. It only takes a 10th of a second (!!!) Testimonials. MONITOR YOUR HABITS If you have a hard time deciding what to get rid of when it Tips to Maintain a Clean Closet. Google. If you can’t immediately identify where your clothes are, or you often have trouble finding certain items, a guide to cleaning out your closet is exactly what you need. There is no option for versatility and this usually ends up with the owner being bored with their closet. So in today’s full post, I’ll be sharing a few of my tips on how to clean out your closet + methods for keeping it organized. Cassandra Sethi is a NYC Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. Nope, not so fast. If you’re in doubt, just fold your sweater– better to be safe than sorry. My clients typically fall into one of two camps: they have mostly one color in their closet, or it’s brimming with the full rainbow and a variety of prints. Take the new year as an opportunity to clean out your closet and make a profit while doing so with Flyp. Bundaberg locals are encouraged to give their house a ‘summer’ clean and donate any unused items to ensure Vinnies can continue providing vital services to locals in need. You’ll thank yourself later. Getting rid of your clothes, even if you haven’t worn them in years (and years, and years) isn’t easy. Everyone’s objectives will look different, meaning the amount you’re getting rid of will too. Step 1, Remove all clothes, shoes, and accessories from your closet. Before tearing through your closet, ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve. This includes accessories, shoes, and bags. Instead, try grouping your closet items by function. Hang up all your office clothes up in one place together (button-downs, pants, blazers, etc.) Oh, you thought I forgot about you? Use this guide to help you out! While these may seem like simple questions, sometimes it doesn’t feel like it in the midst of piles of clothes. My former clients have loved getting the perfect fit of clothing. 3.What do you want people to think of you, based on what you are wearing? One should only own so many ratty old t-shirts. I’ve come up with 7 categories the clothes hanging in your closet may fall into. Put items in your Store for Later pile away in storage totes as you go along to ensure they don’t make their way back to your closet. (I personally use Vietnam Veterans or Goodwill). Instagram. My personal styling system calls for the majority of your wardrobe in core colors (navy, grey, black, white) and variations of it- the bottom and middle tier of the pyramid above. A clean and well organized closet doesn’t have to be a chore with our custom closet cleanout guide. These Amazon Velvet Black Hangers are my top choice for clients, but any velvet hangers will prevent articles of clothing from falling off, and hangers should all be the same color and size. For your items that you’ve decided to keep, remember that if you can’t see it- you won’t wear it. Everything Thrift stores sell unwearable garments to textile recyclers, who turn them into a number of things like cleaning rags, housing insulation and carpet padding. Dec 26, 2018 | Closet Masters Nebraska - BLOG. Let’s examine each more closely to ensure you can power through when you are looking at actual items you are unsure of. Have a little fun with this part! We all have clothes that we used to love but no longer suit us. Interior Doors. During your closet cleanout, it’s time to set the stage for balance and see what the gaps are. While these goals may seem ambitious and impossible to achieve, that’s exactly why I started the Next Level Wardrobe system. Don’t beat yourself up if something doesn’t fit anymore. None of these goals can be accomplished until you have the right items in your wardrobe, and eliminate what is unnecessary and even repetitive (no, you do not need 10 pairs of jeans). You will take everything out of your closet and that clothes need to go somewhere, so find an empty area where you’ll put the clothes. Label out-of-season storage containers to ensure you find items easily between seasons. Sort your stuff constantly: Keep a box in one corner of your closet to hold clothes that no longer fit, or which you want to donate or toss.When the box is full, sort through it. Having a closet you truly enjoy can take a little leg work in the beginning, but your only real start-up costs include leveling up on your hanger choice. Take every item out of the closet and lay it out on the bed, table, or floor. The point of the exercise is not to get rid of as much as possible, but instead to take inventory of your wardrobe to be more mindful of what you are wearing—and more importantly, what you are not. It’s a chance to fall in love again with items you’ve long forgotten… or remember why you haven’t worn them in so long. Don’t rush the process! Depending on the state of your closet, you may need 2-5 hours or more. If your initial gut instinct was to get rid of it, you already know deep down that you don’t need it. Space under the bed, or in the garage or basement, works best for seasonal and long-term storage of sentimental items. An organized closet makes getting dressed in morning easier than ever. to judge someone based off of their clothing. Even items that are stained or severely damaged can have a second life after donation. As the next stage of the pre-preparation phase, you’ll want to go through your closet piece by piece, eliminating items that: All of these items can be donated to your local thrift store, place of worship, or charity. Going into the process with clear goals in mind can make it less overwhelming. Cleaning out your closet can give your style a boost. This type of closet has way too many colors, prints, patterns that there’s not cohesiveness. Minimalist Pregnancy Style for When You’re Expecting, Next Level Wardrobe Featured on New York’s PIX 11, How to Wear Prints and Patterns Like a Celeb, Hiring a NYC Personal Stylist and Shopper, Feeling confident, put together and powerful in your clothing each and every day, Creating more outfits with less stuff in your closet, Having all the right pieces in your closet- that fit your body perfectly and all go together. As you clean out your closet, you will be … You can’t even see your clothes, because of the clothes piled up. After weeks of putting it off, I finally cleaned out my closet, packing away my spring/summer clothes and breaking out my fall/winter wardrobe. Everything, Featured Posts, Reasons to Rent. you know you don’t like and won’t wear again, Look worn out or stretched out (watch for piling, stains or holes). Below, we’ve tapped Francine Jay, the author of the bestselling book The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify to offer some ace closet clean-out tips. Need to clean out your closet? I clean out my closet every 4 months at the beginning of a season. This will allow you to examine all of your clothes. You’ve got to do something about this. Need to clean out your closet? For example, but all of your white tops together, regardless of type, and do so for each category. 10 Closet Clean-Out Tips I like to clean out my closet once or twice each year to swap out pieces that just aren’t “me” anymore and make room for new threads. Try on items in question to get a real sense for how they fit. Don’t forget to check under your bed for any items that may have gotten lost or misplaced over time. Don’t rush the process! Take a big sigh of relief and bask in your accomplishments. It might not seem “fun” to clean your closet out. Because when it comes to a closet edit, success is all in the preparation! Once an item is in the donate pile, there’s no taking it out. This closet is full of the same color and it’s usually black. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Closet cleaning requires a dose of humility. Closets are an ideal solution for keeping a lot of essential items out of your living space, while still keeping everything you need close at hand. Clean Out Your Closet: A Guide. Yelp. Be very strict about sticking to those piles as it will make the last step easier to complete. Do you know how to declutter your closet? Here are the steps that you’ll want to follow for the actual cleanout. One of the best aspects of decluttering, cleaning out, and organizing your closet is that you know you are directly impacting someone else in a positive way. Box It, But Don’t Give It Away. Closet Clean Out Guide : Staying Organized. I’m sharing a few tips that help me, since I know it can be hard to decide what to keep. Angie's List. How to Clean Out Your Closet – A Step by Step Guide. Pant length, sleeve length, and taking in the body are all very common changes tailors can help you with. Does this fit me properly? On the other hand, baggy pieces should be chosen with care, and shouldn’t be paired with other loose-fitting items. When you do a closet clean out, you want to make sure that you’re looking at the entirety of what you own, and not just one season. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The most popular closet complaint I get from my clients is that their closets are overwhelming and they are not wearing half of their clothes. Grab a few large cardboard boxes to designate for donations. Drop your donations off at a local charity immediately after your clean out to avoid the urge. Instead of hanging onto it, donate it so someone else can feel fab in it too. Closet Doors Closet and Garage Organizers Door Installation Testimonials Will Call / Product Only Contact Us Houzz. When in doubt, ask your partner or friend to work with you on your closet cleanout, trying things on and asking their opinion on fit. Closet cleaning should be stress-reducing, not stress-inducing. 2.Where do you live? It can also help you live more authentically. (If you’re having a hard time letting go of certain items, click here to read style mantras to repeat to yourself while cleaning out your closet). With clothing rental, you’ll never have to worry about an overfilled closet again. For residents of Susquehanna, PA, closet organization doesn’t have to be an overwhelming chore. Now that you’re fully prepared for your closet clean out, take a deep breath, pour a glass of wine and get at it! When you get the right fit for your body today, you’ll instantly feel more confident in your clothing and increase your self perception in a positive way. Repeat after me: I will not throw any unwanted garments in the trash. Find an Empty Area & Take Everything Out of Your Closet. It’s also important to consider how frequently you’ll wear the item. How can I clean out my closet to reach these style goals?

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