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Vranes and Day discuss how racism is manifest in the Church today and what we can all do to help each other feel at home in the gospel of Jesus Christ. From communication to trust to embracing life together, Emily and Erik share their advice for marital smooth sailing. She felt His light through the words in theBook of Mormon—even through a pamphlet which only contained a handful of chapters in Bulgarian. Emeritus General Authority Bruce C. Hafen and his wife Marie share their concept of three stages of faith after a lifetime spent exploring difficult topics and seeking peace amid the complexities we all face in real life. Brandon also discusses what creating a fantasy world has taught him about God and parenting. We are all a part of the story told in the Church’s new history—it is our story of becoming Saints "through the Atonement of Christ the Lord."    Listen on Stitcher. You’ve likely read the scripture in 2 Nephi 25:23 that says, “It is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do." A lot goes on in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but in the midst of cooking and shopping, are we taking time to reflect on the cause for our celebrations or the source of joy that we feel? The answers might surprise you. But in a social media world that frequently presents the ideal as day-to-day reality, the couple recently opened up about an underlying struggle that couldn’t be seen in their smiling faces: a battle against pornography addiction. All In is a brand new podcast from LDS Living, where we explore this question with the help of authors and artists who are striving to live their faith every day—just like you. Leading in an 898-bed hospital, Britt Berrett learned that the care administered truly begins with the engagement and satisfaction of the hospital’s employees. Should we be worried when we, or those we love, are struggling to trust Him? In 2011, Jalyn and her husband, Acey, experienced firsthand what "in sickness and in health" really means when Acey contracted a rare virus. Eva Timothy describes growing up in Bulgaria as a place filled with darkness. And while many say that divinity school tends to weaken faith, he says he has only become more convinced of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. . And yet, they are determined to take every opportunity and live life to its fullest. How does God balance His love as a father with his allowance of our agency? Becky Higgins engages with over 80,000 people online as she builds a business centered on documenting life. On this week’s episode, she teaches us how the model is demonstrated in our Heavenly Father’s plan and is founded on gospel principles. After studying Clayton Christensen's theory of disruptive innovation, Whitney Johnson developed the concept of "Disrupting Yourself"—a principle she has successfully taught in the business world for years. On this week’s episode, he shares the triumphs as well as the challenges of depicting the life of the Son of God. He is the guy who smiles and says hi to every person he passes, calling many of them by name, and the recent convert who believes we all need to do more to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although the road certainly hasn't always been easy, Lauren can now look back and see that God was working in her all along. While the “day or hour knoweth no man,” Gerald Lund has devoted years of his life to studying the Second Coming. They also share what they wish women in the Church understood right now and what 2020 has taught them about God’s love. However, a spiritual journey, which spanned nearly two decades and included becoming proficient in Buddhist meditation, brought him back to an unlikely destination: The faith of his youth. “Trust me, it’s going to be good.” We often speak of trusting God but will everything really be good in the end? On today’s episode, we talk with Jeff about what these people and their stories have meant to him and why he is grateful for a job that has allowed him to spend time seeing the world through a unique lens. On today's episode, she shares her thoughts on what being a disciple looks like in an online world and how we can signal that the most important person we follow is Christ. What does it take to be “All In?” I love it, every single time. E 1 On this week's episode, we talk with lead writer Scott Hales about the research that went into the book Church members around the world have fallen in love with. There are those who are unable to have children of their own, single women, grandmothers, birth mothers who give someone else the opportunity of motherhood through adoption, and mothers who share their children with a stepparent. The virus left Acey without the use of his legs, as well as limited use of his arms and his voice. September 16, 2020. With all the bad in the world today, this podcast grounds me and brings me back to the most important thing, which is, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Episode #108: Published November 25, 2020. In fact, all she ever dreamed of becoming was a mother but when her life began to look very different than her dreams, she decided she couldn’t let it stop her from taking full advantage of her “one precious life.”. In this week's episode, we talk with Spencer about why God allows His children to struggle with mental illness and how the scriptures have aided him in that fight. Yes, He was there to make everything okay and to start to heal me. In today’s episode, he explains what he believes our current circumstances mean and what we can do to prepare so that regardless of what comes, we “shall not fear. In a 2017 BYU Devotional address, Eva Witesman testified, “Latter-day Saint women are courageous, particularly when they have been emboldened by the knowledge that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us and that He will qualify us to do the work that lies before us. See more ideas about podcasts, leadership, lds. Ken Alford, a professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University, looks back at the Bible, the Book of Mormon and the history of the Church to explore the idea of dreams as revelation. As they have battled their condition, the two sisters have endured painful challenges and daily treatments together. Connection with those around us, connection with our families, connection with God. It was just a normal temple recommend interview but it changed Kate Lee’s life. The Piano Guys' Steven Sharp Nelson has lived many people’s dream as he has traveled the world playing the cello. We wanted to share our stories and started blogging about our… And yet, it is also small and intimate and personal.” On this week’s episode, we explore charity and how it has the power to give us all better hearts.“It’s that opportunity to be able now to simply be an instrument in His hands—to transmit as purely as we possibly can His affection, His knowledge, His intimate awareness of every individual, and then to strengthen them in their faith and then help them have hope.”Show Notes2:34- London with the Checketts and Missionaries5:47- “Let It Be You”9:31- Seeking to Understand13:10- A Righteous Mother17:06- The Powerful Gift of Seeing Someone18:37- More Used Would I Be23:24- The Connection Between Blessings and Commandments28:53- Luxuriate in the Feeling of Christ’s Love32:02- Rooting Out Discouragement and Despair34:46- "Communal Salvation”39:50- Personal Power to Endure43:59- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ?Find the full episode transcript at for privacy information. She felt His light through the words in the Book of Mormon—even through a pamphlet which only contained a handful of chapters in Bulgarian. They also discuss the historicity of “Jane and Emma” and whether it is okay to fictionalize history in film. It was also that love and loyalty that took him from her as Maj. Brent Taylor was killed in Afghanistan in 2018. It is understandable, then, that many are curious about what this all means in regard to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Episode #106: Published November 11, 2020. But even amidst that darkness, she instantly recognized the light of Jesus Christ in art taped to the walls of a makeshift chapel. And how do we know if we’ve done everything within our power? Barbara Morgan Gardner’s journey to understanding her access as a woman to priesthood power began as a young girl wondering which scriptures applied to her and which didn’t. Long before she won a Grammy, Lauren Daigle was a teenager homebound by sickness. On today’s episode, McBride shares what led Joseph to the grove, how studying the First Vision can teach us about personal revelation, and how the farm boy's life has forever changed his own. Identity, creating understanding, covenants, a worldwide Church, faith crises, change in the Church—these are topics Melissa Inouye, a scholar, addresses in an effort to explain how she has “found the fruits of this life (the life of a Latter-day Saint) to be worthwhile—costly, to be sure, but also rich and nourishing, a source of deep joy.”. However, like many others, Lindsay got more than he bargained for when he learned that the man he thought was his father was not actually his biological father. Dr. McClendon helps us answer all of these questions and more on this week’s episode. And your closing question of “What does it mean to be All In the gospel is such gravitas, I love the answers. Although there have been key moments in Graham’s career where his standards have been called into question, he has remained true to a standard he set for himself and his channel long before those moments of decision arose. When Jon and Michelle Schmidt's daughter Annie disappeared while hiking in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge in 2016, they faced every parent's worst nightmare. The world is full of women who are actively involved in mothering—for as Sheri Dew famously said, “Are we not all mothers?”. Nathan Pacheco was a senior at Brigham Young University when he heard Elder Jeffrey R. Holland make a statement that gave him the courage to pursue a career in music. Latest Products #111: Eva Timothy- Recognizing Light #111: Eva Timothy- Recognizing Light 16 talking about this. The answers might surprise you. On this week’s episode, we discuss everything from what it means to set an intention focused on Jesus Christ to what the story of Joseph Smith teaches us about being still long enough for answers to unfold. Three years later, her little sister Natalie was also born with the same disease. Listen on Deseret Bookshelf In his spare time (that we doubt exists) the Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Gerald Caussé, recently practiced and recorded piano duets with his Latter-day Saint friend, Nicolas Giusti, an acclaimed Italian composer and opera conductor from Rome. Tim Ballard shares with “All In” host Jamie Armstrong the miraculous story of how two of the children he rescued became his own. You may have never heard of scrupulosity, but it is possible it has hijacked the religious experience of you or someone you love. Producing Ancient Scripture with Mark Ashurst-McGee. On this week’s episode, the couple shares what their experience has taught them about love, service, and eternity. About Podcast Mormon Happy Hour Podcast includes all the hottest topics in Mormonism, from a Post Mormon perspective. But as a young student at Yale, Neylan began to realize that many women perceived a woman’s role in the Church as something different—something prescriptive. And yet, it is also small and intimate and personal.” On this week’s episode, we explore charity and how it has the power to give us all better hearts. Sheri Dew has written books about three presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is what we discuss with two men who have experienced excommunication firsthand on this week’s episode of “All In.”. In our first-ever live recording of All In, they share the reason for the hope that carries them through times of great joy and sadness. On today’s episode, we delve deeper into the messages of light Burkard shares with the world on social media about topics like suffering, enduring, and connecting by looking at them with an eye of faith. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. New Youth Magazine Will Reach Teens in 140 Countries. On today’s episode, he shares the unique insights he found along the way. We also get Rob’s thoughts about what he believes those who knew and loved Christ during His mortal ministry must have felt and experienced during the final week of His life. Do our dreams carry spiritual significance? I love everything about this podcast. Elder Gerald Lund began writing his first book about the Second Coming nearly 50 years ago. While presently confined to a wheelchair, Pack maintains hope that he will someday be healed, whether in this life or the next. But with the praise, it has also attracted skeptics. There is no doubt that it reads a bit differently than other books of scripture. Welcome, we are Scot and Maurine Proctor and this is Meridian Magazine’s Come Follow me podcast, where today we will study Ether chapters 12-15 in the Book of Mormon, titled, “By Faith All Things Are Fulfilled.” Again, this year, we have created an inspiring and beautiful wall calendar, which is … Steve Young, Dave Checketts, Jabari Parker, Clayton Christensen, Spencer Hadley, Gary Crittenden and Kyle Van Noy. Frequency 4 episodes / year Since Dec 2017 Podcast Facebook fans 13 ⋅ Instagram Followers 715 ⋅ Social Engagement 56 ⋅ Domain Authority 18 ⋅ View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact. You may know many other types of mothers. Next month, Charlie will release a book called “Without the Mask,” and on today’s episode we talk with Charlie about what the gospel continues to teach him as he embraces a life that is very different than the one he planned for himself. World-renowned photographer Chris Burkard chases light for a living and, through Instagram, over 3.5 million people come along for the ride. He helped coached the Boston Red Sox on their way to becoming World Series champions but on today’s episode of “All In,” Justin Su’a coaches you on how to enhance the way you show up in life by cultivating a strong mentality. Such wonderful content and information and it’s so helpful in building my testimony! It was the belief that God is able to heal us that led her to begin a health journey she anticipates will last for the rest of her life. LDS Podcasts Free: Appstore for Android. The answers might surprise you. Kim White is a Latter-day Saint woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend who has been battling stage 4 cancer for nearly five years. Camron Wright, author of “The Rent Collector” and “The Orphan Keeper,” attributes his becoming an author to somewhat of a mid-life crisis. The daughter of a prophet’s wife, a young woman who recently adopted her first child, and a stepmother of teenagers—these are just three “kinds” of mothers highlighted in this week's "All In" episode. Leadership, he has learned, begins with recognizing a need to change and connecting to a higher purpose and he says that kind of leadership is exemplified in the gospel of Jesus Christ. But when the reserve of oxygen on the helicopter ran out, Snow recalls feeling a distinct prompting that literally saved her life.

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