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7, " We will praise thee in our captivity "; iii. But for a long time in his dreams he still saw himself in the conditions of captivity. Of course, in captivity animals might not act the same way they did in the wild. The Bab himself was in captivity first at Shiraz, then at Maki", and lastly at Chihriq, during the greater part of the six years (May 1844 until July 1850) of his brief career, but an active propaganda was carried on by his disciples, which resulted in several serious revolts against the government, especially aster the death of Muhammad Shah in September 1848. The king abode for no more than three months in England; he got himself recrowned at Winchester, apparently to wipe out the stain of his German captivity and of an enforced homage which the emperor had extorted from him. While in captivity, Atahuallpa gave secret orders for the assassination of his brother Huascar, and also endeavoured to raise an army to expel the invaders. Palestine meanwhile remained quiet until 57 B.C., when Alexander, the son of Aristobulus, escaped from his Roman captivity and attempted to make himself master of his father's kingdom. After Charles's death in 1477 Adolf was released from the captivity in which he had been held, and placed himself at the head of a party in the powerful city of Ghent, which sought to settle the disputed succession by forcing a match between him and Mary, the heiress of Burgundy. He led the English army back to England after Richard's departure from Palestine; but in Sicily he heard of the king's captivity, and hurried to join him in Germany. 14, " Give us favour in the sight of them which have led us away captive"; iii. He was released from captivity only at the end of the war, and on his return was at once appointed by the Versailles government to a command in the army engaged in the suppression of the Commune, a task in the execution of which he displayed great rigour. 118), who was instrumental in delivering her nation from captivity. In 1427 the Turks raided Malta and Gozo, they carried many of the inhabitants into captivity, but gained no foothold. on the death of his brother, Antiochus VII., who had usurped it. These constitute Baruch's epistle to the nine and a half tribes in captivity, and have been published in Syriac and Latin in the London and Paris Polyglots, and in Syriac alone from one MS. in Lagarde's Libri V. A short summary may here be given of the grounds on which the present writer has postulated a diversity of authorship. This was the First Captivity, and from it Ezekiel (one of the exiles) dates his prophecies. See more. Rene's captivity, and the poverty of the Angevin resources due to his ransom, enabled Alphonso of Aragon, who had been first adopted and then repudiated by Jeanne II., to make some headway in the kingdom of Naples, especially as he was already in possession of the island of Sicily. The experiment has been tried of rearing rare, wild, fur-bearing animals in captivity, and although climatic conditions and food have been precisely as in their natural environment, the fur has been poor in quality and bad in colour, totally unlike that taken from animals in the wild state. At Worcester he suffered a captivity of nearly fourteen months. Captivity definition: Captivity is the state of being kept imprisoned or enclosed . During the Captivity many of the Jews settled here and brought with them a knowledge of the Jewish religion. When Portugal emerged in 1640 from her sixty years' captivity to Spain, she found that her power in the Eastern seas had passed to the Dutch, and thenceforward the struggle lay between the Dutch and the English. captivity in Babylon by the friendly Persian King, Cyrus. Need to translate "THE CAPTIVITY" from english and use correctly in a sentence? However, when ravaging the country near Alnwick, William was taken prisoner in July 1174, and after a short captivity at Richmond was carried to Normandy, where he soon purchased his release by assenting in December 1174 to the treaty of Falaise. captivity narratives, almost always by women, found a ready market in early America, and passed deep into the national psyche. She helped to frustrate the conspiracy with France which John concocted during Richard's captivity. - viii. The Psalms were written mostly by David, but " some of them after the return from the captivity, as the 137th 1 In what follows the actual quotations are from his English work; some of the summaries take account of the brief expansions in his later Latin version. He has, indeed, described in graphic terms the greatest of the more superficial changes he underwent; how he had " carried into logical and ethical problems the maxims and postulates of physical knowledge," and had moved within the narrow lines drawn by the philosophical instructions of the class-room " interpreting human phenomena by the analogy of external nature "; how he served in willing captivity " the ` empirical ' and ` necessarian ' mode of thought," even though " shocked " by the dogmatism and acrid humours " of certain distinguished representatives "; 1 and how in a period of " second education " at Berlin, " mainly under the admirable guidance of Professor Trendelenburg," he experienced " a new intellectual birth" which " was essentially the gift of fresh conceptions, the unsealing of hidden openings of self-consciousness, with unmeasured corridors and sacred halls behind; and, once gained, was more or less available throughout the history of philosophy, and lifted the darkness from the pages of Kant and even Hegel.". Grotius had now before him, at thirty-six, no prospect but that of a lifelong captivity. The headlong fortune of my rash captivity Strikes not so fierce a wound into my hopes As thy dear loss. Pufendorf shared this misfortune, and was subjected to a strict captivity of eight months' duration. But this ruin does not present itself to him as involving the captivity or ruin of the nation as a whole; the congregation of Yahweh remains in Judaea when the oppressors are cast out (ii. There is little or no physical difference between them and the typical Abyssinians, except perhaps that their eyes are a little more oblique; and they may certainly be regarded as Hamitic. This second writer singles out three of the Maccabean priest kings for attack, the first of whom he charges with every abomination; the people itself, he declares, is apostate, and chastisement will follow speedily - the temple will be laid waste, the nation carried afresh into captivity, whence, on their repentance, God will restore them again to their own land, where they shall enjoy the blessedness of God's presence and be ruled by a Messiah sprung from Judah. Antiochus Epiphanes captured Jerusalem, destroyed the walls, and devastated the Temple, reducing the city to a worse position than it had occupied since the time of the captivity. It was during her captivity that Henry formed his connexion with Rosamond Clifford, the Fair Rosamond of romance. Family pride contributed to the feeling in his case; for in his more speculative moods he could look back upon an ancestry which was of those, perhaps, who colonized the shores of the Mediterranean from before the time of the Captivity. Years of captivity had changed the once wild lion into a docile creature. He was the first of three post-exile prophets from the Neo-Babylonian Exile of the House of Judah ( with captivity in Babylon. It has been bred in captivity. It was not so much the captivity. That before the Captivity, and the. i need a title for my pic in which theres jst an eye of me tht is in seek of justice or u can say an eye of a person tht is in captivity.i actually wanna make it a wallpaper thts y i need a caption fot tht pic tht should b like ths 1.freedon of captivity seek of justice but they dnt sound like a wallpaper's title plz need sm good titles.the line should b of 3 to 4 words Falling into and out of captivity seems to be a habit with our heroes, who eventually are held by the stone age tribe of bear-like fuzzies called Ewoks. They are, however, all so closely allied that'each will, at least in a state of domestication or captivity, breed with any of the others. Captivity definition, the state or period of being held, imprisoned, enslaved, or confined. After attending the diet of Regensburg, he shared the captivity of Clement VII. The prisoners were released from captivity. As a Hebrew scholar he made a special study of the history of the Hebrew text, which led him to the conclusion that the vowel points and accents are not an original part of the Hebrew language, but were inserted by the Massorete Jews of Tiberias, not earlier than the 5th century A.D., and that the primitive Hebrew characters are those now known as the Samaritan, while the square characters are Aramaic and were substituted for the more ancient at the time of the captivity. Bowe Bergdahl of. In 1521 the university had condemned Luther's Babylonish Captivity, and in 1527 Erasmus's Colloquies met with the same fate. The vanquished king remained in captivity until 1325, when, during the contest between the Empire and the Papacy, Louis came to terms with him. cit.) What does captive mean? Many are caught by means of female elephants previously tamed, and trained to decoy males into the snares prepared for subjecting them to captivity. We wait, however, for the Epistles of his captivity at Rome to find the full meaning of the idea of the church dawning u p on his imagination. mantelli, and some careful observations on its habits in captivity were published by John Wolley and another (Zoologist, pp. His exploits sank into insignificance as compared with those of his son, whose victory at Poitiers, on the 19th of September 1356, resulted in the captivity of King John, and forced the French to accept a new truce. After his captivity in England, Charles of Orleans in 1440 took up his residence in the château, where in 1462 his son, afterwards Louis XII., was born. There was at that time before the court a plea for his divorce from his wife, but she now devoted herself to enliven his captivity at the cost of her own liberty. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. 3409, 3605). 1.3) asserted that Herod, his royal patron, was descended from the Jews who first returned from the Babylonian Captivity. Amaziah summarizes it thus, "Jeroboam shall die by the sword, and Israel shall go away into captivity from his own land" (vii. gives other numbers and a view of the disaster which is more suitable for the Second Captivity. Sentence with the word captivity. 's captivity to deliver, they helped the regent Eustace to capture Tyre (1124), in return for considerable privileges - freedom from toils throughout the kingdom, a quarter in Jerusalem, baths and ovens in Acre, and in Tyre onethird of the city and its suburbs, with their own court of justice and their own church. He returned to Europe possessed of a vast store of knowledge respecting the eastern parts of the world, and, being afterwards made a prisoner by the Genoese, he dictated the narrative of his travels during his captivity. He was the first to foretell with clearness the return of his people from captivity foreshadowed by Jeremiah, and he set himself the task even in 1 Thus in comparison with the " book of the covenant," Deuteronomy adds the stipulation in reference to the release of the slave; that his master was to provide him liberally from his flocks, his corn and his wine (Deut. Example Sentences for "captivity "On March 16, 1985, kidnapped American journalist Terry Anderson was released after 2,454 days in captivity in Beirut. Animals bred in captivity would … Captivity in a sentence 1, Children were held in captivity until British soldiers entered the village. In a state of captivity the civet is never completely tamed, and only kept for the sake of its perfume, which is obtained in largest quantity from the male, especially when in good condition and subjected to irritation, being scraped from the pouch with a small spoon usually twice a week. Madame Royale's own account of the captivity of the Temple was first printed with additions and suppressions in 1817, and often subsequently, the best edition being that from her autograph text by G. The phrase "to bring again the captivity" would not alone suffice to prove this, for it is used in a wide sense, and perhaps means rather to "reverse the calamity," 4 but the dispersion of Israel among the nations, and the allotment of the Holy Land to new occupants, cannot fairly be referred to any calamity less than that of the captivity. His son Ghazi Muhammad, released from Russian captivity in 1871, traveled to meet him at Makka. i i purging, 15 removal of the enemy, 18-20 return of the captivity). The first studbook for a wild animal in captivity was for the European bison. Find more ways to say captivity, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The bird is easily kept in captivity, and no doubt from early times many were brought alive to Europe. His prison at Ham was unhealthy, and physical inactivity was painful to the prince, but on the whole the regime imposed upon him was mild, and his captivity was lightened by Alexandrine Vergeot, "la belle sabotiere," or Mdlle Badinguet (he was later nicknamed Badinguet by the republicans). But, save during the years when William the LiOn, after his captivity, had own.ed himself the vassal of Henry II. I was raised in captivity. Hezekiah, however, was forced to restore the anti-Jewish Padi to the government of Ekron, from which he had been removed by the Jewish party, and, after the defeat of his Egyptian allies at Eltekeh, to see his country wasted with fire and sword, forty-six fortresses being taken and 200,150 persons carried into captivity. It appears, too, that a register of the population of each clan was kept during the Babylonian captivity and its totals were published on their return to Jerusalem. 9) when Yahweh brings back the captivity " before your eyes " (i.e. They struggled for acceptance and after two years in captivity aboard Galactica, the Eight was allowed to join the military and took the call sign Athena. Captivity usually bears little resemblance to wild habitat, and captive whales' social groups are foreign to those found in the wild. Words are powerless to describe the desolation of that prison-house, or the joy of the soul that is delivered out of its captivity. Only four of his men, including Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, succeeded after eight years' of Indian captivity and of long and weary wanderings, in finding their way to Spanish settlements in Mexico. captivity in babylon in a sentence - Use "captivity in babylon" in a sentence 1. 0. Most of the tigers in existence today live in captivity. There is nothing in it to indicate that the author's standing-point is earlier than the Babylonian captivity. He made merry in the day of Jacob's captivity. After the captivity it was no longer a question that the prophetic conception of Yahweh was the only possible one. In captivity the kakapo is said to show much intelligence, as well as an affectionate and playful disposition. Examples of captivity in a Sentence. He remained in captivity during the British occupation, during the disastrous retreat of the army of occupation in January 1842, and until the recapture of Kabul in the autumn of 1842. There is also a great amount of medieval and other data showing this cubit of 21.6 to have been familiar to the Jews after their captivity; but there is no evidence for its earlier date, as there is for the 25 in. in 1193 to engage in a further revolt; but the captivity of his brother-in-law Richard I., king of England, led to a reconciliation. The most remarkable of these was made outside the Church - a significant indication of the adverse effect of the conditions within; the Neo-platonist philosopher Porphyry 2 in the 3rd century A.D., untrammelled by church tradition and methods, anticipated one of the clearest and most important conclusions of modern criticism: he detected the incorrectness of the traditional ascription of Daniel to the Jewish captivity in Babylon and discerned that the real period of its composition was that of Antiochus Epiphanes, four centuries later. Many died in captivity and many suffered appalling brutality. 7, read by the sea for thereupon), and this is enhanced by the tidings of the return of the captivity. Traditionally, historians have made limited use of certain captivity narratives. Various acts were passed in 1822 (known as Martin's Act), 1835 and 1837, and these were amended and consolidated by the Cruelty to Animals Acts 1849 and 1854, which, with the Wild Animals in Captivity Protection Act 1900, are the main acts upon the subject. All the bright-hued examples we now see in captivity have been induced by carefully breeding from any chance varieties that have shown themselves; and not only the colour, but the build and stature of the bird have in this manner been greatly modified. His son Claus, the 9th generation, made the brave leap into freedom from war captivity described at the beginning of the story. captivity as prisoners or slaves which should be liberated. Plainly captivity did not agree with it. Captivity in a sentence. The following data gives the snout vent length (in cm) of 8 newly born garter snakes bred in captivity.

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